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Chapter 4 – Green, Brown and White Talk

Edward Cullen

Bella was with her arms on each side tangled with Alice and Rosalie. She smiled at me and bend a little to kiss Alice´s head. She got away from them and came to the patio again with a specific target: Mom. When it was time to hug my mom, she seemed to shutdown her enthusiasm button ´cause it was one of those scenes almost you wish you had a camera. My mom caught both sides of Bella´s face with her hands while Bella caught her wrists like they were a lifeline and pressed their foreheads together looking deeply into other eyes. It was weird to see my mom hugging someone who apparently was close to the family, but wasn't her daughter, sons or husband. My mom was very caring and you could see radiating from her the minute you met her, but she was like a lion and you never messed with her little herd, she was a fierce protector of the ones she love.

They had a little moment and it was a fleeting moment but I saw it, a tear slid down Bella´s left cheek but my mom caught it and they had a little conversation whispering forth and back for less than a minute. But in that minute, I realized I was not the only one to notice their exchange, but was the only one to not give them some privacy.

Alice was suddenly very interested in the table cloths' pattern, Rosalie and Em were on their own little world turned the other way, Jasper was back looking at the grill and my father was with his head down. He seemed very in tuned with my mother because when they seemed to snap out of their little trance he got up and was behind my mom putting his hands on her shoulders on a comforting manner. She looked behind and smiled sweetly at him and then moved so he could greet Bella and she didn't even blinked. She jumped in my father´s arms in a hug that would make Alice proud, that´s for sure.

"You sure took a long time coming back to us, kid." He said and chuckled while she giggled and my mom was watching adoringly their greeting while brushing her fingers thru Bella' s hair.

"I did and I' m sorry for that C.C." She giggled again. I was becoming a fan of those little sounds coming from her.

At calling Dad "C.C.", Emmett and the rest of the gang turned to us again but it was Emmett who broke.

"Awww, Dad you never let us call you that!" Em whining was something fun to watch.

"Well, is your name Isabella? ´Cause this little girl is the only one allowed doing that." My father said with, what I bet, it was suppose to be a serious face but his twitching lips gave him away while giving Bella a little nudge on the head and she smiled at him and mom.

"Em, it' s not nice to tease out little sister." Alice said looking amused.

"Sister? Okay, I' m confused but that is just too much… I thought she was Chief Swan' s daughter." I couldn't just pass that by, could I? Unless Jasper was polygamous… in this case, he had some serious explanation to make or maybe Dad had a child and gave to the Chief to raise… I was brought out of my "Days of our lives" plot by Bella.

"I' m shocked Cullen, how can you not remember me?! I was your wife! You promised me in your vows to gimme all your gummy bears, sing to me and always bring me daisies when I had a boo-boo! We fought the old Jameson's German Shepherd together!" Bella said fake pouting with the whole shebang, including crossing her arms over her chest (Really Bella, you´re not helping my later shower situation!) and stomping her foot on the ground while everyone laughed, including my parents and we got even attention from the kids.

What did she said? Married? Fortunately that word didn't bring me any sad memories of my marriage, just longing. But still, when was I married to this beautiful woman and why did we… Oh… OH! Flashes of four very not so innocent faces came up to my memories… Three of those I recognized as Em, Alice and myself. The fourth was Bella. With most of her characteristics: Pale, skinny and fragile, the messy hair with her usual ponytail, big brown eyes like Bambi looking at you and always carrying band-aids. Alice and Bella running around the pool on a sunny day… Em teaching the girls to defend themselves (from second-graders!)… Em and I helping Bella climb a tree (that didn't end well, the girl was a natural for little accidents!)… Me playing a little toy piano Bella got from her mother and she was crying… My mom and Bella in the kitchen with cookie dough… Bella giving me cookies…and skipping some to Em while he was in time-out for trashing the dresses for Alice´s favorite Barbie… and a lot more came tumbling to me like a wave.

I looked up and she was closer, smiling at me. I didn't realize I was smiling too until she caressed my cheek with her index finger.

"There he is. Hello, Mr. Banner." Oh sweet mother… kill me now ´cause this woman is adorable. And not in a "Oh she's a nice girl" kinda way but in a "When can I take you home" kinda way. This is weird. What the hell Edward.

"Hello, Mrs. Banner." And she laughed and it was a beautiful sound. I want to see it again.

