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I had gone upstairs after that and masturbated until I was slick with sweat and panting like a fat man running a marathon. I quickly ran to the bathroom as fast as my jelly legs would take me when I heard mom come in the door with Jamie in tow.

After washing a dressing I skipped downstairs to see Jamie waiting for me at the bottom the stairs grabbing hold of the bars on the stair gate and rattling them when he saw me.

"Hey baby!" I smiled and picked him up kissing every possible inch of his face as he giggled and wormed in my arms.

"Pizza Lee!" My mom shouted from the kitchen as I walked through finding myself famished.

"I hope there's mushroom left for me?" I glared at my brother and Jacob who were sitting at the table already stuffing their faces.

"Sorry." They both mumbled but managed to smile through their mouthfuls of pizza.

"You can have mine Leah." I turned to see Charlie offering me a slice off his plate.

"No it's fine." I brushed it off not looking at him.

"I know it's your favourite." He persisted putting it on a plate and handing it to me as he passed through.

"Thanks." I muttered.

"Plus I owe you." He whispered as he passed me. My head shot up and looked around to see everyone was obliviously to his last sentence and I blushed furiously as he chuckled and left the room.

The rest of the night passed without any other interaction between the two of us mostly because I avoided going anywhere near him out of fear of blushing and someone becoming curious.

I finally climbed into bed, settling Jamie after his first fed of the night and was asleep before my head properly it the pillow. It felt like I had only been asleep a few minutes when Jamie's cries woke me up. Groaning and fumbling around until I reached the crib and pulled him out and onto my lap, I pulled down the strap on my tank top and Jamie instantly latched on.

I walked down the stair to get myself a drink of water when I noticed the faint light of the TV still on in the lounge. I walked in to see Charlie sound asleep on the couch, lying flat on his back, mouth wide open and snoring gently. I smiled at the sight and walked over to pull the throw on the back of the couch over him.

"Huh." He woke as I dropped the throw over him. "Leah?" He asked groggily.

"Hey Charlie, just thought you might get cold." I blushed and thanked God it was dim in the room.

"What's wrong?" He asked frowning. "Why you downstairs?"

"I was feeding Jamie and came down to get some water." I looked down to see Jamie had fallen back into a sound sleep leaving my breast out and I tucked back into my top.

"You know . . I'm kinda thirsty too."

"I'll get you some water too."

"No, I think I would rather some milk." He eyed my chest and licked his lips.

"Oh, oh!" I squeaked a little shocked at what he said and turned on at the same time. "Well give me a minute." I turned and put Jamie down into his playpen in the corner of the room and went back to Charlie. "Lift your head." I sat down letting his head fall back onto my lap as he gazed up at me.

I ran my hand though his thick hair. I had the urge to push his face into my pussy wanting him there but that would come later. I shrugged the strap off my shoulder letting the material slip down my arm and pulled the fabric down to expose my breast.

Charlie groaned as I let the flesh drop into front of his face the dark tipped already pointed and ready for him.

"You hungry daddy?" I cooed rubbing his head affectionately as he nodded vigorously.

"Let mommy feed you then." I lifted his head up and guided the nipple into his mouth as he latched on sucking the sensitive tip into his mouth hungrily making me moan and gasp at the slight pain he caused.

I gasped out repeatedly as he noisily sucked down the milk I produced. Listening to the hungry gulps he swallowed as he groaned and moved so he was closed to me.

"What a hungry little man." I breathed out pushing his head closer to me.

"So sweet." He mumbled around my nipple. He moved so he was sitting up and I spread my legs so he could sit between me as I rocked my hips into the air.

"You want my cock Leah?" He asked as I nodded and moaned trying to pull down my shorts as he fumbled with his zipper.

"I want to drink from you as I fuck you Leah, does that make you wet baby, make you want to fuck me too?"

"Yes." I gasped out as he teased my entrance with his hot cock. "Oh fuck me Daddy."

He groaned loudly as I pushed forward impaling myself with his cock. I hummed in pleasure as we rocked back and forth on the couch.

"Talk dirty to me Leah." He grunted out as he fucked me harder and faster pulling at my nipple as withdrew then rammed back into me.

"Fuck me hard daddy, fuck me so hard I can't walk and suck my titties till they're dry." I moaned out as he rammed into me faster and faster grunting harder with the effort. I bet mommy doesn't make you feel this good daddy, bet she can't get you off like I can."

"Oh Leah, I can't . . Jesus." He gritted out around my nipple as he seized up and bit down on my nipple causing me to yelp and orgasm simultaneously as he growled into my breast nipping at my sensitive nipple.

He collapsed onto me panting his hot breath on my chest and fumbling with putting his cock back into his pants.

"You full up now daddy?" I asked breathlessly as he nodded against me.

"Yeah but have a feeling my might be hungry for the other nipple tomorrow night."