Linda Abbott; Whatever Way Our Stories End.

I look over and see him, the famous Dr Andy Brown. He doesn't look that much to me, but there's something about him you could say…he's…handsome, rugged, has a charming smile…I'm new to this town, well I'm not new but a lot of people here are new, I don't know them, including Andy Brown, a lot of the people here look at me as if I'm the new person, when in fact I'm one who's returning. Coming home after spending some six years away from home. A lot of people have come and gone from Everwood, from home…but looking around I still see the life that always lived here, the spirit of the town. That day I came home, I wandered over to the old station, it's the surgery now, Andy's surgery. I still felt the spirits of all those people who had passed through that building over the years I had lived here, and the many before I had been born. The station smelled off travel, countries and dust. Dust from the feet that had walked across lands far from Everwood. And that was when I saw him.

"Andy, this is my daughter!" my mother had swiftly introduced us as I had been removing the oversized backpack from my body. I had smiled to him, looking at him politely as my mother had wrapped her arms around me in a tight embrace, it had been too long since I had been in those arms. I saw how Andy watched us, I felt pain from him, like something was missing from his life. I was right, I'd found out later on when I had reunited with Harry, Rose and the kids that Andy had lost his wife, Julia.

I believe in this man, this Andy Brown. He's a single dad, a son and daughter. I know he's a good father, I can sense it from him. Their family may not have the best set up, but they're all happy with what they have. Of course unless I don't include Delia, Andy's pre-teen daughter. She seems to have a thing about me being around her father, I can understand though, she just lost her mother and I think she sees me as a threat to him, she's scared I could try and get my hooks into him, marry him and she and Ephraim would be forgotten about. That would not be the case. I know I would never let a father forget about his children and I couldn't take him away from his family, I'm not worth it.

November 2004.

Today is the day I moved into my new place, just a short drive from home and work. Everything's only a short drive away in Everwood anyway. My mother helped me pack some of my things into boxes in the garage but it was Andy who helped me with the moving of my belongings, my Buddha's. I know what people in this town think of me for having my beliefs in the Eastern medication and age old therapies of acupuncture but they do work and I do practise them. I will practise them even though Harry doesn't approve or Andy doesn't like the acupuncture pins or Louise, our receptionist doesn't like the scent of Ylang Ylang that I burn during a session. No, I'm not one for listening to judgements being passed against me, I believe in freedom of right and soul.

So Andy and I were unpacking and we took a break, I'd opened my bottle of Merlot and he had laughed cause I hadn't unpacked my glasses yet, so we had to use mugs. We sat in front of the fireplace and he asked me what was in the box. My keepsake box. I'd hesitated, but I did show him. My favourite childhood story, a picture of Harry, mom, dad and me in front of the station before mom had to go to Vietnam and a picture of Matt and I in Guinea. I miss him, I often think of him when I'm alone, I look to his picture and remember our time together before his life ended. I think I'd made a mistake in showing my personal things to Andy because he saw I got upset and he tried to kiss me…I walked away from him. I'm just so scared of anybody catching this…disease from me.

Andy apologised and we had dinner together, some traditional Chinese food. I made rice and dumplings, ordered some duck and sui mai and we just sat. We talked about the mountains and Colorado and snow. I wanted to get to know Andy, his family and what he was really like behind that arrogant, egotistical doctor façade. He was just like Harry but…he had life, a good one. I looked over Andy and I could see how much he wanted love and gave love. He spoke of his wife Julia and how they'd been perfect, their kids and their home, he had nothing but wonderful, generous words to say about her and Ephraim and Delia. I wanted to help him. Help Andy get some of his love back, for him.