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*Link's POV*

My irritating alarm went off at 6:45 a.m.; an obvious sign that my summer was over. It was time to finally start high school as a

freshmen. Oh joy...the wonderful day that would start my torture for the next four years was finally here...and I wanted no part of it. Instead

of waking up and greeting the day cheerfully as I always did, I turned the acursed thing off and then rolled over to continue my peaceful

dreams in La La Land.


I groaned loudly and covered my head with my pillow as I heard my older sister, Zelda shouting at my bedroom door for me to get up.

"....Go away, Zelda..." I said quietly, but loud enough for her to hear. "Link, come on! Today's your first day of high school, aren't you

excited?" She asked as she gave herself permission to come in and start shaking me. "Noooo, I'm not. I just want to go back to sle-GAH! Get

off, Zelda!" I said, wide awake as soon as she sat on my back. She may be small, but she weighs more than she looks. "I'm not moving until

you get up." she said cheerfully and I just gave in, sitting up and throwing her off me in the process with a heavy sigh. "Alright, I'm up.

Happy?" I asked irritatedly as she stood and then nodded. "Yup! Now hurry and get ready! I can't wait to walk in through the door on your

first day!" she said and then with a flip of her long blonde hair, she skipped out of my room. 'Oh much for sleep. Let the first day of

Hell start now.' I thought and then began my new morning ritual of washing myself, getting dressed, and eating breakfast.


'Ugh....where does she get all that energy?' I thought to myself as I walked groggily next to my sister who was skipping and talking non-

stop. "Oh Link! I can't wait for you to meet all of my friends! They're going to love you! Oh, and there are a few people you need to watch

out for. I'll point them out during lunch, so don't worry about that. Now don't be scared; the upperclassmen are a lot nicer to freshmen than

they used to be, but they'll still look down on your inferiority." she said as we walked into the school. I'd only been in the building for ten

seconds and I was already being glared and scoffed at. '...Great....I'm meeting her friends, getting to know the bullies, and being looked down on

by upperclassmen all in one day. I must be the luckiest boy in the world...'

"Okay baby brother, this is your homeroom. Make me proud!" She said and then giggled, skipping off down the hall as I watched.

"...I'll never figure out where she gets that energy." I muttered to myself and then turned to walk into homeroom when I bumped into

someone. "Sorry." I muttered and then looked up at a tall, sexy, yet odd looking guy. He had this purple tint to his skin, lavender hair, and

piercing red eyes ...and under those eyes were two black tattoos. Those red eyes stared down at me blankly as he opened his mouth to speak.

"Watch where you're going, freshman." He said in a silky smooth voice that had a dark edge to it. He reached up and flicked me in the

forehead, walking away with a chuckle...or did he giggle? I just blinked myself back into reality and walked into homeroom, and for reasons

that I don't understand my thoughts constantly went back to the tall purple boy.



It wasn't exactly hard to pick out Zelda when she was waving her arms and shouting like a lunatic. My eyes rolled and I just silently

walked over to her and a group of other kids while ignoring all of the snickers that came from upperclassmen...and probably some fellow

fresmen. I sat next to Zelda who introduced me to her friends. "Link, this is Saria, Ilia, Anju, and her boyfriend, Kafei." she said, pointing to

each of them. I stared blankly and then gave them all a gentle wave as Anju squealed. "Ohhh...he's just so adorable, Zelda! You two look so

much like each other too." She said as Ilia nodded with a smile in agreement. "Yeah! I know!" Zelda said, giving me a hug. 'Oh great...I should

probably start acting like I'm happy to be here...' I thought with a frown as I noticed the purple-skinned guy staring at me from across the


He had this wierd, creepy smirk on his face as he watched me, just staring at me with those creepy red eyes. I blinked and then

turned my attention back to Zelda who had started to talk. "Okay Link, I promised to point out all of the bullies fo you. Now, there are

really only two guys that you've got to watch out for and they're right over there!" She said and then pointed out the purple-skinned wierdo

now sitting with a tall, muscular guy with greenish skin and orange hair. "Those two are Ganondorf and Vaati. They're bad news for

everybody, especially the freshmen. They single out one freshman every year and pull a vicious prank on them and it ends with someone

getting put in the hospital, emotionally damaged and scared for life, or in need of psychiatric help. So, I want you to steer clear of them,

alright?" She said, looking serious for the first time today. I looked over at Vaati who looked so harmless at the moment, just sitting there

and chatting with his friend, then at my sister's serious face and nodded. "Okay, Zel." I said and she did my least favorite thing ever: she

ruffled my already messy hair. "Okay baby brother!" she said cheerfully and started chatting with Saria.

I gave a frown and then took another look at Vaati; he was watching me again with that smirk. I saw his creepy friend, Ganondorf,

turn around after we had stared at each other for a full minute and give me a cold glare. I flinched visibly and then looked down, munching

on my food and wishing that I could just disappear at this moment. "Oh, looks like lunch is over. see you after school Linky!" Zelda said and

then skipped off to class. I sighed and then headed for the door to make my way to my next class. 'Godesses...just kill me now...'


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