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Without further ado….I give you "Judgment".


Judgment: opinion: an opinion formed or given after consideration; divine punishment: a misfortune regarded as a divine punishment for folly or sin; decision on disputed matter: an opinion formed or a decision reached in the case of a disputed, controversial, or doubtful matter.

My name is Isabella Marie Swan. I was judged, and this is my story.







What is that? Did I leave the faucet on after brushing my teeth last night?

My mind felt so fuzzy. Like when you are just waking up from a deep sleep and nothing is really connecting or making sense yet.

My hair was hanging loosely down around my face. It felt so stiff and scratchy against my skin. I could tell it was matted and dried. My stomach began to churn as I smelled the awful rust and salt smell of blood, and I willed myself not to throw up from it.

My arms were aching from being in the same position for God knows how long. I tried to control my head as it bobbed up and down lazily as I took in my surroundings. My eyes felt so heavy, like I was trying to open them with lead weights attached to them.

I was cold, so cold. A chilling breeze blew across my back as an awful stinging sensation nearly caused me to break out in sobs.

I shook my head trying to clear it from the fog in which I felt consumed. My memory seemed to be just as jumbled but was slowly starting to clear.

I had just gotten into my car to leave work. I was so excited because it was the last day of school. The parents of the children that I taught in my kindergarten class at Forks Elementary had all chipped in and bought me a three day spa weekend as a thank you for a great school year, and I was raring to go.

Don't get me wrong - I loved those little buggers. Each one will always hold a special place in my heart, but boy was I ever glad to see summer break arrive.

As I started the engine, the radio blared full blast at me playing a song I hadn't heard since high school - "Hungry Like a Wolf". Just as I had begun to reach for the volume, a hand had reached from behind me, covering my nose and mouth with a cloth. I tried with all of my might to scream, but that it just came out as a muffled sob.

I scratched, clawed, kicked, and fought with all of my draining strength.

But then there was just blackness.


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