"Carlos please, it's just gonna be for tonight!" Edie pleaded with the Latino husband, looking to him imploringly. The blonde wanted to go out on the town and party, but couldn't because it was during the two weeks a year when her son Travers was to stay with her, yet she'd met a guy she actually liked and thought it could go far with him, and so she had called upon Carlos, since he liked kids, to sit for her.

Carlos looked to Edie and then to Travers, standing a few yards away tossing his basketball into the air, he looked over and gave a friendly wave to Carlos. Carlos sighed and nodded, "Alright, just tonight alright?" he said to Edie.

"Thanks Carlos! You're the best!" Edie smirked and kissed his cheeks, rubbing against him before she took off in her car.

"Hey buddy…" Carlos smiled over to Travers.

"Hey" the boy smiled, "It's Carlos…right?"

"That's it" Carlos nodded.

"So you like my mom?" Travers asked Carlos.

"I do have a soft spot for her…" he nodded.

"You'd be great with her, she talks about you a lot"

"She does?"

"Yeah, she said you're special to her"

That was the night that the bond between Travers and Carlos begun. Everyday, Travers would go over to visit Carlos while he was staying at Mike's since Gabrielle had made him leave, it would be just the boys, playing on the games console, watching the game, they taught Travers how to play poker. Until one night, Edie had twisted Carlos' arm once more so she could go out and enjoy the nightlife. On her way home, Edie had the car crash that maimed her life. The car crash that killed her. Not straight away mind, but eventually, Edie's life ebbed away like she said it would to Gabrielle;

"I always have in my mind, I'm going to die young, before 50" the blonde had said to the ex-model after a night out, ending because Gabrielle had won their competition.

And it had happened just like she'd said it would. The neighbours had all heard the crash of the car, the skid of the breaks, the headlamps swinging by their windows and the car had careened out of control and into the lamppost. They had all dropped what they had been doing to rush out of their homes to see what the raucous had been.

"I know it's easy to die when you know you have lived…"

Each of the neighbours stood looking down at Edie, she had been thrown from the car when it had impacted into the lamppost, and she lay motionless yet still alive in the center of the ring of her friends. She was, as she liked to be, the center of attention. It was exactly her thing and she knew she would pass with most of her lifetime wishes fulfilled, her friends around her, she'd had a child, she'd been married and she'd had a nice home. Yet something was missing, someone was missing.

He knelt down beside her, just before Susan did, and he gently whispered so that nobody else could hear him speak, "Te quiero, Edie. Yo nunca le me olvidaré. Usted estará en el corazón y la mente por la eternidad." And he took her hand, holding it tightly as she was taking her last breaths, her eyes closing over while her body began to lose it's energy while the sirens blazed around the corner to try and save her, but it was too late, Edie's life ended just as the lamp above the scene flickered out, leaving the group in darkness.

"Te quiero Carlos, I love you too…"