The sun is almost up, and Sakuya accompanies her mistress while she readies herself to go to sleep early.

Sakuya is distracted and continues to stare at the gate.

She is unable to hear her mistress' commands so, naturally, Remilia stomps angrily on the floor, startling Sakuya and getting her full attention.

Remilia glares angrily at Sakuya and shouts at her, but there's no sound.

Sakuya lowers her head apologetically and bows to Remilia, who takes the chance, and in the blink of an eye, she holds Sakuya's chin up with her claw.

Sakuya sweats, closes her eyes and speaks, but again, no sound is heard.

Remilia releases Sakuya, smiles and speaks as she walks toward her bed again, and again, no sound.

The atmosphere in the room turns dark blue and heavy as Sakuya leaves with a sad face.

Remilia smiles, flaps her wing, so Sakuya turns to face her mistress while still holding the doorknob. Remilia keeps her eyes closed while smiling elegantly, then says "you are worrying for nothing, Sakuya. You'll see."

Sakuya smiles as Remilia covers herself up and closes her eyes.

She bows her head and says "thank you, my lady" then quietly opens the door, heads outside, then closes it behind her.



Meiling stretches in bed, taking a deep breath and moaning contently as she gets up.

She looks outside through the only window in her bedroom and says "another beautiful day. Today I visit Makai... oh?" she notices there is something scribbled on the back of the letter she received from Rinnosuke.

She inspects it closely and reads "bring... light clothing and... swimwear. Oh, maybe they're taking me swimming."

Meiling comes out of her loom wearing a lazy-looking long green shirt with brown shorts that can barely be seen due to the length of the shirt, and underneath, a one-piece dark-green swimsuit.

She closes her door and notice Sakuya to her left, smiling as her.

Meiling smiles back and says "morning, miss Sakuya. How are you?"

Sakuya smiles, but lets a tear escape her left eye.

Meiling worries and asks "Sakuya, are you alright!?"

Sakuya realizes she's crying and quickly wipes the lone tear off and smiles while saying "oh, it's nothing! Come, I made your favorite breakfast this morning. I came to get you before it got too cold."

Meiling looks on worriedly to Sakuya, who gets a little annoyed and says "fine, if you don't want it..."

Meiling chuckles nervously and says "no, no. Please, I'll go straight to the table. Thank you very much Sakuya... but... are you sure you're alright?"

Sakuya smiles and says "of course I am! Now you go along. I understand you're going to Makai today, right?"

Meiling smiles and nods, then Sakuya says "don't forget to first head to the Hakurei Shrine."

Meiling salutes Sakuya, then follows her to the dinner table.


After breakfast, Sakuya accompanies Meiling to the door.

Meiling says "I'll probably be back by tonight. Seems I'll be in Makai all day, heh heh."

Sakuya smiles motherly and says "I wish I could go with you."

Meiling looks worriedly again at Sakuya and in a serious tone asks "Sakuya, are you really alright? You've been acting very strange today. Did someone hurt you? Because if they did...!"

Sakuya lightly shakes her head and gives Meiling a hug, startling her a little. After the hug, Meiling's face is very red.

Sakuya continues to smile motherly and says "please, take care and have as much fun as you can, alright?"

Meiling looks very confused at Sakuya, but smiles and says "ok, ok. I'll go have enough fun for the both of us."

Sakuya continues to smile motherly as she slowly closes the door as Meiling walks toward the gate.

Upon arriving at the gate, Meiling notices there's nobody there.

She looks around and says to herself "oh, there's nobody at the gate today? That's odd."

When she turns around again, right in front of her, pointing with her finger at Meiling's forehead is Reisen Udongein Inaba, the Moon Rabbit from Entei.

Reisen smiles and asks "surprised?"

Meiling trembles and nods as she says "uh-huh... y-yeah. I didn't even feel your presence."

Reisen smiles as she pulls away her hand and says "good. That means I'll be taking out any intruders with ease."

Meiling asks "so you're my replacement for today?"

Reisen giggles and says "yes. Master said she wanted me to earn some extra money, so I've been taking random jobs. Today I'll be this mansion's gate guard."

Meiling then asks "oh, and what was your job yesterday?"

Reisen blushes red and looks down as she says "it... was just a job... Th-they payed well."

Meiling replies "oh, that sounds nice. Well, I'm gonna get going now. Good luck today, I'll see you again later.!"

Meiling waves at Reisen as she flies away.

Reisen, still blushing a little, waves back and says to herself "*sigh* let's hope I don't embarrass myself like yesterday!"


