So it's official: the Mortal Instruments and I have been going steady for one month, at least in fan fiction form. Writing here has been a lot like dating – with all of the benfits, and none of the annoying drawbacks (well, except for lack of sleep and having my updates eaten. That was pretty annoying). It's been exciting having someone to sneak away and "talk" to at work, someone to look forward to coming home to at night, someone to enact fantasies with…the T-rated kind, anyway.

To mark this very important milestone, I'm posting a new story. It's a cooperative fic. Yaya! That's right, I finally found someone willing to write with me. Still crying to coax her into posting something entirely her own here, but I think she still needs some encouragement. Please review and help me persuade the girl that we want to read more!

My co-author Miyabita contributed all of the excerpts from Alec's POV, as well as the initial idea for the story. She's also been the responsible driver, trying to steer us in the right direction.

I wrote Magnus's POV, did the final proof reading, and have the pleasure of posting this love child.

Please let me know what you think! I promise I haven't abandoned my other projects – Chapter 53 of Call Me is in the works. Still brainstorming for CCHS, and I'm going to hold off on Between Burroughs until Call Me has officially ended. A sad day for all! Sniff.

This story takes place kind of two or three scenes before the beginning of Call Me. The first real meeting between Magnus and Alec. We only got to see Clary's view of the visit to the "Dead Man's Party". And that's not fair for true Malec fans, is it? I say no. We need more!

All characters, story, name of this FF (borrowed from the name of Ch. 12 in City of Bones), and use of occasional dialogue all credited to Cassandra Clare - without whom I would be single and very sad. THANK YOU!

Alec's POV (Miyabita)

The Downworlder was covered in glitter.

Alec wasn't sure what he had been expecting when he'd read the invitation Izzy had showed him. Magnus Bane. The name itself conjured images in Alec's head of a slightly portly, possibly older man with graying hair. Pompous, arrogant... throwing some "classy Downworlder party". After all, the invitation had used more adjectives and curlicues than Alec thought was healthy for a piece of paper to hold.

The real Magnus Bane, however...?

He looked up at the man he was currently trailing up the stairs. (What were the others doing mingling at the bottom of the staircase, anyway? Was he the only one with a sense of decorum?) Magnus was absolutely nothing like Alec had imagined. Thin, tall, and, tan. Confidence and pride seemed to exude from his very fingertips. And glitter. Alec was sure the man was shedding it as he walked up the stairs.

Alec shoved his hands in his pockets. it wasn't so much the glitter he wore, but the way in which he wore it. In fact, Alec was fairly certain he had never seen a man wear so much makeup before. (Well, there was that one time Max had broken into Izzy's makeup cabinet when he was little, but that was different.) Appearance meant very little to Alec; it always had. But there was something about Magnus, about the way he held himself, the way he talked, the way his eyes unabashedly looked both him and Jace up and down - by the Angel, had he blushed? - that made him want to stare.

They had reached the doorway to Magnus's apartment now, and Alec took a peak over his shoulder, noting that the others were well behind him. He scowled. Clary. It looked like that girl and that stupid mundane - what was his name... Steve? - were holding up the process.


Alec jumped a little at the nearness of the voice, and he turned back around, surprised to see Magnus perched in the doorway, looking at him. Again, he was struck by the very appearance of the man before him.

He nodded his head at Magnus and brushed past him, shaking the bangs from his eyes as he entered. He'd never been to a Downworlder party before. It was... reminiscent of those mundie clubs... but with less flashing lights and headache inducing music and... well, Downworlders. Alec felt slightly overwhelmed by the sheer number of them in the room. He was sure he stood out like a sore thumb... not that it mattered, really. Hopefully, Jace would ask whatever he needed of Magnus and they'd be on their way--

For the second time that night, Alec jumped. He'd just been... he'd just been...

Someone had pinched his ass!

He rounded on the culprit, unconsciously fingering the stele in his pocket.

"I thought I said to keep it in your pants, Shadowhunter," a voice called from behind him. Alec turned away from the male phouka who was eyeing him a little too intently and towards the other man behind him - Magnus Bane. He felt his face go red as Magnus's words sunk in. (He had always blushed too easily; wasn't there a rune to stop that?) On any normal night, the words wouldn't have mattered to Alec. But a phouka had just groped him and now Magnus Bane, who glittered and exuded confidence and clearly didn't have a problem with his sexuality, was making references that could be interpreted as... as...

Alec suddenly wished for Jace's quick retorts or Isabelle's ability to laugh anything off... or even Max's ability to seemingly go anywhere without being noticed... Instead, he had none of those talents, and the only thing he could think of was that he really, really hated Brooklyn.