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Everything was so foggy feeling. I could hear talking, but it sounded slurred so I couldn't make out all of the words. Ones I did make out were "Bella, Edward and freaking out"…things like that. Hearing those words made me want to try to pull myself out of this murky haze I was currently swimming under. My eyelids felt so heavy as I tried to pry them open. My back was so sore, which I could only assume was from landing after I passed out. Why did I pass out again? It all came rushing back to me then.

We were slowly walking to the back of the station house towards the warehouse they housed major crime scenes in. Edward was being led by Carlisle and I had a death grip on Edward's free hand. Every bit of strength I had to continue the necessary steps forward was coming from Edward. Even in his current condition, he was my main source of strength and courage.

Everyone seemed to stop at the same time and part of me wished I could just turn around and rush back to the station house, forgetting the whole thing. Initially I remember feeling it was a good idea for Edward and I to be involved in the case. It was only fair right? I mean I was the victim and it would help bring me closure to see the case out to the end and know that justice was served. That's what I was doing right? So why did my heart feel like it was a ton of lead? Why were my feet dragging with each step? I didn't even realize I was trembling until I felt Edward's hand squeeze mine harder.

I made my way to the front, gently pushing through, past my family. I wasn't ready for what I was about to see. Memories are tricky like that. Sometimes you can think that you don't really remember something, until another something comes along to trigger that memory. Seeing the room laid out before me was all it took to make it all come rushing back. I didn't even realize I was holding on to this..

Now laying here, I just wanted it all to go away.

The voices were becoming much clearer now. "I think she's starting to wake up, daddy." I would recognize Alice's chirping voice anywhere. There was a gentle tug on my hand and I could feel what must have been Carlisle's fingers pressed against my wrist taking my pulse. My head was becoming much clearer. My eye lashes began to flutter as I fought with my eyes to open. I also felt warm breath against my face that had a slight hint of cinnamon mixed with it. Slowly I was able to turn my head as my eyes finally opened and I was met with the face of my love, looking so worried….wearing sunglasses?


It felt like the walk from the front of the station to the back was going to take forever. I figured we were probably walking slower so I wouldn't fall over my own two feet. In new territories I was worse than Bella on a normal day, stumbling over unseen rocks…or air. All those years of gently teasing Bella over her own clumsiness were coming back to haunt me now. But she never said anything to be hateful. Most times she'd make a jab and then give me a little tickle in the ribs to make sure I knew she was playing with me.

Dad had come to a stop so I stopped beside him. I was waiting for him to begin explaining to me what he was looking at - having these damn patches over my eyes for at least the next couple days was really beginning to be a pain - but all I heard was a collective gasp from everyone around me. Before a word could be spoken I felt Bella's tight grip on my hand fall limp and slip from my fingers, followed only moments later by a soft thud at my feet.

"Bella! Bella! Where are you baby?" I let go of my dad's arm just as he pulled away from me. Everyone's voiced were so loud as they rushed closer to me. That had to have meant Bella was at my side and they were coming to her aid. These damn bandages were fucking pissing me off right now, stopping me from seeing my Bella. Reaching up I began to tug at them trying to get them off. I knew it was getting darker outside so I didn't think the light would be a problem. But right now I didn't give a damn I just needed to see Bella. I barely registered my dad's hands pulling at mine to stop me from ripping the bandages from my face, "Son, please stop. If you want them off let me get you and Bella inside first then I'll help you, alright?"

The image in my head was being painted out for me as I picked up on all the sounds around me. A large metal door slammed in the background, which I could only assume meant the opening to the warehouse was being closed. My mom's hands grabbed mine pulling me up and into her body as I felt her ushering me forward back the way we had come. I could hear Alice's voice in front of me as she instructed Jasper to "be careful and to watch her head," so that must have meant that Jasper was carrying Bella. I was on the verge of a panic attack knowing she needed to be carried and not walking on her own. This had to have meant she passed out or something. But why did she pass out, what did she see that caused her to become so overwhelmed?

