Bleached Sweeper
Dealing With a Prodigy

"I refuse to have a member in my division untrained in how to defend themselves, so that is what you are going to be working on… how, I don't know, but I'll figure it out…" the boy muttered, as they arrived at the division gate. Rin couldn't help, but look around, almost dropping her act of indifference to the whole situation. Actually, she feared that her tone had somehow slipped, while she had been talking to him.

She followed them to the office, taking in everything that she could. The place was not at all, like what she had come to imagine it to be. More of, it was more then she expected it to be, with a complexity that couldn't easily be shown in any medium merely meant for entertainment purpose that disinclined seeing the real thing, or all of the real thing.

They arrived at the office, and she watched as the small taicho went to his desk, and began to scribble some note down on paper. He waved one of his small hands, at a seat in front of his desk. "Take a seat."

Rin did as she said, and in a way, Matsumoto did to, going and lounging on the small couch that was in the middle of the room. The small taicho, still standing, noticed this. "I did not mean that my fukutaicho should take the time to be lazy. I have a task for you, to go and take a good look at the… shrine. Prettify it or whatever…"

This caused Rangiku to let out a sigh, then sneak around behind the small boy, suddenly giving him one of those hugs, which she happened to be notorious for. Rin watched carefully, and noticed as the small boy's cheeks flushed a little bit, and without a word, hand the piece of paper to his fukutaicho, who hurried out of the room.

When she was gone, Toshiro glared at her. "I know that you are one of them."

"I am not sure what you are talking about," Rin stated, trying hard, to keep composure like that which she had planned on her character being, to hide her real self. She had to question though, why she was trying to pretend to be someone who wasn't herself. The situation, truth be told, seemed stressed.

"You are trying too hard," the boy stated, confirming her fear, yet she kept a straight face. "Don't ask why, but I can tell them from us. You have a very similar… aura about you. Though it is different. Possibly because you wormed your way into that… soul miko thing… whatever it is…"

Rin suddenly interrupted, becoming irritated with the implications of his words. Instead of using a grumpy sounding tone, she simply raised an eyebrow. "So, you're saying I'm a Mary Sue. A Sue…"

"Hold on… you are… ball vinegar… ball of a sandbar… ball den… balled spider web?" the boy's face contorted, as he tried getting used to the foreign word, not realizing that it was such, and trying to use his own home language to make sense of it. "All right… fine. All of you are Mari Su… a ball of vinegar. Of course, you can be asu, if that means you won't be in my hair tomorrow."

"So, if you call me asu, which means tomorrow, the logic then, would be that I would not be coming back? Just like all the others? Maybe because if you call me asu, unlike whatever these so called Mari Su's, as you like to call them, I might just end up coming back, tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. Your logic is childish," Rin stated, her read eyes watching as the small boy suddenly tensed up, then turned to glare at her.

"Childish." The words tumbled from his mouth, indicating he had been insulted.

"I was in fact, not referring to the fact you were a child, but that your behavior is completely immature. I am not here to babysit you either. No, wait… perhaps I am," Rin stated, trying not to sigh or roll her eyes, watching it as the boy began to lose his cool, and the temperature dropped slightly. "I mean, listen to how stupid you sound. Mari Su and Asu…"

"You are the one who started it with the Mari Su and Asu! You of all people, know what I am talking about," the small captain, suddenly stormed to the other side of his desk, so that he could stand in front of her and glare at her.

"Do I, or are you assuming that I actually do," the white haired female shook her head, then closed her eyes in frustration. She didn't know what the policy was for telling those who lived in the world that the RPW traveled too. She was also wondering, if she had possibly bitten off, a little more then she could personally chew.

"I know for once, someone actually knows what I am talking about. Don't use my age, to blindside the fact we both know, I have an idea that something is up. I know what you are, and that you and the others don't belong here. They keeping coming, and coming, and I hate it!" the young boy lashed out with words. "Mari Sue…"

"What, a ball of vinegar?" came a laugh from the doorway, causing two teal eyes to suddenly dart to the doorway, as a laugh came to Rin and the small taicho's ears. "So… you are already deciding you don't like someone. You've even resulted to name-calling. Nice to go, Hitsugaya Taicho!"

