Disclaimer: Gondor, the Mark, the Riddermark, and the Riders of Rohan belong to J.R.R. Tolkien.

Introduction: This is the song of a bard of Rohan who rides to the aid of Gondor, and what happened. It is sung to the tune 'Brian Boru' for anyone who wishes to sing along...

The Warrior-Bard of the Riddermark
--by Elwen Aiwelinde

Long lengthening years lost legends he told
Of honoring oaths to allies of old
High-hearted and free his harp in song raised
Riders unvanquished, their valor be praised!

Send out the summons, sound the horn!
Clarion calls to duty sworn
Fealty given, feel no fear
Drawn out of darkness, day's dawning is near

Forgotten were not fast friendships of yore
In brotherhood bound the arms that we bore
They now were in need, the enemy nigh,
Ride now! O ride now! was our battle cry

Mounted the minstrel of the Mark
Father's sword set against the dark
Slung was his shield, harp borne along
Warrior bard on the wings of a song

Young was he in years, in leg he was lame
His father forbade, yet dreamed he of fame
"A Rider I am, my duty is clear,
Hark the horns blowing, how can I stay here?"

"Go then, O go then, only son!
Ride and return with battle won!
Pass through the dark to greet the day!"
In the gloom gathered he galloped away

Against foulest foes unnumbered he fought
Surrounded, alone, his allies he sought
Now cloven his shield, and splintered his sword
Notes from his harp heard in darkness abhorred

"Hear me, O hear me, freedom's sons!
Brave hearts and bold, your battle's won!
Voices in victory valiant ring
Not for the darkness shall I ever sing!"

Last notes from his harp he bought with great pain
Unbent, unafraid, unconquered was slain
And day's dawning light about him shone gold
And on the harp that his hands still did hold

Sing now, O sing now, sound the horn!
Faithful in friendship, fealty sworn
Let not the memory ever die
Ride now! O ride now! is our battle cry!