It's been a while. I forgot about this journal, to be completely honest. We've been so effing busy I barely have time to wipe my own arse. We are still being hit hard by the little school shits, so we've been interviewing people to help pick up the slack. Everyone we've interviewed so far blows.

You'll never guess who came into the shop the other day...Luna Lovegood! I forgot she existed! She is so out there but something about her being around just cheers me up. Maybe I like having people around who I know are crazier than me? Yeah that's probably it actually. She doesn't even buy anything, just comes in and looks at a few things, talks to us for a bit, then leaves. She's come in the past 3 days. There are only so many products she can look at. I'm sure she will have looked at our entire inventory by the end of the week. Oh look, here she comes now…with something in a bag….uh oh.



Luna still comes every day, but she hasn't come today and we are closing in 10 minutes. Ron's not working today… maybe she only comes in to see him because she fancies him. Better not let Granger find out…she might punch those eyes right back into her head. Now Luna has taken to bringing us lunch. It's always something fucking weird and most of the time I have no idea what it is, but it's always good so I won't complain. It's probably a roasted crumply wumply whatsit face thinger. Fuck I don't know…she talks about such weird shit I get it all mixed up.


Ron dragged me out to a pub last night because he was moody (what else is new) and wanted someone to drink with. Harry is away doing super special Auror training bullshit so I suppose I'm his substitute until he gets back. Lucky me.

Anyway, ickle Ronnikins had far too much to drink (so did I but that's beside the point) so I tried to take him home and he punched me in the nose. Fucker. I finally got him home and Granger was there looking like someone pissed in her cereal. She fixed my nose, slapped both of us in the face, and left. Needless to say he is even more moody on top of being hungover at work today. If I was nice I would let him go home. Being nice is overrated. Luna drew a funny picture of him today and he wasn't amused. I still don't know why she visits so often but I have to admit she is really growing on me.


I busted up all the mirrors in the flat with my fist. Looking back I could have just used my wand and it would have saved me a trip to St. Mungos (and a lot of fussing over me by mum). I was getting tired of the mirrors reminding me that there is a piece of me missing, and I don't mean my stupid ear.


I wonder if I will ever be able to get to sleep without taking 5 shots of firewhisky first. I've done this every night since you left.



Why aren't you here to talk sense into me? If you were here you would say, "Stop thinking about that Loony girl and go out and find yourself a normal bird." Ginny is already talking about kicking my arse if I 'fuck over her friend'. Is my reputation that bad? Remember how hacked off she got when we asked her about her boyfriends a few years ago, and now she thinks she can pry into my business. Hypocrite. Besides, Luna is just a friend, she's good for a laugh, that's all. Right?


Note to self: knock when you come into your own flat lest you be greeted by the site of your brother and his girlfriend bare ass naked fucking on your couch. Oh and surprisingly, Granger has nice tits. That is all.


Dear bro,

It's been 2 days and the happy couple still won't look me in the eye. It's quite amusing really. I think she is more embarrassed than he is (I did see a lot more of her than him, thankfully, though it was almost like seeing your sister's tits. No matter how nice they are you can't store them in your wank bank…that would be creepy).

In other news, I snogged Luna in the store room. She was helping me design the packaging for some new products and well, oops. Our new employee (some bird named Audrey) walked in and ruined the moment but I guess that's a good thing. I know my ear is up there with you, so please grab it and talk some sense into me will ya? I can't get her out of my head. Maybe I should floo Angie, she's a nice distraction….


Another note to self: hot shag with Angie was nice, but my mind is still in other strange places. Find new distraction and fast. The one that I need a distraction from came by today and acted like nothing had happened yesterday, but I acted like a buffoon tripping over my words and making really lame jokes. Ugh what is wrong with me?