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Chapter 1 - Mrs. Cullen and the last kiss

I was never a ladies man, I had my share of dates but never took anything to seriously. I was focused in getting my grades and being a good son. Geez… Even rationalizing this now I see that she was right. I am kinda boring. Who said I was boring? My wife. Oh, my own Mrs. Cullen. I loved her. She was an equal.

The first time I saw her she was in a hurry, just a blur of a girl looking like a mess of books in her Stanford sweatshirt. She was beautiful, actually that's not the word. The word is gorgeous in those jeans and some high heel black leather boots. Her glasses almost falling from her nose, she was biting her pencil and the wind came in a perfect time and balanced her soft curls and I thought she was a fairy queen. Directly from Shakespeare's Midnight Summer Dream to my life. As I was thinking of fairies, no wonder she came right in my direction and I would only drool in the sight of her. She bumped in me and we both went to the floor.

"Oof!" Was my brilliant and eloquent first sound to her.

"Shit! I'm so sorry I was…" And then she looked into my eyes and seemed a little dazed. Did we hit that hard? Does she have a concussion? Does she want a physical exam? Shut up stupid little devil in my shoulder.

"Are you okay?" Grabbing her forearms and trying to put her to a sitting position. "Are you hurt?" I asked again.

"Uh… What? I'm okay. Thanks". And with that she started to get her books even faster than she came and was already getting up. I was in a little daze myself and when I was able to get to my feet she was away in a blur again. I looked down at myself, got my messenger bag from the floor and that's when I noticed, a wallet on the floor. I got down and… what the hell. I opened. How was I suppose to know who was she? And then I knew her name. I looked in the direction where she disappeared and that's when it hit me, I was gonna have to give it back to her. Oh, this will be good. I gotta meet her. The little devil was a smooth fucker, he was already going on a flower shop online. Four hours later I was going all suave on the student's office secretary trying to get her address. Turns out she was in the same dorm as I was, just on a different floor. Thank you, Destiny. (Literally, the woman helping me at the office was named Destiny, I think she was a stripper in the 70´s.) More two hours later and I was getting out of the shower and marching up to her dorm room with a yellow rose and her Gucci wallet. Fuck, when you know fashion brands it's time to stop talking to Alice. Note to self: Call Emmett and go do mainly stuff. Actually, we have to get Rosalie's permission to do that so… And I was in front of her dorm. That's it, Edward, go for it. Ask her name. Maybe ask her for a coffee. While on my pep talk the door swing open to reveal the goddess in grey sweatpants and a white tank top with a white sports bra. Oh, can you be jealous of a bra? She was looking at me kind of agape so I have to get my jealousy aside. For now.

"Hi, remember me? We kinda bumped into each other and when we did, your wallet fell off your bag…" Interrupting me, she snatched her wallet, gave me quick thanks and closed the door. All under 10 seconds. Now I'm just an idiot in front of her door. I knocked again and was surprised with her annoyed face with glasses (Hmmm, naughty librarian fantasy…) and an Anatomy book in her arms. I asked bluntly if she wanted to go for a coffee with me and pushed the rose in her hand and was surprised when she said she just needed a minute to change her clothes. I thought she was just fine but I don't think she would like the winds outside. We talked for hours, the anatomy book was her roommate's and she was quizzing her. I told her about myself, my course and she told me about hers and her life, which she found boring and I quickly disagreed. She worked half-period to get herself more money to school. We saw each other every chance we got. The Thanksgiving following our dating was the first I took her to know my parents, it was all kind of awkward ´cause my girl was a little shy, but once Alice found her… sweet heaven all was lost to shopping. My girl took everything like a trooper and even brought me a green sweater, she said matched my eyes and every time we had some special occasion to celebrate I used the same one from that Thanksgiving. We had Christmas (where she did not let me spend too much money on her and she put me on a budget! Can you believe it? My Dad was shocked, he taught me all my suave moves!), New Years (When I came to her Dad's place and gave her the first NY´s kiss on his porch), Valentine's (Again with the budget, but I let it go) and so on until we graduated.