Em came and sat on the bench Bella was leaning on. "What was up with the Banner thing? I never understood that. And shouldn't be Mrs. Cullen?" He wiggled his eyebrows while referring to Bella as Mrs. C.

"Emmie, it's about the Hulk. Do you remember that fight Edward had with Mikey? I started calling him the Hulk after that… a big man with an even bigger heart, and kind green eyes." She explained while looking at me still smiling. I´m pretty sure I was too. "And by the way, I could never be Mrs. Cullen, that´s Esme's title." She said pointing to my mother and mom just mock bowed.

"Hey, don´t call him that! "Mikey"…" I said his name with little disgust and a mocky voice. "… Was very mean to you. And tried to tell anyone you were his girlfriend!" I continued but was very certain the mock in my voice didn't fooled anyone ran low.

"He did! And Edward was pissed! I thought someone stole his spider man lunch box or something!" Alice said smiling, certainly remembering the day.

"Oh Belly, always stealing young boy´s hearts! Bad, Bad B!" Jasper pointed a finger pretending to be reprimanding Bella.

"It's not my fault, I was taken already. That boy had it coming!" She said defending herself and me.

"Yes you were, we were on our honeymoon, how dared him touch your hand on lunch hour while we were sharing my mother's apple pie! It was the best wedding cake!" I laughed at the memory… After our "wedding", mom baked us a pie and got us soda to celebrate gaining "a new daughter" as she put. When dad got home, accompanied by the Chief, they joined us at the little party and even made toasts! Our parents are the best. I was having the best time at this visit to memory lane.

I remember the moment of the "proposal". Bella had fallen from a tree and was whimpering at her scrapped knee. I got her hand and we ran as fast we could to the kitchen. I got her on the kitchen table and went looking for the first aid kit. Mom and Dad always had one in every room in the house. When I found it was like Doctor Mode was ON. I took care of it and when I finished applying the band-aid she was just sniffling and looking so sad with the little brown eyes I didn't resist. I kissed her nose and the little blush didn't missed its cue.

"Are you going to be okay?" She just nodded.

"What can I do so you can smile again?" She just shrugged.

"Do you wanna marry me? I can always take care of you then…" She said "okay", almost whispering. I thought it was improvement.

Next thing I know, Em was saying he was going to be the priest, mom was already baking our "wedding cake" and Alice was helping Bella to get ready with her "dress". These people could make a killing in Vegas! When I quote "dress", I mean it. Alice wrapped Bella in paper towels and said it was a wrapped dress, underneath there was a white t-shirt. My t-shirt. Let me rephrase that: My Hulk t-shirt. When I said my vows, I really did promise all the gummy bears I got, sang whenever she wanted and always bring her daisies after taking care of her boo-boo's. Those were her favorite flowers from my mother´s greenhouse. She promised to always share her cookies and when she learned how to cook by herself I could get the whole batch. Score! And most important, she promised to always take care of my hair; either it was drying it after the rain or the pool, or treading her fingers while watching movies. My first wife did have great vows.

I always loved movie time when Bella was around, two things were like magnets: Her hands and my head to her skinny knees. Her hand always found their way to my hair. I looked like an electrocuted cat every end of movie.

"Wait, are you guys talking about Michael Newton? From the Outfitters store?" Jasper broke into my daydream.

"Yes!" All three of us responded.

He started laughing so hard he put his hands on his knees to hold himself up. "Oh that is precious! B, remember the day we saw each other again, on Main Street?" At her nodding he continued. "He asked where I knew you from and I said from college, he said he was your first boyfriend and that you guys had a spark, it was probably going to lit up again now that you're back in town." He said with a very amused smile and some chuckles.

"Ew! Ew! Ew! Jasper I thought you had my back man! Our promises were broken! How many times have I saved you?!" Bella said with her dramatics again, she was funny with her arms crossed trying to glare at him. It remind me of a pissed off little kitten.

"Awww B, I´m sorry… but it was too funny seeing a little hope in his eyes…" Then Jasper got a little mischievous grin. "And it´s not like you´re seeing anyone right now."

Bella got up, went directly to him and gave him a punch in his arm. It didn't seem to hurt but he made a show for her rubbing the place and all.

I was happy to know about Bella being single, but the thought of her being with the Newton man. He is disgusting. He always looks like he´s with impure thoughts, and not so far away from the surface. I know I had some thoughts about Bella, but hey I now know why, we were married! I had to protect my wife right?! Crap I didn't even buy this shit.

