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Allowing the body to fall to the floor, Dan reached into its chest and drew out the heart, that was now still and unmoving. The dull red of the organ filled his vision, and unconsciously, he opened his mouth and licked it, feeling the squishing texture across his tongue, new fangs catching on the flesh; then curling his hand into a fist, he crushed it, the blood staining his once-pristine white glove the colour of death.

Unwillingly, his eyes roved over to the corpse of Danny Fenton- for in killing his humanity, he had erased Danny Fenton, erased his past entirely, had he not?- and as lifeless blue met haunted red, the voices came.

How could you, Danny? Sam's voice, disapproving. Danny Phantom's a hero, not a murderer.

The hell he'd want to be a hero, if this pain was all he'd get-

You promised, Danny. Tucker sounded disappointed. Best friends forever, remember? You killed our best friend.

But he was their best friend, he was Danny, who had failed to-

You're not my little brother, Jazz, horrified. What have you done to my little brother? What did you do to Danny, you monster?!

He whimpered, curling into himself. Shadows flittered around him, voices, of Tuck, Sam, Jazz, Mo-Madd-Mom, Ja-Dad, whispering, malicious.





"Shut UP!" With a roar, ectoplasmic energy flared out, and the mansion exploded.

Dan stood in the middle of the wreckage, panting eyes on his human body- or where it had been. His body had disintegrated in the blast.

No humanity.

The voices had stopped.

Vladimir Masters watched as the spectre flew off into the sky, cackling like a madman.

In the wreckage, red blood, tinged with green, dripped slowly to the ground from a shattered piece of glassware.