Meiling arrives at the Hakurei Shrine, where various humans, youkai and demons are being lined up in groups by Suika and Mima.

Renko sits by a desk at the back of the shrine, giving tags to the humans, youkai and demons that are forming lines in groups in front of the desk.

Meiling looks around and says "wow... this place looks so busy. I wonder what's going on?"

She notices Mima, Suika and Renko wearing red and white shrine maiden outfits, Mima wearing her pointy blue hat as well, looking a little silly.

Mima waves a red and white flag and shouts "ok everyone, follow me, and remember, if you cause any trouble, Mima the Great will have to punish you~! *wink*"

Meiling wonders about the donation box and gets closer to look inside, but quickly realizes it's as empty as ever.

She shrugs and says "figures."

Maribel, who is also wearing a maiden's outfit, startles her by quietly standing beside her, then suddenly saying "welcome, you must be Meiling. How do you do? I'm Maribel Han!"

Meiling shakes after the surprise and chuckles nervously, but calms down after looking at Maribel and says "oh, miss Maribel. Ail told me about you."

Maribel quickly covers Meiling's mouth and whispers "please, don't mention his name! Miss Reimu is still a little touchy."

Meiling looks at her confused and asks "why? What happened?"

Maribel looks worried and as Suika takes her group, saying "remember, if you have sake with you, I'll have to confiscate it for security reasons."

Meiling sighs and says "can't you tell me about it?"

Maribel replies "I'll tell you on the way to Makai's gate."

As they start walking to the back of the gate, Renko is guiding her group out from the shrine.

Meiling looks curiously and asks "so what's going on here? And where is Reimu?"

Maribel, sounding both happy, and a little sad replies "oh, Reimu and Shinki made a deal recently... I don't fully understand, but it's big. Demons from Makai are coming here for some sight-seeing, and some youkai and humans also to join in. Right now, they are all headed to Byakuren's temple to take their ride on the Palanquin."

Meiling says "ooh" sounding surprised.

Maribel continues by saying "as for miss Reimu... All she's been doing lately is locking herself in her room, meditating... or so she says. We all know she's a little depressed."

Meiling curiously asks "and why is that?"

As they reach the lake behind the shrine, Maribel says "here's what happened..."


After arriving at the large gate to Makai Meiling sadly says "I wish I had known all this was happening. And you say it's been a week since they left?"

Maribel nods and says "miss Reimu took it really hard. We're trying to cheer her up, but all our attempts only make her feel worse. Even miss Aya failed. Oh, we're here!"

Meiling and Maribel finally realize they are at the gate to Makai.

Maribel says "please wait here for a second."

She quickly heads to Sara, the pink eyes, pink haired and re dressed guard of the gate, and talks with her.

Meiling looks at the gate and wonders what is like inside. She gets a little scared of it and backs away.

Maribel returns and says "ok, everything is ready now. You can go in."

Meiling looks at the smiling Maribel and shivers a bit, then asks "wh-what? In there? And why is this place so quiet? I though there would be more people here?"

Maribel scratches her chin, then says "well, the Makai sight-seeing group wanted to do something more special than just some sight-seeing, and you and three others are the first to go in for the ride. However, you came here a little late, so the others are already inside waiting for you."

Meiling nods, but continues to stare at the gate, looking a little scared.

Maribel sighs, smiles at Meiling, and says "ok, ok, I'll go in with you, how about that?"

Meiling smiles as though her life has just been saved, grabs Maribel and gives her a hug and says "yes please! Thank you so much!"

After being put back down and recovering from a daze, Maribel giggles and says "ok then. Let's go!"


At the other side of the gate, Meiling comes out first, shouting "that was so amazing!"

Maribel quickly follows in and says "isn't it? And there's no more danger of going in with me!"

She smiles angelically as Meiling's expressions changes to frightful shock.

Maribel points behind Meiling and says "miss Luize is here."

Meiling turns around and meets Luize, the smiling, narrow eyed well-behaved travel guide with blond hair under a hat, wearing a white dress.

Luize smiles widely and says "you must be miss Meiling. Welcome to Makai. We've been waiting for you for some times now. We thought you weren't coming. Maribel! How are you!?"

Maribel and Luize smile at each other, hug, then Maribel says "I'm well. A little busy though... how about you?"

Luize smiles back and says "been pretty busy as well, ever since we started with this sight-seeing idea. Oh, any word on..."

Maribel frowns and says "no, sorry... well I better get going now. Take care. Miss Meiling, please have fun!"

