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Driving home I let my mind wander to the past few weeks. The pain, the heart ache and finally the happiness and joy of being near him again. Jasper was so brave; Maria would have killed him if not for Samuel and Louisa.

It makes me think, why had the young newborn helped him? Surely she should have been on Maria's side. Maybe she was a part of his group. The young newborns he said goodbye to certainly held respect for him.

'Are you alright?' Jasper asked me after a few moments of painful silence

'Of course, why wouldn't I be?' I glanced in his direction

'Samuel's power is extremely strong' He glanced at me and caught my eye

'I'm fine. Didn't hurt a bit' I laughed

'Sure It didn't Alice' He rolled his eyes

'It didn't' I objected

He didn't bother answering, just rolled his eyes again

'I'm not that fragile' I laughed again

It was so typical of him to think that with every little scratch that I would be badly hurt

He started laughing then too. I stared at his face and it stumbled upon me; his laugh is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard

We drove on in silence for a few more minutes until Noah giggled a bit

'What?' Jasper grinned in the mirror at her

'Bella' She giggled

Bella was curled up on the seat and mumbling quietly

'Yeah she talks in her sleep' I looked at Bella in the mirror

'What is she talking about?' Noah asked, her bright red eyes turning in my direction

'Either Edward or... Edward' I smiled at her

'Who's Edward? She raised her eyebrow

'Our brother and her fiancée' I giggled

'Oh' Noah smiled at the sleeping Bella

Suddenly the car jolted and stopped

'What the..?' I wondered, getting out the car and going round to the end of the car

There was a massive dent in the boot of the Mercedes. I looked around; there wasn't anyone for miles around, who else would be around? We were in the middle of Texas.

Then the wind changed and brought with it a mix of different scents but one that definitely stood out from others was a familiar scent that made my stomach churn and fear build.

'Stay with Bella and Noah!' I called to Jasper as I followed the scent at full speed.

This was the last straw, this was crossing the line. My last good nerve had been worn thin. Maria was going down

I stopped dead when I found myself in a closed in area, surrounded by big boulders.

There was an evil chuckle from behind me, I span around and came face to face with Maria

'Alice, Alice, Alice' She shook her head slowly 'Don't you know not to follow strange scents alone? Especially not mine, you of all people should know, Iam never alone'

My eyes widened in fear as two newborns appeared at her side

'Don't bother calling out because no one will hear you scream' She grinned evilly as her newborns pounced at me

'Jasper I love you' I whispered


'Where is she?' I asked myself for the fiftieth time

Alice had run off, for some reason I do not know, telling me to wait with Noah and Bella.

'Alice will be fine Mr Jasper' Noah smiled at me

'What's going on?' Bella asked while yawning and stretching

'Alice is missing' I hit my head on the dashboard, causing a dent to form

'Don't do that' Bella scolded me 'What happened'

I tuned out as Noah explained to Bella about the dent in the Mercedes and running off telling me to stay behind

'We should follow her' Bella suggested, un-buckling her seatbelt and reaching for the door handle

'Bella you getting killed won't help' I sighed

'Bella and I will wait and you can go find Alice' Noah smiled, kindly at me

'Noah, you know how much I trust you but with the way Bella smells and with your age you know I can leave you both alone' I smiled apologetically at her

'Well take us with you' Noah replied

'It's dangerous' I told her

'And you think it's safe for Alice?' her voice was barely more than a whisper

'No it's not safe' Bella answered Noah 'Now let's go get her. I will be fine'

'Ok then' I gripped then handle and pushed the door open

There was a strange mix of scents but one monstrous scent stood out among all others. The scent I have come know in the last month.

'Maria' Noah gasped

'Maria?!' Bella cried

'We have to move. Fast' I glanced at Bella

'I'll take her' Noah suggested

I looked at her. As well as Noah has been with Bella, she is still a newborn

I ran up to Bella and threw her onto my back gently. Then Noah and I started running

'What the... Jasper!' She shouted, finally realizing what had happened

'Bella I said we had to move fast and if Maria is still with Alice then she could be in serious danger' I replied,

In a matter of seconds we were facing a cove, I placed Bella on the ground and looked around.

'Looking for me?' Maria asked, standing on a tall rock above the cove

'Where is she?!' I growled

'Oh you mean her?' Maria pointed to a newborn that was dangling Alice over the edge

'Let her go' I snarled

'Ok' Maria grinned and nodded at the newborn

The blonde newborn dropped Alice, who landed in the dust with a wimper

I ran over to her as fast as I could

'Alice?' I asked as I pulled her into my arms

'What did you do to her' I snarled up at Maria

'Taught her a lesson, just remind her that if she ever comes back here she won't be so lucky' Maria turned on her heels and ran off with the newborns following

'Jasper?' Noah came over 'Is she alright?'

'I don't know Noah, but we need to move' I lifted Alice into my arms and stood

I looked at Noah and Bella.

'I'll be fine' Noah rolled her eyes then placed Bella on her back

'I'm being carried by a fourteen year old' Bella groaned

'Your very light' Noah grinned as we ran to the car

Once we got to the Mercedes I placed Alice in the passenger seat and got in the driver's seat

Alice glanced up at me

'What happened?' she asked

'I could ask you the same question' I started the car and raced away

Thank goodness Alice wasn't badly hurt. She was bitten by the newborns and her strength was waning, quickly. She would have to see Carlisle as soon as we got home.

'Well Noah, it looks like you will be with us a bit longer' I glanced in the mirror at her

'Will your family be ok with that? I wouldn't want to intrude' Noah looked down

'They will love you' I assured her

We pulled up outside the house. Charlie's police cruiser was out front. Carlisle and Charlie were talking in front of it

'My dad?' Bella wondered

'Here put these on' I threw Noah a box contact lenses 'They will cover the red'

Noah put the contacts in and her eyes turned Violet, the result of putting blue contacts over red irises

I went around the other side and helped Alice out

'Thanks' She said, leaning against me

'Bella' Charlie cried, pulling his daughter into a tight hug

'Dad' Bella groaned, pulling away

'What happened?' Carlisle asked, looking at Alice

'Maria' I whispered

Carlisle nodded and looked at Noah, who was still standing by the car

'Noah come here' I called to her

She walked over at human pace to my side

The others came out front as well. Edward hugged Bella and kissed the top of her head

'Maybe we should go inside' