A black haired man woke up to the sound of a shrill, endless beeping. His vision was a bit fuzzy at first but after a few blinks, at least it became a bit clearer than before.

First, he surveyed the room, just to see where he was at the moment. White walls, White ceiling, White sheets, an IV pole, the vital sign monitor and a side table with a vase of flowers on it and a chart as well.

A hospital, then.

"Hmph… looks like Kakashi decided not to finish me off after all…" the man thought, a small ghost of a smile gracing his lips. Then, he heard the door creak open. Quickly, he closed his eyes as though he was still unconscious.

A familiar scent wafted through the room… It was the smell of roses. Or at least a rose-scented perfume… But deep inside, he knew it was something more than that. It wasn't just any scent… it was HER scent.

He felt a delicate hand clasp his own. Two fingers gently pressed on his wrist to check his pulse. That was it. He had to see this person. Slowly, he creaked one eye open and he saw a woman with doe brown hair and eyes, Purple stripes cut through both her cheeks.

It was her.

He tried to say her name, but just a hoarse groan came through. "Urk…" He winced at the sudden pain he felt. "Man, my throat hurts!" he thought, but then it caught the nurse's attention. He met eye to eye with her. Her expression seemed to be of disbelief.

"O-bi-to…" She syllabicated his name, still not believing her eyes. "Rin…" He forced through his dry, scratchy throat.
And before he knew it, she threw herself at him, hugging him gently. Tears flowed down her cheeks like rivers, wetting the hospital gown he wore.

"You're here… You're real... You're alive…" She hiccupped over his shoulder. Slowly, Obito returned the hug. How he missed her touch. "Yes… I've returned… for you and Kakashi…" he said.

There was silence for a while. Both of them hugging each other, never letting go. Then the door opened again, but they barely noticed that. That is until…

"Aww… how sweet… You two sure did miss each other now didn't you?" They broke the hug and Obito looked up to see a familiar silver-haired, masked jounin.

"Kakashi!" Rin exclaimed wiping away her tears as the said ninja closed the door, allowing himself inside the room.

"Good to see you up Obito, after your 3-day comatose state." He said almost jokingly. Obito let out a smirk. "Hmph. I was only in that state because you nearly killed me with your Raikiri! If my mask hadn't been broken, you would've done it now would you?"

Kakashi just smiled, taking a chair and sitting on it. "Good to have you back in Konoha… pal…" He smiled. Obito returned the gesture. Then the door opened again. In stepped a blonde woman with her assistant, a female with short black hair and was carrying a pig.

Judging by the size of her enormous boobs, Obito already knew who she was. "Tsunade-sama!" He said, relieved that the soreness had left his throat.

"Welcome back, kid." She greeted. "Uhh… thanks." "Well, Uchiha Obito… It's been a few years, eh? You'll live with Kakashi for the time being. If you want to have your own home then feel free to find one. And if there's anything you need to know, just ask your two friends here. You'll find that Konoha has changed from before 'till now, you see. Maybe you need to catch up a little." "Thank you, Tsunade-sama." He said, bowing his head as low as his neck allowed to.

"Ok then. Hurry up and get better. I'll leave you three now." She said, going away. Shizune gave a small smile before following after her master.

It really is good to be home.