Meiling smiles, bows, then Maribel leaves.

Luize grabs Meiling by the shoulder, drags her with her while saying "well miss Meiling, let's go! The others are waiting anxiously!"

Meiling sweats and sighs, then says "sure, but can't I walk by myself?"


After a short walk, Luize, followed by Meiling, arrive to a clearing, where a metal-colored ship with a very large balloon attached to the top rests on the ground, while being buffed with dirty cloths by some ghoulish looking fairies.

One of the fairies gets close to Luize and says "all done!"

Luize smiles and says "good job. Looks so shiny. Thanks for your help!"

The fairy smiles then clears her throat. She extends her little arm and rubs her thumb and index finger.

Luize sight and pulls from one of her pockets a large cake in an elegant glass plate with a cover.

The fairies cheer and leave with the cake, humming happily.

Luize turns to Meiling and says "hard labor for minimal pay."

Meiling giggles nervously, but says nothing, Luize invites Meiling into the ship and says "well, shall we?"

Meiling nods and enters the ship.

Immediately inside, she is received by Keine, who wears a blue swimsuit with brown shorts, who says "Meiling, how are you!? So glad you could make it!"

Meiling sounds surprised and says "oh, miss teacher. How are you?"

Keine says "please, call me Keine. Come, Eirin and Mokou are anxious to meet you!"

Meiling looks confused as Keine pulls her farther into the ship until they reach the top-side of it.

Happily Keine drags Meiling to a light-violet haired girl and says "allow me to present my friend, Mokou Fujiwara!"

On the left side of the ship, resting against the rails is Mokou, who wears her usual burnt shirt and baggy red pants.

She lazily looks at Meiling and says "hey... what's up?"

Keine says "Mokou, this is miss Meiling, the gate guard from that mansion."

Uninterested, Mokou looks away and says "yeah... great."

Keine pulls Meiling closer and whispers "she's really shy. I'm trying to get her some more friends, but her shyness always takes the best of her."

Meiling stares blankly at Mokou and smiles, but Mokou just keeps looking away.

Keine pulls Meiling toward the silver-haired lunarian, Eirin, who wears a long white shirt on top of her red and dark-blue swimsuit.

She lies on the ground, reading a magazine while eating some rice cookies.

Keine says "Meiling, this is Eirin Yagokoro. I'm sure you two must have met already, right?"

Meiling smiles and chuckles nervously then says "um, yeah. Miss Eirin, how are you?"

Eirin smiles as she looks up and says "oh, it's the gate guard. You never came to your appointed checkup, miss Meiling."

Meiling's face turns white and says "er, yeah, about that... umm, I was guarding the gate, and umm, I couldn't leave. Yeah, that's it, heh heh."

Eirin continues to smile and in a sweet tone of voice, she says "well that's alright. I'll just go and visit you next time."

Meiling sweats, but doesn't respond.

Keine smiles and says "oh, see that? Now you can get into shape in no time!"

Meiling giggles nervously, but continues to keep quiet.


The moment of tension is broken when Luize, who is in a glass-covered cockpit, speaks through a microphone, saying "well ladies, let get this show on the air!"

The ship slowly lifts to the air. Mokou gets extremely nervous and clings tightly on to the rails.

Keine says to Meiling "oh, sorry. Seems Mokou needs me over there."

Meiling says "oh, please, don't mind me."

As Keine reaches Mokou, Luize says "don't worry about falling over! The ship has a magical barrier that prevent you from falling over. Isn't that nice?"

Once the ship reaches altitude, Luize says "welcome to Makai sight-seeing Tour. I am your host and captain, Luize, and I'll be pointing out any important landmarks for you. Our fist stop is the lake."

Upon arriving at the center of the lake, the ship stops and hovers, then Luize says "welcome to the lake. Marvel as our own Yuki and Mai entertain you with their new pet, the Goliath Eel..."

Nothing happens, then Luize says louder "the Goliath Eel!!"

Yuki, the blond fire witch, wearing a sexy black two-piece swimsuit flies on to the ship.

She looks around and says "aww~! I though there would be some cute boys here. And I even picked my sexiest outfit too!"

Luize says "pardon me for a moment, ladies!"

She heads to Yuki and asks "Yuki~ What's happening? I though you said You guys were ready!"

Yuki blushes and says "about that, err. We had some problems and..."

From below, an eel, 10 times larger than the ship, jumps out of the water with Mai, the light-blue haired ice witch with the angel wings, wearing a white swimsuit, in it's mouth.

