This idea came to me a while ago while I was rewatching through Gundam Seed. I often wondered why Rau didn't at least try to capture the Archangel, seeing as the Strike is next to useless without it. I always assaumed that it was because he lacked the manpower.

And so, this fic was born.

Here I've loosely salvaged the 603rd Technical Evaluation Unit from my another fic, The Path to Bloody Valentine, to fill in that lack of manpower. I've given many of then new Gundam Seedish sounding names, and I've touched them up here and there, so I think they'll be a much better cast then they were in the Bloody Valentine.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this fic. Updates will be as and when they're finished.

Thanks for reading. Reviews always welcome and helpful flames nonwithstanding.





It was the Seventieth year of the Cosmic Era. A time of tension and mistrust between the major nations of the Earth Sphere.

On one side stood Naturals and the Earth Alliance, comprised of many major nations of the world humanity called home.

On the other stood the genetically enhanced Coordinators and the Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty, ZAFT, exiles of Earth because of their genetic augmentation, banished to the hourglass space colonies named PLANTs at Earth's fifth Lagrangian Point.

For twenty long years, this human species, divided only by fear and mistrust, had lived in uneasy peace for the last twenty years.

But in the early months of 70CE, all that changed.
One February 11th, of the Year Seventy of the Cosmic Era, the Earth Alliance officially declared war against ZAFT and the PLANTs. Believing the conflict to be short due to their superior numbers over the Coordinators, the Naturals of Earth were determined to destroy what they considered to be a blight on humanity, never believing for a moment that ZAFT could possibly defeat them.
But they were wrong. They misjudged those that were born smarter, stronger and faster then them. They never realised that the advantages of the bipedal weapons platform, named mobile suits, their enemies had created to protect themselves far outweighed their supposed advantage of greater numbers.
And when they made the first move, on February 14th, 70CE…a conflict that could have easily been negotiated and ended diplomatically, became a bloody vengeful war that would last for almost two years…



"My God…"

"Junius Seven! They took out Junius Seven!"

"All units regroup! Stay together!

"My mother lived on Junius! She can't be dead!"

I gripped the control sticks of my GINN tightly as the light of a nuclear blast blinded my every camera, the stars of the void beyond engulfed in it's brilliance as I struggled against the shockwaves, my mind reeling at the events that had transpired before me.

Junius Seven, an agricultural PLANT, now erupted into a massive cloud of spinning debris, her hourglass habitat areas cracking and splintering like fragile glass as the continents were blown apart.

My home…my Uncle…they were both gone.

I could only prey that Shiho had been away as she had said she would be.

"Mr. Westfield!"

I shook myself out of thoughts as a Proto-GINN came up beside me, the youthful features of Ellion Michaels appearing on my communications screen.

"Stay calm," I swallowed thickly to try and rid my voice of it's dry tone, "You hear me? Gather up the other cadets. I'll try and get Le Creuset or your sister on the line…"

"But Junius Seven!" the redhead stared at me in disbelief, "What if there are survivors?"

"The PLANT broke up too quickly," I clenched my hands harder around the GINN's control sticks. Ellion was barely a year younger then myself, a pilot who hadn't even finished his basic training. He was being naïve, "It would have to be a miracle for anyone to have gotten to the life boats in time. Our best bet is to regroup and…"

"There's always a chance!" the cadet shook his head violently, "Mr. Westfield, we have to at least look!"

"We're in the middle of a battle here!" I scowled darkly, "Gather you're comrades and get back to the Valiant, that's an order!"

"You're not a Commander Mr. Westfield," Ellion scowled darkly, "You're a regular soldier like me. And if you won't go help those people, then I will!"

"Ellion wait!" I forced my GINNs to reach out and grab the Proto-GINN's shoulder, only to miss it by inches as the emerald mobile suit rocketed out of reach, "Come back! It's too dangerous! Stupid fool!"

With no other choice, I pushed my machine after the escaping cadet, ducking and weaving through the chaos Junius Seven's destruction had brought to the battlefield as Coordinators, blinded by rage, began to mercilessly slaughter the Natural's retreating Moebius mobile armours.

"Dammit. Uncle Robert…How could the Naturals do something so heartless?," I grimaced as I watched the mangled remains of a tractor fly past my GINN's head, the asphyxiated farmer still in it's seat with arms waving listlessly in the vacuum, "This is all way out of my league. I'm an evaluation engineer dammit…AN EVALUATION ENGINEER!"

My anger fuelled, I quickly sliced a Moebius clean in half as it flew into my path, Ellion ahead of me narrowly missing a beheaded GINN as it careened out of control. My Uncle was probably dead, along with just over two hundred and forty thousand innocent men, women and children. The sheer horror of it all was just beyond my comprehension.
No, I definitely wasn't cut out for this.
"Mr. Westfield!" Ellion's voice from up ahead brought me out of my thoughts once again, "I've…I've found one! A lifeboat!"

I blinked in surprise as I focused my cameras to the point where the Proto-GINN indicated. Sure enough, the small cylindrical form of a PLANT lifeboat hung amid the stars, bright warning lights at it's fore and aft trying desperately to grab someone's attention.

"They must have been really close to the lifeboats to reach them before the PLANT broke up," I smiled as I shook my head in disbelief, "There probably won't be many survivors, but I guess we should be thankful for this little miracle,"

"You better radio the Valiant Mr. Westfield," Ellion smiled as the Proto-GINN moved off towards the pod, it's hand outstretched to make contact, "We have to get these people off the battlefield as soon as possi…"

Then…a single beam of green impaled the Proto-GINN through the chest.

It happened within the span of a moment, but it felt like it could have lasted for an eternity. All I could do was watch as the beam blast sliced through the mobile suit before me like a knife through butter, the entire frame arching back from the blast as it's main camera dimmed.


As the beam dissipated, the Proto-GINN exploded into a purplish cloud of light and shrapnel, engulfing the lifeboat as debris penetrated it's fragile shell.

"ELLION!" my scream had barely left my mouth when a volley of vulcan cannon fire sliced through my GINN's sword wielding arm, pure instinct pulling my machine clear as the limb detonated, saving the rest of the body as I turned to face my attacker.

The wedge shaped form of an Agamemnon carrier immediately registered on my targeting computer as it approached, it's twin high energy cannons blazing green death across the battlefield as it's vulcan cannons sliced through any mobile suit stupid enough to get close to it.

Along it's nose, printed in large bold letters, was it's name: Roosevelt.

Something stirred inside of me. My uncle was dead, just over two hundred and forty innocent civilians were dead, and now Ellion, while trying to save those precious few that might have survived the destruction of Junius Seven, had fallen in battle.

I felt anger well up within me, my hands encased in crimson pilot suit shaking madly against the control sticks.

So many people had died, and this ship, the one intel. had designated as the flagship, was the cause of it all.

She had been the one to bring nuclear weapons to the battlefield, she had been the one that brought destruction to Junius Seven.

If she had never come here, so many people would still have been alive.


With my rifle blazing awkwardly in my GINN's left hand, I gunned the GINN's engines and soared towards the Roosevelt, my mind suddenly sharp and clear as my resolve became absolute.