Serpent Girl


"And that is the end of our show today ladies and gentlemen." Mr Tall smiled. Everyone started to leave the Cirque Du Freak with disappointed looks on their faces. They all wanted a better ending than that.

Evra Von smiled at his departing audience, waiting for the signal from Mr Tall. He stuck his thumbs in the air and signaled for Evra to start with his show. Evra's snake slithered down the banisters and into the unsuspecting audience. Everyone screamed and ran for their lives... all except one girl who watched on from a close distance... the snake slithered right around her.. circling her and she was calm about it. The audience turned and realised there was no danger. Evra jumped from the place he was hidden in and the audience cheered, as always.

"And that really is the end of the show folks. There will be more souvenirs to buy at the door. Thank you all for coming." Mr Tall smiled merrily and entered the back of the stage.

"That was amazing.." A girl's voice echoed. Evra jumped, not expecting anyone around. He turned and saw that it was the same girl who was calm about his beloved pet.

"Thank you." Evra smiled warmly. The girl eyed his scaly body. She'd obviously never seen a snake boy before.

"I'm Merla by the way." She flirted. "May I?" She asked as she scanned his body up and down once more.

"Sure." Evra grinned. "I'm Evra." He shrugged. He felt the girl's warm hands on his cold blooded body. It was strange, he felt an instant connection with her. And it wasn't because he was being felt by a beautiful woman. He closed his eyes and enjoyed her warm touch. He opened his eyes again and noticed the girl's face was only a few inches away from his. They stared into each other's eyes and locked into a deep passionate kiss. The girl felt around his scaly back and he put his scaled fingers onto her soft cheeks. He slid his hands across her right cheek and stumbled backwards when he realised something was wrong.

"Y-your ears!" He cried. The girl smiled at him.

"They're detachable." The girl grinned and connected her ear back onto her face.

"That's amazing!" Evra chuckled in an astonished tone.

"Not as amazing as you." She giggled and pulled him in for another kiss.