Title: A is for Astronaut

Rating: G

Spoilers: blink and you miss it for Children of the Gods

Summary: Drabble

Author's Note: This is part of my A-Z Drabble series (Sam subset) but it certainly be read alone.

Date: September 28, 2009

Disclaimer: I don't own them, sad but true.


Other little girls had pink walls, decorated with rainbows and ballerinas. Samantha Carter had the stars. Her mother had painted the walls dark blue and her brother had carefully plotted out constellations. It had been a weekend that she had remembered always.

"I'm going to be an astronaut," she'd tell people proudly. And looking down at the small girl with pigtails and missing teeth they'd smile, asking her to bring back a star. No one believed she'd do it, but every night before sleeping she'd reach out with her tiny hands, picking out all those she would one day collect.