As it twirls in the air, causing various "oohs" and "aahs" from Meiling and Keine, Mai shouts "Yuki~~! HE~LP! Tell your pet to let me go, NOW!"

Yuki says "aww~ He just likes you so much."

As the colossal creature plunges back into the water, Mai shouts "YukiYukiYuki Yuki~~~!" then a large and loud splash gets everyone in the ship wet from head to toes.

Meiling and Keine are stopped from falling over thanks to the magical barrier, but after they fall back down they excitedly shout at the same time "WOW~! Do it again!"

Yuki smiles widely and says "and that was out pet, Ouki, the giant eel~! Yay~!"

The water underneath turns to ice and Mai flies toward the ship, looking furious.

Yuki says "whoops.. well it's time for me to go.

See you next time... bring friends, and if they're boys, give me their numbers, hahahaha!"

Just as Yuki laughs, Mai grabs her and pulls her outside, shouting "you're gonna GET IT!"

Yuki replies" aww, come on! It was just a bit of fun!"

Luize gets back into the cockpit and says "alright then, moving along. Next stop is Pandemonium."

As the ship flies away, Eirin, Meiling, Mokou and Keine all stare dreamily toward the battle between Yuki and Mai, which looked like a beautiful display of red and white fireworks in the sky.


Farther away the battle can still be seen as the ship lowers and lands on the lake, next to a brand-new bridge that heads toward the large palace, Pandemonium, where Shinki lives.

Luize is completely dry again and turns to the still wet girls and says "well ladies, welcome to Pandemonium. Please follow me at all times and don't touch anything while in the palace. Now, follow me, please!"

They quickly arrive at the large palace and notice that everything looks like glass inside.

Meiling admires various of the adornments and thinks "wow, this place looks like our mansion if it were made of glass."

Luize says "please keep up everyone!"

Meiling realizes she got separated from the group, so she rushes to catch up.

Luize continues the tour, pointing out certain adornments as ancient artworks, and constantly pointing out that is was their lady Shinki who created Makai.

She takes them to one of the deepest halls in the palace and says "and this is where Yumeko fought against the e--- umm, against Reimu, during that BIG misunderstanding during the shrine maiden's first visit. Further ahead lies the place where our brave and powerful lady Shinki fought with Reimu and her friends, however the area is beyond repairs, so we can't go there. Sorry."

Eirin looks around and says to Meiling "this place is quite amazing."

Meiling nods as Eirin says "and so many strange specimens. Can't wait to capture a few and do some tests. Oh, I wonder what kind of medicines can be found here?"

Meiling turns to face Eirin in disbelief, but prefers to say nothing.

Shortly after heading back outside, Shinki and Yumeko bump into the group.

At first there is an awkward silence as Shinki didn't expect to bump into them, but Luize quickly breaks the silence, saying "this is our beloved goddess, Shinki! Please, say hi to my lady"

Shinki awkwardly smiles while blushing and says "my, I wasn't expecting this. How do you all do?"

Yumeko stares at them quietly, but Shinki says "Yumeko, please present yourself"

Yumeko bows gracefully and says "how do you do? My name is Yumeko, and if anyone of you dare break any rules, I'll be breaking your bones!"

Shinki reprehensibly says "Yumeko, that's no way to speak to our guests."

Yumeko bows apologetically and says "I'm sorry my lady!"

Shinki chuckles nervously, smiles and says "please, apologize to our guests too."

Yumeko turns to them and says "... I'm sorry everyone."

Meiling is unable to shake the awkward feeling after that threat, however, it seems as though the other three don't mind at all, so Meiling relaxes and bows back.

Luize then says "oh, please excuse us, there is still some other places to see!"

Shinki smiles and says "please, don't mind us. Enjoy your visit!"


The tour continues on, taking the girls all around Makai, seeing restored sights, as well as destroyed areas.

Luize comments on these areas, saying "sorry ladies. These areas are still undergoing repairs and will take time to do so. Even with her power, our lady Shinki can only do so much."

During the tour, Eirin uses Meiling to cause a distraction by breaking one of the barriers and causing her to fall off, and then capture various Makai specimens for her tests, hiding them all somehow in her top.

After dealing with Meiling, who sits trembling next to Keine and Mokou and as far away from the smiling Eirin as she can, Luize announces "these are the borders of Houkai. Ooh~ a very mysterious and dangerous place where dangerous creatures are sealed in. We can't go in there, so let's turn around."