"In here," came Charlie's gruff instructions to Jasper, we all followed behind and my mom guided me over to a chair to sit down. "Dad, what's going on? Is Bella ok?" It was impossible to keep the panic out of my voice. Something had happened to my baby and I was losing it not knowing what was wrong with her, not being able to see for myself. "Mom, please help me take these bandages off, please. I need to see Bella."

My mom's gentle hands caressed my cheeks as she held my face steady. "Please momma," I whispered so only she could hear me. I knew I was hitting below the belt with that one but I needed to get to Bella, to see with my own eyes that she was alright. "Carlisle?" I could hear it in my mom's voice that she was calling his attention to her, not to ask for permission but to show him that she was doing as I asked.

"Alice dim the lights a bit in here please." My dad's warm voice always had a calming effect on me. The gentle tugging began on the patches around my eyes as my mom's soft fingertips carefully began to remove the bandages. My dad's voice was farther away as he spoke. "Remember to keep your eyes closed until your mother has the bandages off. Then you have to wear my sunglasses to be on the safe side." I felt Alice's tiny hands brush mine as she placed my dad's sunglasses in my hands.

My mom was being painstakingly slow as she removed the patches. I knew she would never cause me any pain unnecessarily, but right now I would have tolerated it if she had just ripped them off and been done with it. Finally the last bandaged was off and mom was lifting my hands to usher me to obey the rules and put the sunglasses on before I opened my eyes. It had to have been the weirdest experience when I finally did get them open. They felt crusty from being covered so long and so many nights of sleep without being able to rub them clear. Plus they were grainy feeling like my eyes were covered in sandpaper. I desperately wanted to rub them a little but I knew that would probably cause my dad to flip. Looking around everything was blurry, but I knew from the talk with the doctor at the hospital that it would take some time for that to clear up because of the chemicals that were used. I moved to stand but felt a head rush as I did, causing me to stumble a little. Mom's hands were instantly grabbing my arm just as I felt someone else wrap their arm around my shoulders to steady me. Looking over I saw a very blurry Jacob next to me. The closer I got to his face I could tell he was worried because the frown line between his eyes was so deep. "Thanks man," I said for him stopping me from falling. "Anytime bro. Do you want me to help you over to the couch?"

I nodded vigorously as he began to lead me over to where Bella had been placed. My dad was sitting at her side checking her pulse and Charlie was standing over her at the head of the couch. Jacob kindly pulled a chair close to the side that I could sit in as my dad continued to look her over. "Dad, is she alright?"

"I believe she just fainted son. She should be fine as soon as she wakes up." I gently gripped her small hand in mine pressing my lips against her knuckles as I whispered to her, "Please wake up Bella. I need to know you are alright." I pressed my face against the side of hers. I could feel my breath warm her cool skin. My face was pressed so close to hers that I could see her long eyelashes as they fluttered against her cheekbones. I so desperately wanted to see those beautiful chocolate eyes, that I wasn't even paying attention to the conversation going on around me. All I cared about was my beautiful angel laying in front of me. What could she have seen in that warehouse that was so horrible?

In all actuality it didn't take long for her to wake, even though it felt like hours. But when I saw those beautiful brown eyes finally staring back at me I wanted to get lost in them forever. "Bells, are you alright?" Charlie reached down to put his hand on her shoulder as he kneeled down close to me. "I swear I would never have taken you back there if I had thought you would react this way. I'm so sorry baby." Poor Charlie. You could tell by the way his voice cracked with just about every word that if he had been alone he would have been in tears. "No it's my fault," I heard Emmett say from behind me. "I knew you were coming, I should have had it closed off before you got there. Shit, Bella I'm so sorry."

She was shaking her head before the words completely left his mouth. There was no way she was going to allow her father or brother or anyone for that matter to beat themselves up over this. Slowly she began to sit up. Both Dad and I wanted her to stay laying down, but she was determined, so we helped her. I took the seat beside her, never letting her hand go. She leaned against my shoulder taking comfort from my touch as I wrapped my free arm around her. "You guys had no way of knowing." I watched as her fingers ran through her hair pushing it back from her face. Her voice dropped to a whisper, "I didn't realize I remembered it so vividly."

