Title: Proof of Absence

Summary: Hearts and emotions are fickle things; few things console the heartless seeking the unattainable. Organization XIII drabbles.

Rating: K

Pairings: None.

Author's Notes: I'm attempting an ambitious project: fifty chapters, fifty drabbles focused solely on the Organization. Each chapter will be a hundred words. Words will be random. I know some people like to plan the words for each drabble, but the words I selected are completely random; I think that the story will be more genuine that way. So, without any further ado, here it is. Please read and review—I'd appreciate it.



Axel's gloved hands juggle a piece of balled-up paper. Mischief is on his mind; his emerald eyes and slanted smile reflect it.

No one is able to pick his brain—not even Xemnas. And their ignorance thrills him. It… inspires him.

Axel loves playing games; the castle has provided him with suitable players. He whispers lies in their ears. He plants doubt in their fragile minds. He feeds them false smiles. And they latch onto it—like moths to flames.

Axel blows on the piece of paper; it erupts into flames. His fist smothers it completely.

His amusement fuels him.