CHAPTER 1: Sleepover

"Dad! Jake is BOTHERING us AGAIN!"

I'm NOT! I have every right to stand in the backyard if I want to. So what if I just happen to be under their window. If they don't want me to hear and see what is going on in that room, they should have closed the window and pulled the curtains shut. Like just what they are doing right now... Bah! Like that would stop me!

Becca and Ray are having a sleep-over. And Leah's here! There are other girls too, but they are boring, like Melissa. She wears pink clothes and collects stuffed animals and likes glitter. Leah likes sports, and she's funny and strong, and she can wrestle! I think they should let me be in their room because this is my house too, I live here! But after giving me a couple of cookies they told me to leave them alone. I want to talk to Leah!

I hear Dad calling my name, telling me I should leave the girls alone and come inside. Snitching sisters. According to them I'm supposed to be in my bed right now. I don't think so! If they can stay up, then can I. I climbed out my window to spy on the girls and I've seen a lot of what they were doing already. They shouldn't have thrown me out of their room, then I wouldn't have to be peering through the window!

Dad is calling my name again. I go inside.

"Jake, leave the girls alone. You could watch the game with me if you can't sleep."

I shake my head no. I don't want to watch the game, I want to be in the girls room with Leah!

I go back to my room, a press my ear against the wall. I hear everything. I hope to hear some really good secrets, then I can tease Ray and Becca and if I hear a secret about Leah I'm gonna tell her that I'm telling every-one if she doesn't kiss me.

Now Leah is laughing. She has the best laugh! But why are they talking about boring things? Who wants to hear about Leonardo di Caprio and Titanic. I like cool films and not lame love films like the ones my sisters watch. I hope Leah likes cool films like me. I watch action films and I've even seen a couple of horror-movies. I wasn't scared at all, but Embry was! And Quil was too, but he denies it of course. He was pretending to be watching, but I saw that he was looking at the floor and not the screen. But at least he knew how to pretend. Embry had his hands over his eyes after the first three minutes and kept them there the entire movie, and he was jumping at every sound and sitting very close. I heard Embry's mom tell my dad that Embry's been having nightmares for over a week after we saw "Friday the 13th", and she told him that Embry isn't allowed to watch films like that. Now my dad won't let us watch horror-movies when Embry's here. I didn't have any nightmares! Maybe I can watch a horror movie with Leah and if she's scared I'll hold her hand. And if she has nightmares she can come and sleep in our house, because then I can protect her!

"We can tell each other ghost-stories." Leah is saying.

"Yeah, that'll be fun!" One of mys sisters agrees.

Sweet! I love ghost-stories.

"Does anybody know any good one that we haven't heard before?" Becca asks.

That is the sign I've been waiting for. I'm the best story-teller in the world! They must want to hear my stories! I bounce up from the floor, out of my room, flying through the door into the girls room. I trip on a mattress on the floor and fall over Melissa. Stupid Melissa in the way. I wouldn't minded if I had fallen on Leah though.

"Jake! GET OUT!"

"Dad! Tell Jake to go away!"

Rachel is already tugging me by my hair, trying to drag me out. It hurts! I wiggle out of her grip and jump behind Melissa, dodging Rebeccas hand trying to catch me.

"I know a really good ghost-story! It's the best story you ever heard!" I'm not going to leave the room until the hear my story.


"Jake. What did I tell you!" Dad is wheeling towards the girls room.

"But I know a really good story!" Why is dad on the girls side? We men should stick together.

"Let him stay and tell his story" That's Leah. She wants me to tell my story! She must know my story is going to be great!

"Alright, but he leaves the second the story is told." Becca sighs.

"That's nice of you girls!" My dad smiles at them and then turn towards me: "The girls are gracious enough to let you tell your story, so then you'll do as they tell you and leave after you're done. Did you hear that, Jake?!"

"Sure, sure!" I'm gonna stay as long as I can, I'm going to suggest that we play truth or dare after this!

I sit next to Leah on the floor, close, because girls like when you sit close. What should I tell? I haven't thought of a story yet and the ghost-stories I know I've heard from Ray and Becca. I have to make up my own.

"It's a really really scary story!" I start looking mostly at Leah. That lame Melissa already looks scared. Ray and Becca roll their eyes. If they don't stop I'm not going to let them live with me and Leah when we all are grown-up. "But don't be afraid. I'll hold your hand" I assure Leah and reach for her hand.

"Jake! Just get on with it. Leah doesn't want to hold your sweaty hand!" Ray grunts. Yes she does, because I see her twitching the corners of her mouth, it's because she wants to smile towards me, because she likes me holding her hand. Girls like it when you hold their hand! I hope she'll be scared, then I will put my arm around her.

"It's alright, Ray" Leah says a laugh in her voice. I stuck my tongue out at Ray. She doesn't know anything. Leah's happy because I'm holding her hand.

I try to come up with a scary subject. I think of my dad's stories, because I like my dad's stories. Everybody likes them. He's also a good story teller. Some may think he's better than me, but that's just because they haven't heard my stories yet. Then I know just the thing. The scariest in my dad's stories are the Cold ones, and they even have a name: the Cullens! This is going to be a great story!

"There was a beautiful princess and she lived in a house with her little brother and mommy and daddy. The princess was really cool because she liked cars and motorcycles and sports and she never wore dresses or watched love-films. And she had the best friend who was a hero with superpowers. His name was Wolfboy. And they watched horror-movies every day and when the princess was scared Wolfboy held her hand.

One day the princess was walking home from school alone and she decided to take a short-cut through the woods. She shouldn't done that!

When she walked through the dark and scary woods suddenly a horrible monster appeared.

It was a Cold one! And it was going to drink the princesses blood." I make a scary noise as I say this and Melissa shrieks. I squeeze Leah's hand in case she's scared.

"The princess started to scream and run. She wished that her friend Wolfboy would be there to save her. And just when the evil Cold one with whose name was Cullen, caught her and was about to bite her in the neck, the incredible Wolfboy came flying through the trees.

Wolfboy hit the Cullen with all his strength and the Cullen was crying and trying to run away, because Wolfboy was the best fighter in the world and Cullen knew he would loose any fight against Wolfboy. After that Wolfboy took his laser-sword and stabbed Cullen straight through his heart. And then Le..I mean Le-Le..Laylah kissed the Wolfboy because he was her hero. And then they got married and lived happily ever after together without Wolfboy's ugly sisters."

"And what was the Wolfboy's name? Was it Ja-Ja-Jay-Jason?" Rachel snickers.

"No!" Stupid Rachel. The Wolfboy's name is Jacob of course, but I'm not going to tell that. Just like I'm not going to tell that the princess' name is Leah. "He's just called Wolfboy. Like Superman or Batman or Spiderman"

"Is he wearing tights and a cape as well?"

"No!" Girls don't know anything, Wolfboy's like Wolverine only cooler and my sisters are dumber than most girls.

"Did you like my story?" I ask Leah.

My sisters are snorting and rolling their eyes. They are just jealous, because they can't tell stories as great as mine. My story was fantastic!

"It was a really good story" She smiles at me. Ha! She liked it. I told you, I'm the best story teller!

"Now get out!" Ray's pointing towards the door. I don't want to go.

I pout and give my best puppy-eye look: "But I can't sleep unless I hear a story." This is a perfect plan, because then I'm going to pretend that I've fallen asleep and they have to let me sleep here with them. And then I'm going to snuggle close to Leah.

Th puppy-eyes work like a charm.

Told you, I'm really smart!