Paths Separate And The Same

It's the start of something new. It's a new location and things are different between them and there are different rules. Rather, there are no rules. Building their lives back up is sending them each on paths poles apart from the ones they were travelling before. These new paths don't separate from each other. They are one and the same.

Things are still rough. There are questions, plenty of questions.

(Why did you leave?)

Each question is painful to think about.

(Why didn't you ask me not to?)

Their answers remain unspoken, unshared.

Had Miranda not happened and had they not lost two crew members would they still be together, on Serenity? Would she have left and not returned? Would he have gone on a heist with a bad end?

Neither asks the other out of fear of what might be said.

They focus on where they are now. Now is the chance they threw away so many times before and this time they're doing their damndest to hold onto it. Maybe their paths will waver in the future but they will fight to keep them the same.