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Chapter 1: Feelings

And when I get that feeling,
I want a sexual healing,
Sexual healing

Ben Harper, Sexual healing

I had no idea what was happening to me. Why was I thinking about him so much? Why did I just suddenly realise the beautiful colour of his eyes and how warm he was when he touched me? Why did everything disappear when this guy came in the room with a glowing and bright smile on his face? Maybe I had lost my mind. But it was so real. I just wanted to hug him sometime or kiss him. But I couldn't because this guy was like my protector, my friend, my best friend.

I was lying on my huge, fluffy, white bed and staring at the ceiling, wondering all these things. It had been happening for months now. These tingly feelings in my stomach whenever his smile appears in my head, the way he looked at me playfully, the way he was always teasing me, the way he was always making me laugh and the way he was always protecting me. Why was I shivering when I thought about him, I wasn't even cold? I made a offff sound to myself.

Renesmee Carlie Cullen, you have lost your mind, I said to myself. God, I was thinking about him too much – Too much. I took deep breathes to calm myself down. It was just Jacob that's all – God! Oh, I like the way his biceps flex when he scratches his hair – God, Nessie! Stop thinking about him! I have been feeling like this for over a month now and whenever Jacob would talk to me I would stare at his beautiful, dark lips, wondering what they would taste like. I just could not stop feeling like this. God, he must think I'm weird for staring at his lips at the time.

But his lips weren't the only thing I loved so much. I also like the fact the he was half-naked all the time. I like it when he would sometimes flex his muscles to show-off jokingly. I like the way he would look straight in my eyes and talk. I like it when his now-short hair would be damp from the rain. I like each and everything about him. Great! Here I go again! I just can't stop thinking about him but deep down inside, I hope he feels the same way. What was I going to say to him "Jake, I'm having these lusty feeling about you. I want to jump on you now and ravish you."

Just to stop thinking about him, I forced myself to hop off the bed. I looked at the clock which was flashing 6:26 am. I thank god that my mom had gone to visit Granma Renee with my dad for a week. It would have been so embarrassing if my dad found out what I have been thinking about Jacob lately. I loved my dad even though he was overly overprotective and was always in my head – but I still loved him. I admired my mom – she was the most beautiful and the most loving person in the world.

I got off my huge fluffy bed and went to take a shower to clear my thoughts because Jacob would be here soon and I don't want him to see me in my tiny nighty that Aunt Alice gave me. Jacob always came to our cottage around 7 o'clock. Of course, he wouldn't even knock he would just enter from the window which we never mind because we were used to him having around so much. He was a part of our family. The minute he would enter the house, he would go into the kitchen, obviously, and shove anything in mouth from the fridge. Jacob ate a lot but I didn't mind because he would always try to talk to me with his mouth full which looked very, utterly, tingly cute.

The moment I stepped in my huge bathroom, I stripped off to get in the shower. I turned the hot and cold water on and started to wash and scrub my body. I shampooed and conditioned my hair, shaved unwanted hair from my body, started to towel up and brushed my teeth as usual. I would never take my clothes with me in the shower because they would only get wet and it has become a habit of mine because it takes me a lot of time to decide what to wear. So, I just towel dry my hair until it is was little damp and tie another dry towel on my body.

I opened the bathroom door to get inside my room and little did I know Jacob was sitting at my desk, going through my laptop. I was so shocked to see him that I turned around without thinking and slipped on the wet floor of my bathroom. Of course, it didn't hurt but it did hurt my brain. I was so embarrassed.

"Nessie! You Okay!" Jake screamed and came running towards me.

"Jake, Go away! I'm not wearing anything!" I said, frustrated, trying to get up.

"Are you hurt?" Jake asked. What kind of dumb question was that?

"Jacob Black!"

"Oh, sorry. I'll be waitin' in the living room" Jake said, shyly and started to walk out of my room.

Yeah, like I want to see his face again. I am so embarrassed. Oh, my god! What will he think of me? I'm so dumb. I should have taken my clothes inside with me but I guess I'm just stubborn like my mom. I got up quickly and held the towel under my arm that I was wearing so it won't come off.