"Don't give me that, Abarai," the small boy stated. "What exactly are you doing here, coming to gawk?"

This caused Rin to let out a breath of air, only to have Renji catch on, though she couldn't see him. The man ran a hand through his hair, and let out a laugh. "You always happen to a smart aleck remark for getting out of your misbehavior. You started as a brat in the Rukongai, and are still one."

"Should a fukutaicho be speaking that way, to a taicho," Rin suddenly stated, her eyes watching carefully.

Renji suddenly walked around, behind the small taicho, and had a huge grin on his tattooed face. "Seriously… I've known the bugger since he entered the academy. I can get away with teasing him, especially since he graduated the same year as us."

Hitsugaya had another idea about all of this, and narrowed his eyes. "I believe she's right, but then you choose not to listen to me on this one."

"Seriously, you're still an elementary school kid," Renji sighed, shaking his head. "You haven't taken an interest in girls yet, so… until you do…"

Renji's hand, suddenly reached out, and made contact with Toshiro's head. As the small captain, reached up to brush the hand away, Renji quickly pushed the boy's head forward, so that he stumbled forward. To Rin's horror, she found that the fukutaicho had shoved the boy's face into her chest, as Hitsugaya let out a yelp of surprise.

"What are you…" Of course, Rin was not at all happy with this, and was yet again thinking, a Sweeper job was too much for her. Her face though suddenly froze, as something else happened.

The small taicho, who was struggling to get up, suddenly moved one of his hands, and it slipped in between the fold of her kimono, only to suddenly freeze with realization. "Oh… crap…"

"Ahh…" Renji's face suddenly twisted, as he realized he had actually gone too far with his game. He began to yank Hitsugaya back from the so-called soul miko.

Rin felt her temper flaring, and suddenly stood up from her seat, her hand going to hit Renji in the face. "You pervert!"

However, to her shock, she instead hit her so-called taicho across the nose, as Renji had happened to pull Hitsugaya back. She watched, as Toshiro's blue green eyes suddenly went wide, then for him to suddenly dash out of the room. A familiar voice, could be heard from the doorway. "Renji… what the hell happened."

"Soul miko here, called Hitsugaya Taicho a pervert," Renji stated, suddenly scratching his head.

"I was calling you a pervert," Rin blurted out, her tone changing slightly, but none of the other two, taking any notice of this.

"Abarai… the truth now," Rangiku stated, shaking her head at the other fukutaicho, and walking over, her tone dangerous.

"I played a prank on the kid, and shoved his face into the new girl's rack. Unfortunately he…" Renji suddenly paled, realization hitting him. "… reached into her clothing, when he was trying to get up, without realizing it."

"Abarai…" the busty strawberry blond was livid. "You know how he is! Get, now!"

"All right, all right! I'm not the one who slapped him across the face and called him a pervert!" the young man stated, hurrying out of the room.

Rin suddenly had a hand placed on her shoulder, which she found to be rather calming. Not to mention, she found the woman's voice to be soothing. "Let me guess , both we're aimed at baka Renji? At least you were wearing underwear." However, as Rin's cheeks suddenly flushed, Matsumoto's tone changed a bit. "You were wearing underwear."

"The best way to put it, is someone tried to play a prank on me earlier," Rin stated, choosing not to look the woman in the eye.

"Well come on," the woman suddenly grabbed the teenager by the shoulder, then began to drag her off, towards her room. "I've got some clean stuff in my room. I tend not to use old-fashioned ones anyways. I like the new ones, or none at all, when I'm wearing my uniform. Ahh… don't tell taicho that, he'll freak, especially at the last one. "

Rin was rather startled, and in truth hoped that the woman hadn't noticed the look of shock written on her face. They hurried along, and eventually, they came to the fukutaicho's room. Matsumoto began to pull things around, while the white haired girl looked around, her red eyes taking in the fact the room was neat as a pin, but made no comment. "Really, Matsumoto fukutaicho, I'm fine."

"Nonsense… and it is just Rangiku or Ran-chan!" the woman beamed, suddenly making a mess of her room.

