Bree looked up at Gaby, she was ashamed, sleeping with Carlos had been one experience she didn't regret but when she saw the look into the Latina's eyes, she swallowed and felt her cheeks flush, not wanting to apologise to her friend but knowing she had to do so in order for Gabrielle to forgive her and her husband, and also not to tell Orson. Bree didn't really care about Orson anyway, he had annoyed her and upset her with all of the business with Alma then Monique and now with all of the trouble with his mother, she was one woman who Bree could not stand to call her mother-in-law. But Bree looked up at Gaby who was standing there with her arms folded across her chest, her perfectly manicured brow raised as she waited for Bree to say what she had to.

"Look, Gaby…"

She was cut off as Gaby raised her hand, "Bree, I don't wanna hear it"

"Gaby, I wanna apologise…" Bree said to her friend.

"I know you do, but it wasn't your fault, I know Carlos was the one who seduced you, you would never do it" the brunette replied.

Bree swallowed a little as she looked to Gaby and she nodded, "Well you did say he could have an affair…"

"That was before he had Xiao Mae!" Gaby hissed, "He's had his affair"

"Is it really the way to settle things Gaby?"

"Bree I really don't know, but why did you hook up with my husband?"

Bree sighed a little as she looked to Gaby. The brunette moved her arms away from her chest before she walked around the bed to sit next to Bree there, "I…I don't know Gaby" she said turning to her, "I just…lost my self control for a moment there, I felt so lonely with Orson at the motel and I just needed a man…Carlos was the one who gave me the attention…"

Gaby took Bree's hand gently and she squeezed a little, "Bree…you're already having trouble with Orson?"

The redhead nodded, "I just…since Carolyn, I don't trust his word" Bree winced.

"Oh, I know that feeling" Gaby said and rolled her eyes.

"Please Gaby…forgive me, I couldn't bare to lose you too"

Gabrielle looked to Bree, into her eyes, she saw that the redhead was most unmistakably remorseful, she would hate to lose her flame haired friend also, she always liked Bree, she was like an aunt to her, always looking out for her. Bree had been one of the first one's to like Gaby, she had been so touched by her story when the Solis' had moved to Wisteria Lane and the other ladies had been quick to jump to their conclusions when Gaby had told them about her ex-life as a New York model. The redhead told Gaby a few years later that she had felt the same, Rex was always gone and the kids hated her and so she felt alone a lot of the time too, and so the two had hit it off right away.

"Please Gaby" Bree begged her.

Gaby looked to Bree again, into her eyes softly and she nodded, "I couldn't hold anything against you Bree…you mean too much to me" the brunette smiled gently and pulled a basically naked Bree to her to hug tightly. Gaby gave a gentle giggle before she said, "Now come on, get dressed and out of my bed, I need to change those sheets!" she smirked as they pulled away from each other, now smiling.