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"Reinette?" the Doctor called into the fireplace. He fumbled with the lever and spun around to France. He saw a blonde woman sleeping in her bed, the candle light flickering softly. He smiled and whispered, "Reinette?" the woman opened her eyes and looked at him.

"Doctor," she whispered. She sprung out bed. "Doctor!" she locked her lips onto his. "My sweet, sweet angel…"

"How long have I been gone?" the Doctor asked, shoving his hands in his pockets bashfully.

"Seven weeks and ten days," Reinette said off the top of her head. She walked to her closet and threw open the doors, dragging out a large, brown, gold-bordered suitcase. "I packed right after I saw you…" she thrust it open and fitted on a flamboyant, flowery hat and said in a fancy accent, "Would you like some tea dear, and how is my hat?"

The Doctor laughed. He grabbed her hand. "C'mon," he said. "Into the TARDIS." He hauled her and the suitcase into the blue box to see Rose and Mickey by the console screen.

"Oh—hello," Reinette said. She curtsied. She cleared her throat. The Doctor shot Mickey and Rose a look and they reluctantly bowed.

"Um, Reinette, d'ya want to change into something a bit more—comfortable?" the Doctor suggested. "Rose, help her?" Rose grumbled something to herself then replied,

"Right this way, m'lady." She escorted Reinette into the door leading to the closet, then saved the Doctor a glare that read, You are sooo going to get it!

"Righ', so this here is the clothes you need," Rose said, leading Reinette into the women's section of the house-sized closet.

"It's so—big," Reinette said in awe. "Do you ever get used to it?"

"No," Rose laughed. "Not at all." She remembered that was how she was on her first trip—the big eyes, the amazement of it all. She sighed. The Doctor was truly an amazing and unpredictable man.

"Well… can you help me?" Reinette asked, cocking an eye. "I do not know how people dress in the 21st Century, and I would be grateful if you helped me, child."

"Oi', first off—we're in my palace now—do not and never do call me child," Rose said, using air-quotes to set that in Reinette's mind. "Secondly, I will help you—but the Doctor means only one trip 'cos we have to get you back to your own time before the time lines flux and all that jazz. Third and most important—do not treat me as a child, a slave, or anything else—I am a human being just like you, and I am not beneath you, 'cos in the future, royalty, is not as importan', ya got it?"

Reinette opened her mouth to say something, then quickly closed it.

Rose sighed in relief. "Good. Now I can help you. Here we go then. Allons-y."

* * * *

After Rose had taken off Reinette's corset (which took at least an hour) she helped her get on a bra and a tight-fitting white blouse with little buttons all the way down and over that a simple red windbreaker.

"Are you precise this is fashionable?" Reinette asked for about the billionth time.

"First off, no one says precise anymore and yeah, it is fashionable," Rose said, irritably. She picked out a pair of white Vans to go with her gray jeans. "Here, put these trainers on," Rose instructed. Reinette slipped her feet in and Rose started to tie her shoelaces. This is like playing Barbies again, she thought, miserably.

After she had slipped her feet in, Reinette asked, "May we put on rouge and our makeup now?" she asked. "I would love to see your face without as much black."

Rose put her hands on her hips indignantly. "Black what?" she demanded to know.

"Your eyelashes," Reinette said.

"No, leave it!" Rose said, exasperated. "Just do your own flippin' makeup." She threw her makeup kit at Reinette, and marched out the door.

* * * *

Rose really wished she did Reinette's makeup instead of her own, 'cos when she stepped out, she looked drop-dead gorgeous. Mickey was speechless, and even the Doctor was dumbfounded.

"W-Wow, Reinette," the Doctor complimented. "You look—nice."

"Thank you," Reinette said. In fact, Rose had to agree. Her hair was loosely curled down to her shoulders, her light mascara made her eyelashes look thick and long, her lips were pink and pearly, and her golden skin radiated sunlight.

Reinette smirked at Rose and said crisply, "Where to, Doctor? To which star did I choose?" she folded her arms across her chest.

"Oh you pointed to Irglova!" the Doctor said, pulling a lever on the TARDIS, then flashing her a smile. "The star of love." After a deadbeat, he continued. "It's a place with shops where people buy their loved ones special gifts for anniversaries and such, and you can also buy clothes there for the, uh, honeymoon." He cocked his eyebrow.

"Sounds fun," Rose said, smiling with her tongue poked between her teeth. She knew the Doctor couldn't resist that. But apparently he did, because he looked straight at Reinette.

The Doctor pulled the last lever and the TARDIS began to shake back and forth. "Hold on!" he said, smiling at Reinette. The doors opened and the Doctor smiled. "Off we go then!"

* * * *

"Told you, jus' like any other bloke," Mickey said, nudging Rose in the ribs. She looked over at Reinette and the Doctor who were laughing and smelling various perfumes.

"He is not!" Rose cried, then realized after all the looks she had just yelled. "He's just--,"

"Seduced by her?" Mickey suggested. Rose turned to face him and gave him The Look.

"He's not seduced by 'er. Now if you don't stop buggin' me, I'm gonna get the Doctor to take you home," Rose said, tartly. "Now what was that again?" Silence. "Good."

Reinette casually walked up to Rose. "Hello, Rose."


"Look, I know we haven't gotten off to a very good start, but I just wanted to let you know that if you ever want to talk about anything, let me know." Reinette's eyes were sincere and Rose had to do a double-take.

"Excuse me?"

"I just—don't want us to be fighting this whole trip—I don't want the Doctor to think I'm some snobby French aristocrat," Reinette said.

"Butcha are," Rose mumbled, after realizing her intentions.

"What do you mean?" Reinette asked, blinking her thick eyelashes.

Rose stopped walking. "Look, the whole TARDIS, I know your intentions of the Doctor," she said. She cringed at her saying intentions.

"And you share them," Reinette replied without missing a beat. She looked at Rose, dead-serious in the eye. "I am not here to make friends with you, Rose Tyler. I am simply here to make sure we do not have a draw to the death in front of the Doctor. Under different circumstances, I would gladly." She narrowed her eyes at her.

"Oh would ya?" Rose cried. "C'mon then, let's go now, Your Highness if you insist!" the girls got closer to each other when suddenly the Doctor hopped over.

"'Ello girls!" he cried, grinning from ear to ear, completely oblivious. "Hey, Reinette, I found this beautiful perfume made out of butterfly sap!" he shoved a small, pink bottle in Reinette's perfectly painted face. Rose stared at him, tears fighting her eyes, and stomped into the TARDIS.

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