I decided to add an epilogue for you all since a lot of people wanted me to write more, but this is ABSOLUTELY it lol. Hope you like it


2 Years Later

Ziva tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for Abby to pick up on the other line. Tony was already on the elevator and if she didn't fly down those stairs and make it to the car before he did, there was a real possibility he would leave without her and she would have to walk to their interview.

"Abby Sciuto."

"Abby!" Ziva breathed a sigh of relief. "Can you pick Emma up from the daycare?" She heard Abby sigh on the other line and suddenly remembered the Goth's plans with a friend from college she hadn't seen in years. "You're going out with your friend tonight. Never mind, I'll call the babywatcher."

"Babysitter." Abby corrected.

"Yes. I will call her. I'm sorry. Have fun with your friend tonight."

"Ziva don't hang up."

"What is it Abby?"

"I'll get Emma."

"No, you haven't seen Jamie in a long time and he is only in town for a short time. I will call the babysitter." Ziva had been planning to have a girls' night in, just her and Emma, but McGee was out of town and Gibbs was actually sick enough to go home so that left only her and Tony.

"Ziva David stop arguing with me, you will never win. I should be done here in an hour or so. I'll call the daycare and tell them that I will be picking her up, but that I'm just running a little late. And then I'll take her home and we'll have dinner, snuggle up on the couch and watch . . ." She thought for a moment. Their little girl's favorite movie changed by the hour. ". . whatever really. And then I'll read her a story, not as good as you do, but we'll make it work."

It was tradition in the David-Sciuto household that Ziva read Emma a book before the little girl went to bed for the night. They always had dinner together as a family every night and Ziva always read Emma her bedtime story, but there was a slight difference to how Friday nights went. After having dinner, which they would order out – but only on Fridays, Abby would give Emma her bath before all three of them snuggled up on the couch with a big blanket to watch whatever movie Emma picked out and then Ziva would read Emma her book before putting her down for the night. A change to this schedule usually set the two-year-old into a meltdown.

"I really wish you weren't going into the field."

Ziva sighed. "It is just an interview."

"If Gibbs was there you know he wouldn't let you do this."

"Yes, but he is not here."


"Abby I will be safe. I will even wear the belt." She said as she fastened a specially made belt around her middle, making her look bigger than she already was. "You made it yourself. It will protect us." She placed a hand over gentle kicks coming from her belly.

Abby sighed. Ziva was right; she had specially made the belt herself. It wasn't really a belt; it was more of a belly sleeve that was part Kevlar vest, part radioactivity blocker, and part stab-proof material. "Just . . . be careful."

"I will. Thank-you Abby. I love you. Give Emma kiss for me."

"Love you too."

Ziva threw the phone down in the general direction of its cradle and bolted to the stairs.

Abby looked at the clock for the thirtieth time in the past couple of minutes. She was sitting on the couch in the middle of their living room with a fast asleep toddler in her arms. She always tried to keep Emma up as long as she could if Ziva was going to be late so she could at least say goodnight to Emma. However, it was almost 9 and Ziva knew that Abby only kept Emma out until 8:30 at the latest so if she wanted to say goodnight to her she knew what time to be home by. Abby sighed and placed a gentle kiss on the toddler's forehead. "Time for bed baby girl."

The phone rang, but Abby grabbed it quickly before it had the chance to wake Emma up. "Hello?

"Abby, don't put Emma to bed."

"Ziva? Where are you?"

"Just don't put her to bed."

Abby stared at the phone as the line went dead. "Okay then." She set the phone back down in its holder and snuggled into the couch. She was soon fast asleep.

"Abby?" Ziva stroked long, black hair and placed a kiss on Abby's lips. "Abby wake-up."

Abby smiled. "I'm awake." She opened her eyes and gave Ziva a proper kiss. "Everything go okay?"

Ziva nodded as she sat down next to Abby, wrapping her arms around the Goth and her daughter. "I believe so."

"Weren't you there?"

"For part of it, yes."

"What happened?"

Ziva smiled and kissed Abby, playing with the beautiful white gold band on Abby's ring finger. "I told Tony I had a wife and daughter to get home to and they were more important than any interview."

Abby's heart melted. She used her free hand to bring Ziva in for a passionate kiss. "And he didn't fight you on that?"

Ziva chuckled and put a hand over her belly. "I also told him that if Gibbs found out he had brought me out into the field at six months pregnant and that he had kept me out late he would give him the worst head slap of his life."

Abby laughed. "I'm surprised Gibbs didn't see you come home."

Ziva nodded. When they moved back to the US and DC they had bought the house right next to Gibbs. It was a nice, quiet neighborhood and their house was beautiful, not as beautiful as New Zealand, but it was nice. It had a big yard for Emma to play in and two extra bedrooms they had yet to do anything with.

"When are we going to tell them?"

"Tell who what?"

Abby looked from Ziva's eyes down to her belly and back to her eyes.

"They already know."

Abby picked up a picture off the end table and handed it to Ziva. "About this?"

Ziva smiled at the picture. It was their latest ultrasound showing two very healthy babies. "Oh, that."

Abby chuckled and took the picture back. "Yes that."

"A boy and a girl." They both smiled.

"You know," Abby began. "I was thinking of a name for the boy-"

"We are not," Ziva began, stopping that train right away. "Naming him after Gibbs."

Abby shrugged and snuggled closer to Ziva. "Well, it was just a thought."

Ziva smiled and placed a kiss on Abby's cheek and ran her hand through Emma's soft, dark curls. This was how life was supposed to be.