This is set after Edward leaves Bella in New Moon. Instead of Bella becoming weak and sad during this time, she grows up and becomes a stronger woman. Angry at the world she becomes a hunter to take away the feeling of pain every time she thinks of Edward.

Even after four years I still couldn't say his name. It was an inexcusable thing to even be thinking about him. I had been weak then, holding on to him until he had let me go, because I wasn't good enough.

I joined Sam and Dean two years ago in tracking down the demons and monsters that plagued our world. I had learned my hunting skills from them after I left Charlie back in Forks. He would never have understood what He had done to me. Instead, Charlie had died two years ago, from an alleged heart attack, at the same time I had joined up with the brothers. I had been too afraid to go back for his funeral. I had been too afraid of who I might have seen there. No one had known what had happened to me after He had left me there, alone in the woods. I ran away, and almost died from a stray vampire only to be saved by Dean and Sam.

Lately, I had been working on my own; hunting at a distance from Dean and Sam to be by myself. They were both great company, treating me like a younger sister, but I couldn't handle being around that feeling for too long. It reminded me of His family and the way they had treated me. I hardly wanted to be treated like that, even now.

Opening the hotel door, I threw down my car keys. It had been another good hunt, I smiled grimly.

I needed a shower to get rid of the grime left from this past demon. Of course my phone had to vibrate at the moment of getting ready for a long, hot, steamy shower. It always seemed to be my luck lately.

"Hello Isabella Swan," I answered exasperated.

"Bella!" Sam yelled into my ear.

I smiled even though Sam couldn't see it, hearing his voice made me feel infinitely better. The hunt, although it had gone well had been a hard hunt.

"Hi Sam, what's up?" In the background I could hear the Impala's engine revving as Dean peeled out.

"We need your help for a hunt. It's up in Washington."

"Huh," my jaw dropped. "Going back to Washington? Hmmm. I'll have to think about it. Where are you guys now?" I frowned. Washington was vampire central. The area I had been avoiding for years after thinking I would see Him around every corner.

"We're heading towards you; Bobby gave us your last location. So say yes, all right?"

I exhaled sharply. So much for possibly saying no to these guys. "Fine," I muttered. "Just tell me about it when you get here." I gave them the location of my hotel and hung up. Now, I would need to take a really long shower to help massage away the worries that were beginning to grow on my shoulders.

What a great way of starting off what was supposed to be a good few days of rest.