That night, I asked her to be my wife. We got married 1 year later, after much debacle between she and Alice about all the details. She didn't wanna put much fuss about it and Alice… well, was Alice. Again, my girl took everything but when the day came, she told me it was all worth it ´cause out wedding was just what she wanted. But if I told Alice I would not be getting any the first year of our marriage.

I studied very hard to get where I am and so did she.

Regarding our academics, I was in a scholarship to pre-med in Stanford when we met and let me tell you, that was no ride. I thought I had it easy ´cause of my affinity to science and I already knew what being a doctor entitled to, my Dad is one. I busted my ass off and got to at least maintain B+ or A-. She got a scholarship too, to their School of Business, she wanted to go with Marketing.

After the wedding, I went full with my attention to Harvard Medical School and she was right there with me. She got a job in a small agency and we were happy. We had our little spites but always make up before going to bed. We got a small place in Boston and that was it. Long hours, a lot of study, work, but when the day was finished and we could just cuddle on the couch watching reruns of FRIENDS, all was good. We just were. When I finished Medical school I got a spot on Massachusetts General Hospital. She told me she was pregnant the night we were celebrating our 3th anniversary, I was wearing the green sweater. After celebrating between ourselves we called our parents and so on. Man, I have to tell you… The phone company got a lot of money that month ´cause my mom, Alice and Rosalie couldn't stop calling her! Poor thing, she said she was going to go deaf before the baby was born. All I did was grin the whole nine months. Even when she was vomiting all she ever ate (Her words, not mine) and I was pulling her hair back, when I was giving her back rubs and she got her eyeballs out crying ´cause she thought she was too fat and called me every bad name in the book, it was all still good. When we discover we were gonna have a little girl, our doorbell couldn't stop ringing with presents from everyone (When I say everyone, I say Alice… stupid sister with a black AMEX!). When the due date was close, everyone was here. But my stubborn little girl didn't wanna be born on the spotlight. She waited until everyone had to return to their routine and out of Boston when my wife screamed that her water broke. I was laughing but scared to death. I called everyone and they said they would be back on the next flight available. We got to the Hospital and I think I wasn't breathing until I heard the most beautiful sound in my life… my daughter crying. I got her in my arms and when I turned to see my wife she was beaming with joy. She got our little girl in her arms and simply said "Happy birthday, Elizabeth Grace. Welcome to the world." I knew I was putty with these two, they were my life.

The first six months were full of diapers and flashes, I swear, my kid is going to need glasses before she starts walking ´cause our families wanted to register everything she did. A burp, a giggle, a stumble, a little smile, a yawn and so on. I was not complaining so much, I got a camera read every time too.

On Libby's sixth month-versary (we celebrated every month!) my wife went to get little cupcakes on a store near our place and asked me to watch Libby. Okay, whatever you want, honey. We said our quick "Love You" and she was out.

1 hour. She was taking too long. 2 hours. I called her cell non-stop. 3 hours. Doorbell rang. I froze, it was a cop. I was frozen. He was talking but I couldn't listen and absorb what he was saying, and Libby started crying and I had this awful feeling something was wrong.

I was right, 2 days later I was with all our families and my little girl in my lap burying my wife. She was hit by a drunk driver two blocks from out place. She already had the cupcakes. I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye ´cause she was already one by the time I got to the hospital.

The next weeks went in a blur, my mom asked me to move back to Forks and I did. That was it. Boston was done for me. How could I stay in our home without her? I had to concentrate only in the little girl constantly in my arms.

I remember our last kiss, just a little peck before she left the house for the cupcakes. It was 4:12 pm. Just a peck. It was out last contact and I still remember her ponytail brushing my hands and Libby's head.

My wife, my Stanford fairy, Tanya Cullen died 6:06pm. And our chapter together was over.

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