For my dear friend Gemma (a.k.a Helena4eva) who inspired this pairing

Chapter 1

Morgan Le Fay was sitting in front of her mirror, admiring her own reflection, She smiled in a satisfied way, one hand reaching up to pat the auburn curls that fell around her beautiful face. She smoothed the elegant roman-cut emerald silk dress that was draped over her curvy, slender frame. She had worn one of her most beautiful dresses as she expected Frick would be there soon.

The Old Ways had certainly been good to her. They had given her everything she'd ever wanted – beauty, luxury, love… and even a son. Despite this she was still not entirely satisfied. A look of irritation crossed over her lovely face as she remembered how much Mordred had always doted on his 'Auntie' Mab.

He never displayed the slightest amount of affection to her....and she was his mother! She supposed it was her fault. She had let Mab shower him with praise and gifts…let Mab pander to his every desire. Mab had usurped Morgan's place in Mordred's affections…and she had just sat back and let it happen.

Not that she thought her son was capable of actual love. She knew him too well. Mab had brought him up to be just like her – charismatic…yet calculating, cruel….caring nothing for anyone besides himself. In fact nothing about Mordred's upbringing had been natural.

He had grown to manhood much faster than normal. Once that hadn't bothered Morgan…but now…she had to wonder if she had made the right choice. She knew very well that everything had a price…would the price for her happiness over the last 5 years be her son?

If it was she wouldn't pay it. As self-centered as Morgan was she genuinely loved her son. Her tall dark handsome son. She was proud of his bravery, his strength and his intelligence. He would be a fine king when he ascended the throne…the throne that by rights should have been hers. Arthur was nothing but a bastard…a bastard conceived in blood.

She smiled to herself when she recalled the night she had visited Arthur as 'Lady Marie', the night that Mordred was conceived. It had been so easy to seduce the young king. She had taken particular pleasure in getting revenge on Merlin… Mab's protégé…the wizard who had helped Uther seduce her mother and kill her father.

She hated Merlin…but not as much as Mab did. Mab passionately loved and just as passionately hated the wizard she had brought into being. She had done nothing these past few years but strike blow after blow to Merlin.

The latest had been the death of the Lady Elaine. It had been rather disturbing to see how much Mab had enjoyed showing Elaine the vision of Lancelot and Guinevere. Mab justified everything she did by saying she was fighting for survival. Morgan knew better. She knew there was a part of Mab that enjoyed being cruel, enjoyed the suffering of others. Not that Morgan could judge Mab by human standards. Mab was fay...the Queen of the Old Ways.

As if Morgan's thoughts had summoned her there was a bright flash, a soft clap of thunder and Mab herself appeared in the doorway. A sheet of raven hair hung down her back. Two braids with purple ribbons entwined in them framed Mab's face. Mab's dress matched the ribbons, a deep purple that looked great against her pale, almost luminous skin. It was a full skirted dress, with a neck and sleeves of spiderweb-like lace. Over the dress was a black corset made of something like leather.

Morgan's face fell slightly when she saw it wasn't Frik.

"Oh...Mab" she said airily. "Where's Fwik?" she asked with a toss of her auburn curls. "He had other things to do" Mab said in her raspy voice. "Mordwed's not here" Morgan said matter-of factly. "I thought he was with you" she continued, a hint of accusation in her tone.

"Frik is taking him on a tour of the Land Under Hill" Mab said smugly, a rather malicious smile spreading over her cold, lovely face. "You could have asked" Morgan said peevishly, turning back to the mirror.

"I wanted to talk to you..." Mab said, a hint of impatience in her harsh, grating voice. "...about Mordred." Morgan didn't look at her but kept looking at herself in the mirror. "I'm listening" she said flippantly. Annoyance flickered briefly over Mab's face but Morgan didn't see.

"Soon Arthur will return...and Mordred will need to be ready to take the throne" Mab said slowly. Morgan smiled. "It's about time he came home" Morgan said mischievously. "He's been chasing a dweam while his countwy falls apart."

A wicked smile spread over Mab's face. "Yes..." she said in a smug hiss "…and won't he be surprised to find out what his Queen has been doing while he was away?" Morgan chuckled. She had no fondness for her half-brother.

"There are things I need to give Mordred...and things I need to teach him..." Mab said hoarsely, her voice suddenly serious. Morgan's head whipped around to face Mab, her expression fierce. "You're not going to take him away from me!" she snapped at Mab. "I need to make him ready!" Mab hissed venomously.

"He's my son...not yours!" Morgan said angrily. "Without me he wouldn't exist!" hissed Mab. "And you've made him just as cold...just as heartless as you!" Morgan snapped back.

"I think your forgetting who you're talking to..." drawled Mab, walking lazily towards Morgan, hips swaying. Her lovely face wore an expression Morgan wasn't able to interpret. Morgan looked at Mab warily as Mab prowled across the room. She couldn't help noticing Mab's beauty. Mab was as lovely as she was deadly.

"Maybe I should remind you" Mab said in a low venomous hiss, waving her hand at Morgan. Suddenly Morgan was flying through the air. She groaned in pain as her back hit the wall behind her. She crumpled to the floor, emerald silk pooling around her.

Mab advanced on her with a cruel smile on her face. "Such a foolish mortal" she said mockingly, standing over her. "You don't scare me Mab" Morgan said as she got slowly and painfully to her feet, her pouty mouth set in a defiant line.

"You should be scared of me..." Mab purred. "You mortals are so fragile..." Mab reached up to stroke Morgan's cheek with a pale finger. Morgan flinched as Mab touched her. The fairy queen's skin was cool and porcelain. "Such soft...delicate skin..." Mab said in almost a whisper.

The look in Mab's face was predatory. She was looking at Morgan like she was something she wanted to eat. Morgan didn't know how to react. On one hand Mab was cruel, manipulative and determined to steal away her son. On the other hand she was also beautiful, sensual and incredibly magical. Frik was wonderful and she loved him...but his magic was pale thing compared to Mab's. She had felt it whisper over her skin when the raven-haired woman had touched her.

Her eyes fell on Mab's full soft-looking lips and she couldn't help wondering how they would feel on her skin. A smile spread slowly over Mab's face. Morgan's cheeks flushed ever so slightly as she realized Mab knew exactly what she was thinking.

Mab's fingers curled over Morgan's shoulders and she started to lean in toward her. Morgan was frozen to the spot by a curious mixture of fear and desire as Mab's lips got closer and closer to hers. Mab's musky scent enveloped her like the perfume of some exotic flower.

Her heart beat frantically in her chest as Mab's lips brushed softly against hers. They were firm yet soft. Her hands went either side of Morgan's face, her lips parting Morgan's as she kissed her more deeply. A very soft sound of pleasure escaped Morgan's lips.

Suddenly Morgan realized what she was doing and pulled back. She stumbled backwards a few paces. Mab grinned wolfishly at the dazed expression of Morgan's face. She could tell Morgan hadn't expected it…and really hadn't expected to enjoy it that much.

She watched Morgan with a curious and rather lascivious gaze, wondering what Morgan would do now. She saw confusion, curiosity… and if she wasn't very much mistaken lust…cross the beautiful woman's face.

Morgan took a step towards Mab, a mischievous smile curving her lips. She leaned in so her lips were inches from Mab's ear. "Are you trying to seduce me…your majesty…" she whispered softly in Mab's ear.