Meiling looks on and something in there takes her full attention, however her attention is diverted when they all realized Yuki and Mai are still fighting, illuminating the darkening skies with their fire and ice spells as they clash against each other.

As they watch, they all get wet by a splash of water the comes out of nowhere. Even Luize has no clue how did that happen.

The ship finally reaches the spot in which the tour began and gently lands back on the ground.

A little while after, Luize is followed by Eirin, Mokou, Keine, and last, Meiling, who closes the ship's base door after exiting.

Luize guides them to the gate and says "I truly hope you all enjoyed the visit, and do hope you will come back in the future. Now, miss Eirin, I'm gonna need those back."

Eirin looks innocently and asks "need what back? I have nothing."

Luize manages to grab Eirin by her ankles and turns her upside down without affecting her shirt at all.

From her top, 5 large glass vials and some bottles, all containing creatures and fairies from Makai, fall and break upon impacting the ground.

Luize smiles as she places Eirin back on the ground and says "thank you very much."

Eirin gets depressed and says "aww, I wanted to run so many tests... oh well."

After the others enter the gate, Meiling is stopped by Luize who tells her "miss Meiling, a word."

Meiling looks at her curiously as she says "life may seem unfair and hard, and it IS quite unexpected, but remember that you have a good life. Don't let it go for anything in this world, ok?"

Meiling continues to stare at her curiously, but nods and says "th...thanks. I'll remember it."


While flying to the village, Eirin smiles and pulls a large bottle from behind her and says "at least I managed to save you, my lovely specimen. Maybe thanks to you, I'll find new medicines! Maybe something even better."

Inside the bottle, a large eyeball with green wings and a tail sweats as Eirin smiles sweetly at it through the glass bottle.

Meiling and Keine stare at her curiously and notice that Eirin's swimsuit is actually a two piece.

Both are quite shocked and Meiling asks "how were you hiding so much under so little!? And where were you keeping that last one!?"

Eirin smiles at them, sending shivers down their spines, and says "that... is a s-e-c-r-e-t! *giggle*"

This time, even Mokou shivers and says "I'm so glad she's not after me."

Eirin then says "well, not anymore. I finally got a good amount of blood from you. Thanks!"

Eirin flies away toward the Bamboo Forest with Mokou angrily shouting and trailing after her "how the hell did you do that!? HEY COME BACK HERE!"

Keine looks at Meiling, sighs and says "I better go calm her down. You take care Meiling."

Meiling smiles back and says "you too. Umm... could... you come visit me at the gate sometime?"

Keine smiles and says "of course. See you then."

Meiling smiles, nods, then both head their own ways.


Arriving to the SDM's gate at night, Meiling quickly spots Reisen hanging upside-down from a tree and calling for help.

Meiling quickly cuts her free with a quick chop and helps her up asking "are you alright? Who did this to you!?"

Reisen takes a few breaths and says "that cheating witch. I kicked her out of here earlier and then she came back with Tewi later. She set so many traps, I was overwhelmed."

Meiling smiles and says "well, you better go in and get you payment."

Reisen sighs and says "I already did... I was heading home when I got trapped there."

Meiling sweats and tries to smile, but she's not sure if that would be appropriate.

Reisen gasps and says "oh yes, I forgot! Remilia asked me to tell you of I saw you that you must go to the main hall immediately after arriving."

Meiling smiles and thanks Reisen, but a sudden chill crawls up her legs and trails all over her body, reaching to her neck, making her heart beat hard and fast.

Reisen looks at Meiling and asks "are you alright? You look a little pale."

Meiling says "oh, it's probably nothing. Well, I better... go inside."

Reisen watches as Meiling enters the mansion, shaking as she did.

Right before closing the door she looks at Reisen, fakes a smile and says "thank you for everything. See... see you later."


Again, Meiling heads to the main hall feeling terrified and opens the door.

This time, only Remilia awaits her.

The moment Meiling closes the door, Remilia says "lock the door."

The second that lock clicks Remilia says "you may not remember this, Meiling Hong, but you and I once battled each other. You surprised me by matching my own power, but in the end I won."

Meiling trembles while standing and asks "wh-wh-what are you...?"

Remilia gets up from her chair and says "prove to me you are STILL worthy to SERVE ME, MEILING HONG!!!"

Like a flash, Remilia strikes Meiling, sending her back against many ornaments, breaking them all with the gate guard's body.

Meiling kneels and holds her abdomen. She coughs some blood and says "my... my lady, no. I would never fight you! I-it's not honorable!"