For the next thirty minutes Bella sat there telling us all about what had startled her so much. The agents had laid out the evidence exactly as they had gotten it from James' hide out. Unfortunately this had caused Bella to have massive flashbacks from that night. "It's completely normal for you to block out memories from a traumatic event Bella." Carlisle offered as he gently patted her knee. "It was like being there all over again though. I didn't realize I had seen so much of the room till just then."


I had been sitting on the couch for almost 45 minutes telling everyone the different memories and flashbacks I had when seeing that room. But now I wanted to get out of here. But I didn't want to go back home, not just yet. "Emmett I need to see it again." Emmett was shaking his head before I could even finish, " No way in hell, Bella. It was an accident that you saw as much as you did, there's no way I'm going to take you on a tour of it all."

"Please Emmett. I need to see it so that I am finally able to face it all. I don't want to be stuck with these flashbacks." I hated that I couldn't stop from getting so upset. "I need to face these memories head on if I'm going to be able to move past them."

I could see him thinking through every word I said trying to work around them to another conclusion. But I knew in the end he'd agree with me. "As much as it pains me to say it, she is right Emmett." Carlisle took his oath as a physician very seriously. He believed strongly in their motto to "never do any harm" so I knew for him to take my side in this matter, especially with it being me, he had to truly believe in what he was saying. What I didn't expect was for Edward to take Emmett's side. "No."

Edward's head was down so I couldn't see the expression on his face or look into his eyes, not that I could see much right now with them being covered by the sunglasses. But even with all of that I never would have expected Edward not to be on my side, not about something like this that was so important. "Edward, please understand…"

"What I understand is when you first escaped from that hell hole you were terrified to even close your eyes at night. What I understand is that you were terrorized there and touched and…" I listened as Edward gave me reason after reason why I shouldn't go back to the evidence room. And I watched as his chest rose and fell quicker with each reason. I watched as the tears he had been wanting to cry for the past few days since his attack fell down his cheeks from under his glasses. If you listened closely I'm sure you could almost hear Edward's heart breaking as he recounted every way that he could have lost me over the past few months. It was then that I also realized that it wasn't just me who was deeply affected by this mad man. As I looked around the room at all of those that I loved, I realized how tattered and bruised my wonderful, loving family really was. At times, like now, we were holding on by a thread, doing the very best we could just to make it to the next day, praying that it would be better than the last. Somewhere there had to be an end to this nightmare.

I stroked Edward's face, loving the different textures of his skin as my fingers gently passed over them. He hadn't shaved this morning. Secretly I knew, he knew, that I loved it when he didn't shave, so sometimes he would go three and four days without shaving just so I could enjoy the scruffy texture when he'd snuggle against me. I traced my fingers along his full pink lips. I loved the way his bottom lip was slightly fuller than his top and how he seemed to always sport a constant pout, especially when he slept. There was no way I could keep from kissing him, so I willingly gave in and enjoyed the feel and delicious taste of Edward on my lips. He never failed to make me feel loved, warm, cherished and most of all safe just with the simple touch of his body against mine. "Edward, I know that with you and our family by my side I can face anything. Baby I need to do this. If it becomes to much then I'll leave right away, ok?"

I knew his sight was still very blurry and the dark shades were adding a bit to the distortion of what he was seeing, so it didn't surprise me when I felt his fingers pass gently over my face. "Will I ever learn to say no to you and mean it?" He said giving a soft chuckle before giving me a soft peck on the lips again. "I certainly hope not," I giggled.


We all made the short trip back to the now closed up warehouse. Before, the major front door had been opened so that the eighteen wheeler could be backed up to it close enough that there wouldn't be a ton of walking to do. I had left a few agents and a few of Dad's armed officers at the site to keep bagging evidence while we brought what we had to the warehouse to start setting it up. There was so much to go through. I had already looked through enough of his shit to determine James would be locked up for the rest of his life if not executed for what he had done to some of these girls.

Alec and I both had to take several breaks through out when it became to much. It was just so hard to prevent thinking, "Did he do this to Bella?" whenever you'd pick up a picture or a weapon he had kept. And when we opened that cabinet I often wondered how either of us had been able to look at it without throwing up or trashing the place. I had no idea how Bella would take looking at it, but I would soon find out.