"I know where we met, but where did you meet Rosalie and Jasper?" I had to ask. Jasper brought the hamburgers to the table with Emmett and they resumed their previous spots, now with Bella directly to my right.

"Oh this is just great… people have you forgot about me? I understand Edward, he´s busy and got a lot on his mind but you four? I´m so disappointed!" Bella said putting her head in her hands on the table. Mom and Dad looked amused from the far side of the table. The four were trying to stiff their laughter.

"Jasper here was my wingman in college!" Bella said excited. "Actually, on my period studying at Texas A&M. And Rosalie was the floor adviser when I was at UW as a freshman. I never lost contact with Alice." With that Alice jabbed Bella on the ribs. "Ouch, pixie! Okay, okay, we lost a little but reconnect during my internship in New York between my junior and senior in college." She turned her arm around Alice´s shoulders and kissed the side of her head. "Oh, pixie… I wish I could say I missed your meddling but… I didn't."

"Heeeey, I resent that Bells!" Alice said in mock pout.

"Stop that, your lips will stay that way someday frozen forever. I don't know if Jasper would like that very much." Bella said and winked at Jasper. He just winked back.

Alice must be one very secured of herself over Jasper ´cause if I caught my significant other winking at someone I wouldn't care who it was, it was not going to end good. Yes, I´m jealous like that.

"B, wait. You have to tell these fine people how we really met." Jasper intervened.

"How was it? We don´t know either." Em said and Rose agreed with a nod.

"Oh, this is just so good…. NOT!" Alice said with maybe a sarcastic touch and just to prove her point, a eye roll.

"Hey darling, none of that. I have love for everyone!" Jasper said putting his hands in the air like he expected any moment to be man-handled (or would be woman-handled?) by all women.

"Oh yeah, you tried to pick me up at the Crowney's Bar… I don´t even have the courage to say that in front of everyone else, it´s not really PG." Bella said with an adorable little flush on her cheeks.

"Forget that! Oh my God Bella do you remember Spring Break in Miami the year we met?" Rosalie said with a grin that made Emmett spit his beer over the table. Alice was still cleaning herself with disgust when Bella was laughing very hard.

"Yes! Yes, I do. By the way, I´m not allowed at The Ritz-Carlton after all this time! I went there for a business lunch two years ago and they still didn't let me stay there. You´re bad company, Rose. Very bad!" Bella said pointing her index finger to Rose. That was entertaining.

"Nah, you liked it! You were very nice as a blond that week." Bad Rose indeed putting images of a Blond Bella in my head, I´ll always have that burning. Note to self: Suck up to Rose and ask for pictures of that vacation.

"You went blond?" Alice was looking horrified.

"Yes, and I told her we should have gone to Mexico but nooooo! Bachelorette party my a…" Bella looked at the kids and stopped herself.

"What? You were with Bells to your Bachelorette party?" Emmett looked like someone run his puppy. I still remember when Angus died. He was Emmet's puppy. He was a fluffly poodle and Alice and me still mock him. "I didn't had one!"

"Liar! I know you were with Edward and Carlisle over here for a few hours of "man time" in Seattle." Em looked kinda scared of her now. Dad was not so far behind with mom's glare.

Bella cleared her throat. "Anyway, speaking of marriages… Hi, Alice." And turned to my sister. And like on cue Alice didn't shut up for the next hour. Jasper hung to her every word like she was reciting the bible! Flower arrangements, places to visit, dresses, deciding that Libby and Amy would be flower girls, little Anthony would be ring barrier, me the best man and Bella the maid of honor. Dad even put his two cents saying he had a surprise for their honeymoon. Alice was ecstatic, but of course she knew Dad wouldn't let her pay for none on the day she tied the knot.

Libby was excited on being part of the wedding, she never been in one. And even invited Bella to her birthday party and when she said "Yes, of course, I wouldn't miss it." With a beautiful smile I remembered something: Bella and Libby shared September 13th as the date of their birth. Alice and mom looked like they knew either.

The lunch continued for a while but I couldn't catch anything ´cause the women retreated to the den and the men went to the basement. Discrimination, I´m telling you.

One thing I learned being a parent, I always get these little moments, like this reunion, and shut them in my memory. The next thirteen couldn't come fast enough.