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Manga Set during the Ishval arc, spoilers for Father's plan with Amestris.


"What should we do with them?" a bespectacled man asked pointing over his shoulder to the tent where the sound of whimpers was just barely muffled by the cloth of the tent.

"Send them home," Bradley ordered.

"But, we could use them," the man argued, pulling at his mustache nervously.

"They'll be more useful later, Fowel," Bradley reminded him.

"Later, right, Sir," Fowel squeaked as he jumped at the hidden growl in the Führer's voice.

Seeing that the man finally understood his command, Bradley left him to his task.

Fowel watched after the homunculus with weary eyes. He almost wished he could go back to being an ignorant greenhorn, but then he wouldn't be where he was now. And there was no way he wanted to be where anyone else was…mixed up in the turmoil that would become fuel for the immortal army.

"You know, you're going to have to give a reason for sending them home," a voice sung into his ear, and Fowel jumped as hand clapped him on the back.

He spun around to find the strange homunculus called Envy still surrounded by red light as he shifted out of his military officer guise and into the odd black outfit he preferred. Envy was still hunched over laughing when the red light died down, his transformation complete.

"I thought we had all the chimeras locked away. I'll have to tell them they missed the rabbit," Envy cackled as he straightened.

Fowel narrowed his eyes at the homunculus. "You can mess around all day, but I have work to do," he snapped as he walked to the tent.

"I can help," Envy suggested.

Fowel pulled at his mustache and gave Envy a calculating glare. Standing there at the entrance of the tent, he motioned for the grinning homunculus to follow him in.

"So," Envy drawled, whistling while he inspected the alchemists sprawled on the bunks.

"Korbest, Vizel, Armstrong, and Kendal," Fowel recited as Envy passed the bunks.

"Armstrong, who'd have thought?" Envy chuckled as he hunched over the beefy man whimpering in his sleep. "This one, I want to send home crying," he remarked.

"No! His family is a huge contributor in Central," Fowel growled, earning a snare from the homunculus.

"What, are you just going to declare him unfit for battle?" Envy mocked.

"As a matter of fact, I am," Fowel snapped.

Envy's face fell, and he turned away from the Strongarm Alchemist.

"You can do what you want to the others, short of killing them that is. They'll all sleep like babies for a few more hours," Fowel said, tossing one of his pistols toward Envy.

Envy caught the pistol with ease, and red light filled the air around him as he shifted into an Ishvalan. "Only a couple hours," he complained, but Fowel ignored Envy and stood outside of the tent, almost pitying the alchemists as he heard the shots of his own gun and the cackles of the homunculus.


A.N.: This was originally written for the prompt Armstrong over at fma fic contest on livejournal. Working with Envy was an experiment for me. I don't know if I will again, but it was interesting to say the least. Thanks for reading!