The weeks passed, Ziva assimilated. Tony watched her like a hawk, making sure she was okay. One thing, however, continued to bother him. Her Star of David was gone. She looked different without it, not like herself. After a few weeks and not seeing it return to its place around her neck, Tony made a decision.

Ziva arrived to work in the morning to see Tony already sitting at his desk, typing away, although at what she didn't know. She glanced at him before looking at her desk. She was surprised to see a black velvet box sitting there, next to her keyboard. She looked up at Tony, who made it a point not to look at her. She put her stuff down on the filing cabinet and picked the box up and opened it. Inside, nestled in a bed of satin, was a gold Star of David necklace. She gasped quietly. Hers had been lost during her time as a captive, and she had missed it intensely. This one looked almost exactly the same. She felt tears come to her eyes and blinked them back quickly. This, to her, was a sign that Tony had truly forgiven her. He knew how much her necklace meant to her; she almost had never taken it off, unless their assignment called for it. She walked over to Tony's desk and stood next to him, waiting for him to look up. When he did, she spoke.

"Thank you, Tony," Ziva said, quietly, her appreciation clearly showing on her face. "Will you help me put it on?" Tony stood up and took the box from her hands and lifted the necklace out. She turned around, her back to him, and twisted her hair up out of the way and held in on the top of her head. Tony lifted his hands over her and put the necklace on, gently. The familiar weight of the Star settled on her chest, and she breathed deeply. She let her hair drop down around her face and she looked down, touching the necklace gently. She looked up at Tony, who was smiling as he watched her.

"You looked weird without it," he offered as an explanation. For the second time since she had returned home, she reached up and kissed him gently on the cheek.

"Thank you."