I heard the T.V click on downstairs which assured me that Jacob was downstairs. I started to shuffle through my clothes, deciding what to wear 'cause I have like thousand of clothes that were all from Aunt Alice, obviously. But I didn't mind, I liked getting dressed up. But it was frustrating because there were so many to choose from. I put a strapless bra and a panty on and after five minutes I decided upon wearing a short, light blue coloured dress with spaghetti stripes. The dress has four layers and each layer got smaller from my thighs to my breasts. My dad hated the fact that I wore such small dresses but I wanted to look pretty for Jake – did I just say that? I just wanted to look pretty and the dress wasn't that short. It ended in between my thighs and knees – and my dad wasn't here anyway so I couldn't care less.

I put a little make-up on – not that I needed it – just to be feminine, blow dried my auburn, long hair and settled the curls which Jake loved so much. I started to walk downstairs and my stomach clenched thinking that Jacob would be there too. I cannot wait to see him but I'm still embarrassed about what happened before I got dressed. So, I just decided to ignore Jacob and just get something to eat (as I was so hungry) in our open kitchen in the living room.

I walked straight into the kitchen without looking at Jake, when he turned his face around from the T.V to look at me.

His looked really shy and I swear I could see his blush. "I'm sorry, Nessie. I shouldn't have walked in your room like that." Jake apologized in a low voice.

"Yeah, you shouldn't have, Jake" I said jokingly and tying to sound angry.

Jake nodded, looking down at his feet.

"Jake, it's okay. I'm only playing. I was just kidding." and Jake looked up and smiled a smile that I love so much.

"So, it takes you a whole day to get dressed?" eyeing me from toes to head

"Well...what do you expect? I'm a girl" I said and rolled my eyes and gave him a half smile.

"Jeez! You girls are crazy," rolling his eyes at me "but you look really nice in that dress," Jake said pointing at the dress.

I nearly blushed to death and decided to tease him a little bit "So, you are saying that I look good 'cause of the dress?"

"No! You always look beautiful." Jake told me, giving me a huge grin and I nearly fainted. That happened again. My stomach was hurting but it felt good, I felt like I needed to do something – Maybe hug Jake.

And there it was again – I just started to stare at his lips. Oh, my god! Nessie, what are you doing? Stop it. I hope that I'm not drooling. But I just don't want to move, I just want to keep staring at his lips and wonder what they taste like – No! Nessie, say something! Say something before he asks "Why are you staring at me?" Nessie! Say something! Oh, my god, just look those lips – oh, no – what am I doing? Say something – just say!


"Huh?" I asked confused and was probably drooling. "Oh, yeah – I – I won't" I was still staring at his lips; I forgot how to speak "I won't do it again!" I almost shouted at him.



"What won't you do again?" Jake asked curiously.

"Umm...nothing. I – I was just lost somewhere" I said and wanted to change the subject quickly. "So, how was your day?"

"Nessie, it's like 8 o'clock in the morning and you are asking me about my day?" Jake said with his eyebrows stitched together.

Suddenly I realized how dumb that question was. "I – I mean how did you sleep last night?" Please don't ask any more questions, Jake. Please don't ask any more questions, Jake.

"Oh, It was okay. I had to run patrol though...so I didn't get much sleep." Thank god. Jake said and it looked like he was nervous. Why would he be nervous? I was the one who fell half-naked in the bathroom in front of him. "Also your parents are not home so they have asked me to take care of you."

"Of course" I rolled my eyes.

"What? You don't like spending time with me, Ness?" Jake looked hurt and disappointed and I couldn't see him like that.

"Oh! No, no, no. I love spending time with you, Jake. I love you" and I really meant it. I did love him. He was my best friend and I could not afford to lose him.

"I love you too" Jake told me and the next thing I knew was that Jake grabbed me by my waist and I was in his arms. He hugged me so tightly like I was going to run away somewhere. I wrapped my arms around his neck and squeezed him tightly but not using all of my strength. Jake pulled away and put his big, soft hands on my cheeks and kissed my left cheek softly.

My stomach clenched again and I just didn't want to let him go. He smelled so good. He smelled like when-the-first-drop-of-rain-hits-the-ground mixed with fresh wood. I just wanted to lick him.

What will happen next?

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