The two sat facing each other on the front porch, each warming their hands around a mug of coffee in her hand. Both of them were tired of the daily grinds of their lives, both tired of caring for their children, and their husbands and their homes. The women were enjoying now their new found friendship together, they could bitch about their friends, what was going on in the other women's lives and their homelife. This was the one thing both women looked forward to every other day.

"Yeah...and then Penny was really frustrated when it was Porter took her doll, you know how she used to be about her dolls..." Lynette chuckled, sighed and then rolled her eyes playfully.

Gaby then nodded and she giggled, "Juanita's the same, even though she takes Celia's dolls and then when Celia tries to take them back...Juanita turns ape on her! I totally know they get that from Carlos' side of the family!"

"Girls huh?" Lynette chuckled.

"Yeah..." Gaby chuckled too. She then took a sip from her mug, "Hey you know what...I hear Orson gets out of prison next month..."

"Really?" Lynette gasped, "That's gonna be tough on Katherine..."

"Katherine?What do you mean?" Gaby questioned, looking to Lynette.

Lynette looking indefinitely shocked as she had spilled something her ex rival on the committee had trusted her with, "Uhh...did I say Katherine, I meant Bree"

"No you didn't missy...come on spill"

"Well..."Lynette looked around, " know since Katherine's been helping Bree with her alcohol problems...Katherine got a little too close to her, and well she feels a little something for her" Lynette told Gabrielle.

"No! Are you serious?! Katherine?!"

Lynette nodded.

"Well that's a shocker but try this on for size...I swear I saw Edie Britt..." Gaby announced.

Lynette's eyebrows raised, "Where?"

"Oh in some car with a guy..." Gaby replied, 2You know she'll never grow tired of that"

"Yeah, well that's Edie..."

Gaby sighed and nodded, before she then went onto say, "You know I miss the chats we used to have...all of the girls together, it's just not the same without them...don't you ever think that? not that our chats aren't great, but I just wish sometimes that Katherine and Bree didn't work, Edie was still know, Susan's around but never available.."

"I know what you mean Gaby" Lynette nodded, agreeing with her Mexican friend, "It kinda sucks"

"Yeah but hey...we've got each other and there's always the poker games!"

Lynette looked to Gaby and smiled, "We do...and yes we have each other. I would consider you my closest friend Gaby" Lynette admitted.

"Really?" Gabrielle asked, feeling touched. She set down her mug on the table in front of her before she gently took Lynette's hands and she said, "Without you, I wouldn't be the mother I am today taught me so much about not caring just for myself. You taught me to put my kids before me and I owe that to you. A lot" she whispered, feeling herself getting emotional, so she rolled her eyes and giggled, "Oh look, the tears..."

"Gaby, I really respect you for being able to say that, and thank you" Lynette nodded, and then she caught sight of the school bus dropping both Parker and Penny off at home, "Worst timing for the school to bring 'em home...anyway, uh...I'll see you again tomorrow Gaby, remember the cards!" Lynette called as she stood and smiled to Gaby before jogging back home.

"I will dear friend" Gaby sighed as she stood with the mugs, "I will..."