Misguided Ghosts

For Bella, it was just another person to hate her. For Edward, it was the most delicious meal on the face of the planet...and possibly the love of his existence. While Bella is already living a nightmare, can Edward overcome his nightmares of the past? Can they put the past behind them, overcome the present, and possibly create a future together? That is, if Bella would realize that a certain bronze haired vampire doesn't actually hate her…oh, yea, and if her abusive vampire boyfriend let's her out alive.

Based on the song "Misguided Ghosts" by Paramore. Not all human. A twist on Twilight. In character...mostly.

"He was the most caring, wonderful, loving boyfriend anyone could have…until he turned into a vampire. Now my only hope of escaping....is if I die."

Okay, guys, I'm finishing up "A Lesson in Charades" and "My Black Dahlia" and then I'll be working with this and POTR.