31 Days of Xanderween Part Deux


Hey, everyone, welcome to the last part of the series; it's not a story, but rather my version of Matt's Xanderween Compendium, Challenge, and Conclusion. I just wanted to say that I'm extremely grateful to all of you who have stayed with me throughout this "somewhat hectic" month, as Matt so eloquently put it way back when. And before anything else is said or done, I'd like to thank all of my beta readers Francis Eugene, Greywizard, American Soldier and Nodakskip. Without you, these stories most likely wouldn't have been completed on time or if so, not even half as good as they eventually ended up being. Thank you as well to everyone for reading and taking the time to review or send feedback, I really do want to thank each and every one of you for it:

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List of Xander's Costumes

Just Another Bug Hunt – Dwayne Hicks (Aliens movie)

Ship Ahoy – Admiral Horatio Nelson (Historical figure)

Greater Than The Sum – Locutus of the Borg (Star Trek TV/movie)

Be Careful What You Wish For – Don Juan (poem literature)

Xliders – Quinn Mallory (Sliders TV show)

Out Of This World – Klaatu (The Day The Earth Stood Still novel/movie)

The Xanchurian Candidate – Ray Shaw (The Manchurian Candidate novel/movie)

May The Force Be With You – Yoda (Star Wars movies)

Cyborg – Steve Austin (The Six Million Dollar Man TV/movies)

Is There A Doctor In The House? – Benjamin Franklin 'Hawkeye' Pierce (MASH TV/movie)

Voyager! – Phineas Bogg (Voyagers! TV show)

Space Command – Jim Raynor (Starcraft videogame)

Tinamou – Declan Mulqueen (The Jackal movie)

Let's Talk About Sex – Alexander Hefner (fictional grandson of Hugh Hefner)

Walk Like An Egyptian – Khul (BtVS season 5 historical character)

Hello Mr. Jordan – Joe Pendleton (Heaven Can Wait movie)

The Wizard Behind The Curtain – Melchior (The Return of Merlin book)

I Dream Of Genie – Aladdin's Genie (Aladdin movies/cartoons)

The Last Action Xander – Jack Slater (Last Action Hero movie)

Keeping Up With The Joneses – Mutt Williams (Indiana Jones movies)

Nobleman: Halloween costume switch #1 – Angel's father (AtS character)

Cat: Halloween costume switch #2 – Himself in a Partytown cat suit (The Cat In The Hat books)

Ghost: Halloween costume switch #3 – Ghost of Xander Harris (Various ghost movies)

Yankee Horse Soldier – General John Buford (Historical figure)

Aspect Of The Demon – Lorne (AtS character)

Great Rao! – Jor-El (Superman movies/TV/comics)

Avenging Angel – Azrael (DC comics)

How The Other Half Lives – Cordelia Chase (BtVS character)

Steele In Control – Remington Steele (Remington Steele TV show)

Necromantic Twist – Magnus Hainsley (AtS character)

Alpha And Omega – God-like entity (historical references and various movies)

Closing Statement

I hope that I've served to entertain and in some cases inspire you with this story series. If anyone wants to write a sequel to any particular story they've read and liked, feel free to do so. After the past month or so, I'll be taking a break from the writing business for a while!

Thank you for reading, and signing off for now.

-Starway Man a.k.a. Theo

The End