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*Normal POV*

Vaati sighed for what had to be the….well he had no idea how many times he'd sighed today. He'd lost count about an hour after he entered Link's room…and he still hadn't quite decided to leave yet. How long had it been since the boy who'd once occupied this room graced it with his presence? Far too long for the purple-skinned male seated on the floor and taking in the remaining essence of the young teen who had been missing for nearly a month now.

Ganon stopped coming to school; Vaati assumed that he dropped out after being told off in the way that he was. He hadn't seen him there since the day he'd been given the ultimatum that ensured he'd never see the small blond and his smile again. To hell with him then if he didn't want to face what he'd caused. All he really cared about was getting Link back where he belonged, but there was absolutely nothing he could do to make it so. 'Will I ever get the chance to tell him…..?' The purple teen thought and then turned to look on Link's dresser where, sitting there glinting cheerfully, was the very necklace Vaati had given him. "Heh….didn't want to wear it that day?" He asked himself and turned his gaze down to his lap as he fought back tears.

Was he crying because he missed him? He didn't know at this point, but it really seemed like a good way to relieve some of the stress he'd been carrying around. He'd been assigned to a group in Chemistry….but it just felt lonely when the person he wanted to be there sitting next to him the most wouldn't be just wasn't the same, but he certainly kept working hard. It was the least he could do to make Link proud of him; he would have wanted it that way.

Speaking or thinking of working hard, he probably should begin doing his homework…but the room just seemed to keep calling out to him and who was he to ignore it and leave? Then again he could always….yes. Nodding, he got up and left for a few minutes only to come back with his bag of schoolbooks. If he couldn't leave to do his work, then he may as well bring it to the place he was drawn to.

It was no use….he just couldn't concentrate no matter what he did. Not even working in his room helped to at least numb the pain a little. Sighing in defeat, he stood and began wandering around the room in an absentminded fashion, looking around at Link's belongings. There wasn't even the thinnest layer of dust as Vaati himself made sure to clean the room at least once a week so it would be ready for the blond's return…but after a month of waiting, there seemed to be no point to it. Fixing a pillow that really didn't need it, he sat quietly on the bed and let out yet another sigh.

Why was he here feeling sorry for himself when Link was out there and more than likely needed him? Finding the young boy was probably a lost cause to some people, but he'd be damned if he would start thinking the way they did. Smith, although he was quite elderly, seemed to have lost his inner strength and was looking more worn as the days passed. Even Zelda, the most irritatingly protective of her brother, was looking hopeless. Link was always a quiet thing, but it seemed as if the life had flown out of the house along with him. Vaati felt as if he was the only person in the house who was still holding out for him to come back.

Standing, he made his way over to the dresser and picked up the fairy necklace. He stood there, staring at it in a contemplative manner as he slowly came to a decision. 'Link has to still be out there somewhere….so I know he'll come back soon….he just has to. Even if you give up on yourself, Fairy Boy, I'll still search and wait for you for as long as it takes…' He thought to himself and pocketed the necklace before returning to his work.


Shivering, he hugged himself to at least have an illusion of warmth as he curled up on the bed. How long had he been trapped in this cold, dark room? He didn't know; he couldn't even tell himself what time or day it was for goodness sake! All he knew was that he wanted to go home to his grandpa, and Zelda….and especially Vaati. 'Please someone find me….I can't take it here anymore…' He thought sorrowfully and looked towards the door when he heard movement. At least his captor provided him with a hot meal, even if it came through a doggy door.

Retrieving the food, he ate ravenously, not caring if they'd done something to it as long as he got to eat. All he could do when it was done was stare at the empty plate silently. What now? He would wait until it was time to eat again and then he would end up staring at that empty plate too. "Should I give up on being found…?" He quietly asked himself and nearly jumped two feet in the air when he heard the door to the room open with a bang.

There stood his captor, though he had his face covered, with his hands held behind his back. "Oh yes….I do think giving up on that foolish dream would suit you best as you won't be going back there…in fact…I think it best that you forget about it altogether, don't you?" The man said in a sugary voice that held something sinister behind it as he moved closer. While he moved closer, Link moved farther away and ended up backing himself into a corner in fear.

"N-NO! VAA- -!" He was cut off when the man's arm swung and then he saw black.


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