So, my buddy and I John went out for a few beers one day, by the way, my name is Sebastian. Anyway, so we're just sitting there and he's got this puppy with him, John's new dog for his wife Jenny. The dog's name: Marley. Named after that great legend Bob. Bob Marley. So these chicks walk by and stop, and they're like damn hot. Bikinis, roller boots, the short shorts. The type of gals who you find in Miami.

So I watch these girls with the dog, they're fussing over it, and I'm fussing over them while John's just sitting back and watching Marley. And then this thought occurred to me, what if I say the dogs mine next time? It could definitely work. I mean nobody knows John's got a dog, yet. It could be my dog, I see how much those chicks are into the whole puppy love thing. It's definitely gonna be my dog next time round.

* * * * *

This time, in the park, the ladies are out in full force today, I see one I like the look of, Edie. She's hot. Blonde and how I like. I'm going over with the dog. Jenny told John to move Marley out, she couldn't stand the mess and chaos the dog caused so, he's been living with me. Perfect opportunity to score some chicks. But wait…

I turn around and see a brunette, tiny. Gabrielle, she's Mexican. She likes to jog and do yoga, I'm suddenly spoiled for choice as I see another two women nearing me with my dog. These two, another blonde and another brunette. Lynette and Susan. And then the final two arrive, these women always travel in their group; Bree and Katherine.

For the entire time, all the women never laid an eye on me yet Marley got all of the attention, he was brilliant bait. I love that dog. I'm considering adopting him from John and Jen whenever they go on vacation, he's no trouble until he eats through my best leather briefcase or pisses on my rug. But eh, he's a dog, life's free for him. And soon, it will be for me. I've got a woman here for every night of the week, and all cause of Marley…

Thanks Marley.

Your…friend, Sebastian.

P.s…Edie's boobs WERE real! ; ]