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Every Day Thoughts October

Oct 1

A true friend gives the best advice – not necessarily what you want to hear, but what you need to know.

Jenny opened her front door with a sigh. There was only one person stupid enough to disturb her after midnight. Possibly even suicidal but the truth was, he simply knew her too well. She definitely hadn't been asleep.

Gibbs stood on the doorstep, looking as wide awake as ever. If she hadn't seen him sleep with her own eyes, she was tempted to assume that he never slept.

He pushed past her before she could invite him in. She rolled her eyes but closed the door. There was no point in trying to teach him manners – it would be a losing battle. She followed him through into her study and settled for glaring at the back of his head instead.

"No files," he noted, staring at her desk.

"Finished them about half an hour ago," she told him. "Bourbon?"

Not bothering to wait for his reply, she poured two glasses and handed one over.

"You've been brooding," he decided.

She looked away.

"On what, exactly?"

She chose not to look at him. It was too late at night to play this game and all she wanted to do now was crawl into her warm bed and forget about the responsibilities of power until her alarm went off at a ridiculously early hour and her day started again.

He moved closer, placing a finger under her chin and forcing her to look into his eyes. "You need to let go of the past."

She was half-tempted to use the words 'pot', 'kettle' and 'black'. But she decided not to say anything.

He draw away from her and she nodded to show him she understood his message. They had never needed many words. He swallowed the last of the drink and headed for the door.

"Night, Jen," he called behind him.