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Welcome to the final installment in the Lessons trilogy! The story picks up 20 years after A Lesson in Fate. The vampires are at war, and Bella is forced to use her powers in a way she never imagined. When things take a turn for the worse, can Edward and Jasper save her from the evil ones who have fallen under her spell?

Let me tell you up front. This is not a love triangle. Bella will not be getting back together with Jasper. As with A Lesson in Fate, this story will be told from the guys' POVs, including the bad guys. :)

Prologue - Edward's POV

"So, Mrs. Cullen, where to next?" I sat down in the sand and pulled her on my lap as we watched the sunset. We had spent the last couple of months in Spain on our second honeymoon. We had only planned to spend a couple weeks, but Bella was so entranced with the culture of the region that we decided to stay a while longer. Bella loved the music so much, she had even taken to dancing.

"It's your turn to pick," she said, giving me a sweet kiss on the cheek before leaning her head against mine, sighing contentedly as the last bits of red turned dark wine when the sun dipped below the horizon.

"Hmmm…how about Australia? We haven't been there yet."

"That sounds great!"

"Do you think I might be able to convince you to attend the opera house while we're there?" It had been twenty years, but we were still no closer to understanding Bella's power than we were when she was first changed. Bella had insisted on isolating herself for most of that time, content to be with me and my family at our Scotland estate, but had finally gotten cabin fever, or 'castle fever' as Adrian called it. Thus our second honeymoon. We decided to take a trip around the world, something neither of us had ever done. We were so excited to explore together. Still, Bella felt uncomfortable going to places that were too crowded, figuring it increased her chances of accidentally bewitching some poor stranger. Adrian was actually the one to convince her. I couldn't help but chuckle recalling his little speech.

"Get the hell out of here, Tinker Bells! So what if you accidentally turn the magic on a few poor guys. You'll never see them again anyway. You'll just be some story they'll tell their grandsons about the one that got away. You've been holed up here for two decades now, and I haven't felt an overwhelming need to jump your bones. You'll be fine. You need to get out from inside these walls. There's more to life – this is no way to spend eternity!"

It was actually amusing to watch her face scrunch up whenever some man walked too close to her. I could just tell she was trying to avoid making eye contact and focus on thinking things like 'Don't like me' over and over again. I didn't think it made a difference, but it made her feel better, so I didn't argue with her about it.

Bella began squirming on my lap, intentionally grinding against me. Strumpet. I flipped her onto her back and was hovering above her in one swift move. I immediately started rubbing her sex through the gauzy material of her wrap-around.

"Edward, don't tease…" she begged. I started gathering handfuls of the material in my hands, slowly sliding the hem closer and closer to her hip. I was just about there, my fingertips caressing her thigh…when the phone rang. Alice's ringtone. Damn, that pixie has bad timing.

I hesitated, and Bella knew I was considering ignoring it, so she pushed against my chest to get me off her and grabbed the phone out of her bag.

"Bella, Marcus just called here looking for you. They need help. It's urgent. You've got to go to Volterra. Now. We'll all meet you there."


"Yes, all of us. I already called Carlisle and Jasper, they're on their way, and Adrian and I will be too in a few minutes."

Bella looked at me, slightly panicked. I jerked my chin toward the phone. I didn't have the answers, Alice did.

"Alice, what could be so urgent that it requires all of us to go to Volterra?"


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"Have you seen this man? His name is Michael Brennan and he has been identified by Federal authorities as a person of interest in the shooting death of Sebastian Cross and the disappearance of Nicole Wright. Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Michael Brennan should call the Federal Crimestoppers Alert line at 888-555-1234. Coming up next on News at 11..."

This story has been on my mind for a long time. I even considered altering it and making it a Darkward fanfiction story at one point, but ultimately realized that it would be like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. These characters needed to stand on their own two feet. Eight chapters have been posted so far, and if I may be so humble, I believe it is my best work to date.

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