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Ryoma wasn't pleased at all. In fact, you could say he was pissed. Really, really pissed. And he could blame it all on his 'wonderful' team mates.

It wasn't his first time experiencing the school festival, but it was the first time he was forced to participate. His teammates had decided to completely ignore his hard earned reputation as an antisocial brat,and put him in charge of the tennis club's booth. Why, was beyond Ryoma. He could've understood if he was the captain, then they'd at least have a reason to make Ryoma suffer. But he was only the vice-captain. It's not like he had any real authority. They didn't have to listen to him when he suggested they run some laps for being useless. They could always go complain to the captain like a bunch of girls. That's what Ryoma always told them.

So why were they doing this to him?

"You lose. Next," he told the guy who'd just attempted to knock down a pile of cans with a rubber ball.

"This game's rigged!" the guy yelled.

"Sure, that's why the ball flew half a meter off. Because the game's rigged. Couldn't possible be because you suck," Ryoma dead panned.

The guy left, after giving him the finger.

"Che," Ryoma huffed and glared at the guy's receding back.

He took the free time to count the money he'd managed to gather. It was really surprising how many people wanted to throw rubber balls at a pile of cans just so they could get a stuffed animal. The fucked up thing was, even if it wasn't all that expensive, someone had still given out a school logo pin, instead of a coin. And it was a Hyoutei logo. Figures.

"Oh, that is the cutest doll I have ever seen!" a girl squealed and Ryoma sighed. Time to get to work again.

"Ore-sama shall get it for you," a male voice answered to the girl's squeal and Ryoma looked up. The statement sounded suspiciously familiar, and so did the voice.

"Really, you would? Oh, you are so amazing, Atobe-kun!"

"The hell are you doing here?" Ryoma asked the boy he hadn't seen for some time. There really was no reason for him to be so rude, but he was pissed off, and annoying Atobe always made him feel better. And the girl hanging on his arm was annoying.

Atobe blinked at him a few times. "Echizen," he finally greeted. "I would like to purchase a few balls."

"Here, your balls," Ryoma said and gave Atobe three, after getting the money. "Knock down three piles, and I'll give you a special prize," he told them.

"Really?" the girl squealed again. Couldn't she speak in a normal voice? "Oh, Atobe-kun, you can do it, right?" It really pissed Ryoma off, the way the girl gazed at Atobe with stars in her eyes.

"But of course, Saito-chan," Atobe smirked at the girl.

Why did they have to choose his booth to come fawn all over each other?

Ryoma watched as Atobe knocked down three piles, covered his ears just in time for the girl to squeal again. "It wasn't that special," he mumbled and got the doll the girl had admired, and the special prizehe'd promised them. Ryoma smirked when he took the special prize. His fingers closed on the pin he'd been swindled to accept instead of money, and he pinned it ontothe toy that was the special prize. That should get a reaction out of Atobe.

"Here you go," he gave them a sparkling smile that had Atobe staring at him cautiously. Ryoma was still smiling when Atobe took the girl's arm and turned to walk away.

Atobe took two steps, hesitated, stopped, turned… "Brat!" Atobe was holding up the pink monkey Ryoma had given him. There really wouldn't have been anything that special in it, if Ryoma hadn't pinned the small Hyoutei logo on it. Too bad he didn't have a small crown to go with it. Well, you couldn't have everything and it seemed like Atobe got it, even without the crown.

"Oh, that is so cute!" the girl did squeal pretty well.

"Cute my ass!" Atobe growled at her, making her take a step back. He strode back to the booth and hissed, "Why the hell are you doing this, Echizen?"

"Don't know what you mean," Ryoma answered with a sweet smile. "If you'll excuse me, I have to get back to work. Would you mind moving? You're in the way of the other customers."

"Fine," Atobe shouted and slammed some money on the counter. "You count it, and give me some balls!"

"Sorry, can't help you with that. You should've grown a pair all by yourself," Ryoma told him and started counting the money, feeling very satisfied with himself.

Atobe simply glared.

"Atobe-kun, I want something to eat," the girl chirped to Atobe.

"Then go get something to eat," Atobe told her, still glaring at Ryoma who was piling balls in front of Atobe.

"Atobe-kun!" the girl whined.

"Can't you see I'm busy, ahn?!" Atobe snapped, not looking at her.

The girl stared at him with her mouth open. Ryoma smirked at her.