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"Now you be a good boy for granny, baby." I cooed into the pram at my baby boy.

"I'm sure he'll be a little gem for me." My mom looked at the sleeping baby in the pram and smiled. "Are you sure you don't want to come to the park for a walk too Charlie?" My mom asked.

"Nuh, football's about to start." Charlie pointed his beer can towards the large screen where the announcers were talking about the game about to begin.

"Men." My mom looked at me shaking her head but smiling none the less.

Charlie had moved in with my mom for over a year now and had instantly fit into our family. Seth shrugged his shoulders and carried on eating his dinner when mom announced that he was moving in with us. I on the other hand struggled a little more with the new arrangement. I had always had some what of a crush on Charlie, there was just something about that damned moustache and even the uniform on him.

"Go on Charlie." I urged not wanting to be left alone with him.

"Nuh." He spoke without taking his eyes off the screen.

"Okay, well the two of us are off for a walk, don't expect us back for a while." She shouted as she pushed the stroller out the front door.

"Have fun!" I waved from the door and watched the round the corner and leave my sight.

Moving back into the house and closing the door heading up to my room. I stuck my head into the lounge telling Charlie I was heading into my room to catch up on some college work for a while. I got a grunt in response and wave of his hand.

I could hear shouts coming from downstairs so I could guess Charlie's team weren't doing as well as he had hoped they would. I heard my come and go shouting she was taking Jamie away to the store with her and would be back with dinner later.

When I finally finished my coursework I stretched my stiff neck and couldn't believe how much time had passed. I had been studying for over 2 hours. Feeling a shiver of cold I pulled a cropped sweater over my top and headed downstairs to warm up.

"Game finished?" I asked Charlie as I slumped down into the couch beside him.

"Should have been an easy win but they had to go fuck it up!" He spat out angrily.

"Never mind." I patted his leg.

He turned to me with slightly hazy eyes probably from the beer cans sitting on the table beside him. His gaze travelled down my body making me feeling self conscious.

"You cold?" He asked clearing his throat.

"A little." I frowned and followed his gaze to my chest seeing my nipples through the fabric of my sweater. The heat crept up to my face as I went to cover my chest up.

"Don't." He grasped my hand that was resting on his thigh. I gazed up to see his eyes burning with intensity as he looked at me. "Beauty should never be covered up." He spoke quietly.

"Okay." I breathed back feeling my heat race suddenly feeling his hot hand on top of mine. The way his eyes looked at me, my body, made me feel like an attractive woman again. After having Jamie and breaking things off with his father I had felt ugly and unattractive to men.

"Charlie, do you find me attractive?" I asked cautiously looking up at him.

"More than I should." He nodded.

His words gave me the boost I need as I gripped his thigh gently and moved it further up his leg to his crotch. His hand dropped to his side as he looked at me.

"I've always had a thing for you too." I confessed and smiled sinfully at him as I moved to my knees so I was in front of him and placed my other had on the opposite thigh moving them both up to the bulge between his legs. I ran a finger down the cool metal zipper of his jeans loving his reaction as he lay his head back closing his eyes.

"Take it out Leah." He instructed and I happily obliged.

"Can I suck it?" I asked smiling up at him as I fingered the head of his cock spreading the liquid around the purple tip.

He didn't answered instead he grabbed my head and brought it down to his cock. I happily took him into my mouth not managing to take him all in. He groaned out as he hit the back of my throat fisting my hair.

"Fuck baby, suck me like a ice pop." He groaned and rocked his hips up and pushing my head down.

I bobbed my head sucking him hard and fast as he grunted gruffly tightening on the hold in my hair.

"Fuck me you give good head, Sue can't suck me like you can." He grunted. "I'm about the cum." He groaned out.

I pulled out the way up his shaft till only the head of his cock was in my mouth and I ran my tongue down the slit tasting him and moaning out as I rocked my own hips. I grazed my teeth over the sensitive making his cock twitch as I felt him tense and plunged my mouth down on his shaft as he ejaculated, filling my mouth with his hot seed.

"Swallow me." He growled out as he fucked my mouth, still continuing when his cock had gone soft in me.

Once he stopped rocking I let his floppy cock drop from my lips and slap down onto the leather couch.

Hope you liked.