We had been looking around for a while, me or Alec pointing out to her and the family different items we had found and speculating on their significance. Jasper had been most interested in the set-up of the tattooing items, because and I quote "that's some expensive shit, and not easily moved around." He absolutely hated that his tattooing catalog, that had been previously stolen from his shop, had to be kept as evidence, but he understood that it was a major piece to the puzzle and putting James behind bars where he belonged.

Our review of the evidence was coming to the end and we had reached the final piece we had unloaded for Bella to see. I just knew it was going to be the hardest part. I nearly fell apart when I opened the metal cabinet that had been sitting in what was supposed to be James' bedroom. Bella and Edward had slowly made their way to my side as I stood in front of the cabinet poised to open it. "Bells, this is not going to be easy for you to see." She just looked at me with a small smile as her eyebrows raised slightly as if to say 'yeah like it's been a picnic so far'. Edward's arm was wrapped tightly around her waist as I stepped toward the cabinet. Even though he couldn't really make out a lot of the details of the items due to his still blurry vision and the need for the sunglasses, Edward never left Bella's side. Sometimes she would try to describe what she was looking at for him to better understand the blurry items in front of him.

The whole family gathered in close behind Bella and Edward as I slowly unlatched the doors to the cabinet. It was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop. The only thing that broke the silence was Bella's soft whispering voice, "It's my hair."


My hair. Not just my hair. There had to have been twelve ponytails of hair from different women. They all looked like they had been labeled and were all neatly preserved in plastic bags. Why would he keep my hair? "Bella?" Edward's soft whisper in my ear broke me out of my thoughts. "It's the hair he cut off me before he gave me the tattoo. It looks like I'm not the first one he's done that too either."

"Baby, tell me what to do. Are you alright?" I knew Edward hated feeling so helpless. It was in his nature to want to make everything better. "It's alright, love. It's odd, but it doesn't bother me as much as I guess I assume it should?" I was puzzled. Shouldn't a normal reaction to be disgusted, to be horrified by this? Why was I taking it so well?

I turned around and faced my dad and brother. "Can we go home now? I just want to go home." We made our way back to the cars parked out front. The drive home was a quiet one. You could tell Esme's mothering side was kicking in, she so badly wanted to just take care of everyone. Me, I wanted to sleep. Sleep for however long it would take for this nightmare to just all go away.

After the car came to a stop I took Edward's hand and led him inside after saying goodnight to Esme. After locking up we took the stairs up to our bedroom. Each step made my feet feel like lead and the soft thump, thump of our feet on the steps echoed around the house. I stopped at the edge of the bed, not moving. "Edward." I wasn't sure he heard me. I barely heard it come from my own lips I called his name so softly.

I felt his hands slide around my waist and he snuggled me back into his chest. "Tell me what to do Bella. Tell me how to make it better."

"Just hold me, please."

His hands made slow methodical movements as one by one he took off my clothes. Kicking off his shoes he made quick work of his jeans leaving him only in his white boxers. The room was dark, only the moonlight illuminating it. He removed his sunglasses before pulling his tee-shirt over his head. The care he took in undressing me wasn't sexual. No, it was a different kind of intimate. This was the kind of intimate that only a lover could show to someone he considered his world. Even when he took off my bra and let it fall to the ground he didn't make a move to start anything. Edward would always know exactly what I needed and right now, I needed to be reminded that I was safe and loved and that somehow in the end, it would all be alright. It had to be.

After he pulled the covers back I climbed in with him close behind me. His arms were so warm as they wrapped around me. I was pressed up tight against him, I swear I could feel his heartbeat through my back. His hips curved along mine as he intertwined his leg with mine.

"I love you, Bella. Always have, always will."

"I love you too baby."

As we lay there listening to the crickets chirp softly in the background, feeling the cool sheets against our skin, I knew we weren't finished with all of this. James would be looking to strike soon. He was being cornered in and like any tiger being boxed in, he had to put up one last fight before he was finally captured. I just prayed that I wouldn't have to pay the ultimate price and lose someone I loved in the process.

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