He had been rumbled. It was said he'd been seen out in town with a redhead. Both were married. And with one glance Edie had thought it had been the other redhead Karl had been spotted with recently, but no, there was no mistaking this one. She had that Go-awful flip in her hair, but no, by that hair it had to Bree Van De Kamp, the redhead, robotic ice cube that had been over to welcome her, offering her piping hot muffins. So the blonde had went to tell Susan, her new neighbour and explain to her she thought she was doing the right thing because she would want to know if she was being cheated on.

Well it was true that Bree had been out with Karl, they were meeting up but the one detail Edie had missed just by seconds was that Rex would have been joining them too, along with Karl's secretary and they were to discuss moving the money from Andrew and Danielle's trust funds to different accounts. But Edie being well, Edie, she decided to go to Susan without knowing all of the facts, and therefore led her new acquaintance to believe Karl was screwing their neighbour, cheating on her. With these facts, Edie was partly right, he was having an affair, just not with Bree, but Edie smirked as she thought of this heartbreaking, torrid affair in great detail…

Karl would already be in the restaurant as Bree arrived wearing her jade green dress, down to just below her knee. She walked over to him and smiled, as he took her hand, both leaning in before Bree turned her face so Karl's lips brushed across her cheek tenderly. Her mouth curled into a subtle smile as she felt his mouth caress over her skin before he pulled back and looked into her eyes, pulling out her chair after removing her coat. It all happened in slow motion, the redhead sat down gently, gracefully while Karl pushed in her chair to the edge of the table.

Both sitting down now, sipping their wine, they began to talk, idle chit chat between two lovers perhaps? The redhead continued to touch Karl's hand as he made jokes and she laughed at the punchlines, the two were openly flirting with each other. Yes, Bree and Karl were having an affair, Edie was witness to it…

"It was Bree…" the blonde spilled to Susan.

"What? No Bree wouldn't do that, she's married to Rex!" the brunette replied.

"And it wouldn't stop her from an affair with your husband?"

"Edie not all of the women here are well…like you"

"Look Mayer, I know what I saw, and it was Bree and Karl together in the restaurant" Edie snapped, "Believe it or not"

"Yes, for a business meeting, Rex and Brandy joined them later on"

"Think what you want Mayer…I'm just telling you what I saw" Edie shrugged and walked on before she began to jog away.

Yes, Bree and Karl were having an affair. Rex and Brandy did turn up but both had been held up, their better halves had made sure of it so they could sneak into the restrooms and have a quick left leg, right leg…so Edie had been right, even if it had been an assumption, she had made it very clear she knew the way they had been looking at each other, and it was adultery. Luckily, both Karl and Bree were both adults…