Remilia striker her again, sending her against the wall, cracking it upon impact and says "fight me and prove your worth! Fight... or die!"

Before Meiling is able to recover, Remilia grabs her by the back of her shirt and spins her around.

While this happens, Meiling remembers what Luize told her just a few hours before.

She starts to remember her life in the mansion, and how she swore her life to Remilia.

She thinks "what should I do? She commands me to fight her, but in doing so, I'm breaking my pledge to her... what should I do?"

Remilia laughs as she lets go of Meiling's shirt, sending get across to the other side of the room, making her crash her face against some lamps and glass ornaments, cutting her in various parts of her face.

She lands face-down on the floor and thinks about Sakuya, Patchouli, Koakuma and Flandre.

She feels betrayed by them for not telling her anything about this, but then... she remember Sakuya, who looked so sad toward her.

Patchouli, who didn't even get mad at her for unknowingly destroying her creations, and Flandre... what could she have known?

Again, Luize's words reach her, then she remembers her life with them.

Remilia asks her "are you gonna fight, or WHAT!?"

Meiling gets up, stands firm, takes off the long green shirt and uses it to clean the blood off her face, then stances ready and says "for you, my lady, and for all my friends here, I will prove my worth!"


Meiling waves her fingers at Remilia, as in welcoming her to attack.

Remilia smiles wickedly and heads straight toward Meiling, like a flash.

Meiling closes her eyes and spin-kicks Remilia just as she is inches away.

Remilia gets up from the floor, looking angrily at Meiling, rubs her cheek and says "that's more like it."

She rushes toward Meiling again and tries to get her off guard by veering to the right at the last second and trying to grab her from behind, however the soft fabric of Meiling's swimsuit makes Remilia's fingers slip, giving Meiling a chance to counter attack with an uppercut that barely misses.

Remilia starts to move around so fast, Meiling is barely able to keep up, but every time Remilia tries and attack, Meiling protects herself with ease.

After one last failed attempt, Remilia backs away, smiles and says "I will use ONLY one spell card this time. If you can survive it, you will have proven your worth."

Remilia pulls out five spell cards in one hand and rushes to Meiling, who breathes deeply as she moves her body slowly, stancing elegantly in a defensive manner.

Just as Remilia gets close, she veers to the left and flies just above Meiling and shouts "Scarlet Devil - Scarlet Devil! Amplified by 5!"

All five cards glow scarlet and Meiling watches in horror as the thick beam of bright scarlet light heads her way.

She clenches her teeth as she joins her wrists together and bends her hands back and unleashes a wave, using her energy to keep Remilia's amplified spell away.

The strain is too much and Meiling feels her hands getting burned.

She screams at the top of her lungs and a bright flash of light illuminates the entire mansion from inside.


Everything is quiet inside the room.

Sakuya, Patchouli, Koakuma and Flandre all stand outside, pressing their ears against the door.

From inside Remilia says "it's alright! The fight is over!"

Sakuya quickly opens the door with her key, and upon entering, all immediately notice Meiling lying on Remilia's lap as her mistress brushes her hair with her hands.

Remilia smiles at Sakuya and the others, then turns to Meiling who weakly asks "did I prove myself.... my lady?"

Remilia says "well of course. I wouldn't expect any less from you, Meiling."

Sakuya sighs with relief as Flandre cheers and heads straight toward Remilia and Meiling.

Patchouli places her hand on her chest, trying to hide her relief, as Koakuma just stands and smiles at her mistress.



Meiling stands proudly, guarding the gate of her mistress' mansion, smiling and bursting with confidence.

Having proved herself to her mistress has somehow lifted her spirits even more.

Refreshed, she stares at Marisa, who heads straight toward the gate with a smile.

She looks back at Meiling and says "oy, you're back at the gate, eh?"

Meiling smiles and says "yes. And if you want to get through, you'll have to beat me."

Marisa smiles and says "one spell?"

Meiling smirks and says "that should be more than enough to deal with you."

Marisa chuckles, pulls out her Hakkero and shouts "Perverse Love - Easy-Harvest Master Spark"

At the same time, Meiling pulls a spell card and shouts "Chi Sign - Heaven and Earth Dragon Kick"

Again, both spells collide with great force, knocking both Marisa and Meiling at the gate.

Hina flies by, spinning, and as she passes by she says "that's so unfortunate."


Meiling's 3 Day Vacation THE END

Characters and scenario belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Ail was created by Willie G.R.

OCT 4 2009

written by

Willie G.R.