Rin shook her head, and walked over to one of the walls of Matsumoto's room. She had been surprised, to see two of the walls, had similar doors, as the front of the room. As her ear came close, she thought she could hear a soft noise on the other side, almost like some child was muttering to themselves. "Hitsugaya Taicho's room wouldn't be that way."

Rangiku suddenly looked up, concern in her eyes, then walked over to the door, and pressed her ear up against it. She closed her eyes, and let out a sigh. "I am going to have to fix this later. I don't know how long it will take to get him back to normal."

"What do you mean, back to normal," Rin found cloth stuffed into her arms. "Really, I don't need…"

"No… whoever played that prank on you, possibly knew taicho has… a problem…" Matsumoto stated.

"I doubt they did, considering I am not even sure what is going on," Rin sighed, keeping a rather emotionless look on her face.

"You are too much like taicho… and Gin for that matter," Rangiku sighed. "Keep this a secret. Taicho is mortified about becoming a pervert like Kyoraku taicho. He even thinks, if he starts liking girls, he will happen to be a pervert. So… if he has come to like a girl, he is not at all likely to admit that he does like her."

"So… he's having a mental break down over this, isn't he?" Rin's eyes suddenly narrowed.

"Ahh… yeah… you go ahead and change… I'll go check on him," Matsumoto smiled, suddenly slipping through the door. Rin wasn't sure what was going on, and didn't really wish to stick around. She set the cloth down, and headed away, as being in the room of someone, who was in truth, complete strangers, felt odd.

She had gotten only so far away, when Matsumoto came hurrying up. "Ne, Rin-chan!"

"Ahh… Rangiku-san," the white haired girl turned, a smile on her face, only to find a phone thrusted towards her.

"Here… I'm sorry we made you feel uncomfortable like this. That wasn't either of our intention," the woman smiled, at which Rin blinked a couple of times, remembering that Hitsugaya Toshiro had in fact meant to make her feel uncomfortable. "I'll work on getting him so that he'll apologize. Oh, and I'll e-mail you basic kido spells! That way, you can learn them, before you come back. Take tomorrow off… enjoy yourself."

"Arrigotto," came the girl's reply, as she watched Matsumoto suddenly turn her head back in the direction she had come from, a worried look on her face. The busty woman then hurried off. Rin shook her head. "If he is so uncomfortable with touching females, what is up with your hugs."

She then began to head back towards the place that she had first entered, not at all sure, of what to do when she got to the entrance of the division. She shook her head, and then opened her phone. While she could read it, she didn't know how to use a lot of the features in it. Suddenly though, she heard a very familiar voice calling out to her. "Rin-chan!"

"Vi… Mikisaku sempai!" Rin gave the girl a smile, glad to see her.

"So, how did your first day go? Please tell me the little terror didn't make you wish to quit?" Victoria suddenly laughed. However, her face fell, when she got a good look at Rin's face. "What did he do this time?"

The younger female gave a weak smile. "It was Abarai, actually. I'd rather not talk about it."

"You have that look in your eyes, as if you don't want to come back?" Victoria stated, a worried look in her face. "Give it one more day."

"I won't be coming tomorrow," the girl stated firmly, not to mention her red eyes betrayed no emotion.

"So… you are quitting?" came the sighing reply.

"No… I unfortunately got told off by Matsumoto to take the day off," the girl stated, giving Victoria a rather confused look. "I'll use that to think over it."

"Can I ask, what did you think of Hitsugaya Toshiro?" her sempai suddenly asked.

"That he was, most defiantly, a spoiled little brat," came Rin's response, catching the other girl off guard.

Author's note -
~ Time – Well, it has been, what… about three months now. It is 4/29/2010. Right now, I am averaging out to updating this every three months. That… is slow my friends.
~ Sweeper – I was thinking, I got the term Sweeper from somewhere. It isn't exactly that original. I got it from Black Cat.
Hitsugaya Toshiro – Yup. He's had a mental break down. That means Rin's doing a poor job, on her very first day, right? Do they keep track of these in Sweepers permanent records?
~ OCs – I think the only character I've developed is Rin here. She said that Hitsugaya was her favorite character from Bleach, yet… her she's calling him at the end, "a spoiled little brat". Interesting.