Star's 100 Theme Challenge Fire Emblem Edition: Of Support And Secrets


Greetings, folks! For a long time now, I've been busy with writing for the 100 Theme Challenge found on DeviantArt, and I've been wanting SO MUCH to use the themes for my favourite pairings. So I began writing with the idea I'd ONLY be doing this for Brawl, but that's not going to be the case. For anyone interested in seeing themes for other fandoms, I will also be writing for Kingdom Hearts (A Heart for a Heart), Pokemon (Catch My Love) and SSB (Kisses and Hugs).

If you're confused or have questions about how I'm doing the challenge, stop by my profile and check the link to my LiveJournal to information and updates on the challenge. So far, my motto and drive is 100 Themes, 4 Fandoms, 25 chapters, Lotta pairings. Leave no stone unturned.

I will be diving into three different Fire Emblems here. They are Fire Emblem 6, 7 and 8. I have NOT played FE9 or 10 and I have no interest in doing so. I do want to play FE11, but as of now I don't have it. Want an idea of what pairings to expect? Check my profile.

Also, I want to point out to understand most of the FE6 things, you might want to look up their support conversations. There's one on GameFaqs and it's very accurate.

With that said, let's get going on our first theme.


Game: Fire Emblem 6 (Fuuin No Tsurugi)
41. Teamwork
Pairing: OujayxWendy
Summary: There's all kinds of teamwork in life. If she was good with him on the battlefield, would she be good with him off of it as well?
Rating: K

When Lord Roy instructed them to stand side by side during the march, he thought it was a good idea. Wendy's spear could counter swords and her armor could stand up to other spear users. In return, he could protect her from the harsh blow of axes. As they battled together, they grew stronger and found they could rely on one another if one of them was badly injured. Oujay was reminded of the teamwork his family exhibited all the time. His brothers, father and mother all pitched in and relied on one another for survival, much like he and Wendy relied on each other on the battlefield.

Teamwork was a necessity. Oujay knew this better than anyone. It made him feel glad Wendy always stuck with him. Even after her promotion to general, she refused to change her assigned post when Lord Roy and Lady Lilina wanted to move her to be next to Astol.

My team with Oujay is strong. To split us apart means we can't fight as well as we can when we are beside each other.

Lord Roy understood this and decided to put Igrene next to Astol instead. In due time, Oujay and Wendy became feared by the Bern soldiers. Wendy was even chosen to wield Malte and Oujay received Durandal. Their well co-ordinated teamwork got them known as one of the highest ranked fighters in the Lycian Alliance Army.

But what would happen after the war? Oujay supposed he would have to take his money and return home. But he rather liked Ostia, working under Lady Lilina and being beside Wendy. Their bond was truly unshakable.

Oujay pondered this. Was his bond with Wendy one of one comrade to another? It certainly seemed similar to the bond Fir and Rutger shared. But as he thought about it, he realized this wasn't true. Fir and Rutger were sparring partners, but that was it. Wendy and himself confided in each other about anything.

No, their bond went beyond comrades. Friends? Possibly. More than that?

A memory flashed through his mind. The memory of Wendy thanking him just for being her partner.

I probably would have given up, saying it wouldn't have been possible for a girl anyway.

"No, Wendy," Oujay thought. "You proved it is possible for a girl to be powerful...and still beautiful."

He couldn't deny that last bit. Wendy had a certain harsh beauty about her. Her features were girlish, but hardened from all the fighting. Behind the harshness, though, she was still a woman. And like any woman, she would want a man's company.

And he wanted to be that man.

Wendy was a good team member on the battlefield. Oujay wanted to find out if she was also a good team member in a family. With their children. In their own home where they would never have to leave a child in a faraway town, like his family had to do with his little sister. They would raise many strong children together and they would always be happy.

His heart warmed at the thought.


Ah OujayxWendy. My FE6 OTP. I love them together so much.

Slight hint of implied FirxRutger. I know people like RutgerxClarine more and FirxNoah, but I think Fir and Rutger have a lot of chemistry. They're both from Sacae, they are of the same class, neither of them really belonged to a clan and both of them have a real sense of solitude and being able to survive on their own. With Fir, she didn't need her father to accompany her on her journey to be like her mom, Karla. She got to many places on her own. Rutger was on his own as well when Bulgar was taken over by Bern and had planned revenge on his own. If they gave each other a chance, I bet they'd be a nice couple.

Anyway, enough of my ranting.

This is my fourth edition that's FINALLY put up. It took me forever because I couldn't get the right inspiration to begin writing Fire Emblem, PLUS school consumes all my time. It still does, but I try to use whatever time I have to write themes. Still, for all four editions, expect slow updates.

One down, twenty four to go.

Next Theme: 53. Keeping a Secret

Game: Fire Emblem 8

Pairings: RossxAmelia and NeimixColm. (DRABBLE.)