A few months later….

A cloud of dust sped up and stopped at the front gates of the leaf village. As it cleared, there stood a proud kunoichi, clearing some of the stray stands of hair that were failed to be held back by her forehead protector.

"Hmph…" Rin snorted as she turned back to not find her two teammates at her back. "Those two sure are slow folks… guess I win… again." She said, picking up her backpack.

"Who says you got here first?!" A voice bellowed and she looked up to the tree. Too late. An orange-goggled man jumped down and tackled her to the ground to be followed by a silver headed one that jumped down from the same tree.

Obito pinned her down to the ground, straddling on her hips so she can't leave. "We got here 30 minutes before you did. You're the slow folk…" he teased, the ever present grin on his face.

Rin somehow felt frozen, she stared at her teammate for a good minute. That fair complexion, the cute grin, those broad shoulders… he seems so… so handsome. It was different than what she thought of him as a kid… She never imagined he'd grow up to be this man she was seeing now!

"Umm.. ~Ahem~" Kakashi coughed to call their attention and pointed to their direction. Obito sure didn't get what he meant. "What?!" Rin tried to look for what her friend was pointing to. She immediately got the message.

Her cheeks flamed red and once Obito looked at her, he blushed too. "Oh." He said. "YOU PERVERT!!!!!!!!!" She screamed, landing a punch in his chest that sent the Uchiha flying into the village. Kakashi was just open mouthed; it could be seen from under his mask.

"SINCE WHEN DID YOU LEARN TO ACT LIKE THAT?!!! ANSWER ME, UCHIHA!!!!!!!!" She screamed, hands gripping his collar tightly and shaking him back and forth. "Since when have you begun to act this tough?" Obito thought.

Figuring that Rin wasn't gonna stop until he answers her question or until he got unconscious, he decided to play like he was out cold. When he felt his head meet the ground, Rin must've gotten he message.

"Since she started training under Tsunade-sama, she's been like this… Where did the kind, shy and sensitive Rin go?" Kakashi thought. Then he saw his female teammate looking at him. He gulped and felt his heart skip a beat.

"Why didn't you warn me earlier about the 'position' we were in?" She said to him in a dangerous tone of voice. "Well, uh… I didn't really notice it until… well…" He was stuttering, he never felt this scared in his entire life.

"Rin-san! Kakashi-san!" A voice echoed that made Kakashi sigh in relief. He was saved by Izumo. "Rin-san! Kakashi-san! And… Obito-san?" the Chuunin said doubtfully, stopping near the Uchiha's body.

While Rin wasn't looking, Obito cracked an eye open and looked at Izumo. "I'm not really out cold. Just pretending so that Rin won't beat me to a bloody pulp…" He whispered.

Izumo felt shivers down his spine and just nodded yes. When the kunoichi looked back, Obito returned to being 'unconcious' and Izumo stood erect. "Well, what is it, Izumo-kun?" she asked.

"Well, Lady Tsunade would want to see you three in her office. She wanted to talk to you all about something but she didn't tell me what it was exactly." The chuunin told her straight. "Oh, ok… We'll be there." She smiled sweetly at him, completely forgetting everything that happened in the past few minutes.

"Let's go boys!" She said when Izumo left and walked towards the Hokage's office. Kakashi walked near his best friend and helped him to his feet. "Rin can be scary if she wants to…" Kakashi admitted, fear heavily soaking his voice. "I GOT to be more careful with my actions…" Obito stated, rubbing his neck.

"Let's go. Tsunade-sama may do worse to us." "Right behind you, Kakashi…"


Tsunade was arranging her papers while Team yellow flash remained seated in front of her desk.

"Now." She stated when she finished. "You three have absolutely no idea what I'm gonna talk to you about, right?" 3 heads shook in unison. "Well, it's pretty serious and it concerns Obito here…"

Kakashi and Rin looked at their friend. "Me?" Obito said in shock. "Yes you. We have received word that the Akatsuki have been on the move again. They're trying to move as inconspicuously as they can and have scoured every corner of every country… I think they may be looking for you…"

She stood up from her seat and looked out the window. "They aren't really doing any damage to any of the villages they've visited, but anybody who knows about you gets killed unless they spill information on where your location currently is."

She faced them again. "In other words, anybody who knows about you or is close to you will be in danger. That means Kakashi and Rin." "So, what do you mean by all of this, Tsunade-sama?" Rin took the liberty of asking.

"Be careful. All of you. Especially during missions. We don't wanna loose anymore good shinobi you know. Dismissed."

While walking down the streets of Konoha, Kakashi noticed his friend's silence. "Hey. What's the matter?" he asked, putting a hand on his shoulder. "I can't… I just can't imagine that… I'm about to put your lives in utter danger." Obito admitted. "Stop being gloomy about it." Rin said.

"Yeah. We're a team. We'll pull through this together!" Kakashi said. "You're right!" Obito yelped, back to his old happy self. "What was I thinking?! We're a team! We're gonna make it through this and besides, I know how to handle the akatsuki well!"

He trudged on. "C'mon guys, let's eat at the Ichiraku Ramen stand! My treat!" "Hey Kakashi…" Rin asked as they followed after Obito. "What?" "Is it me, or is Obito…"

She blushed. "Obito is what?" "Nothing…" She just shook off. Kakashi juts shrugged but he knew well what Rin was trying to ask him about.

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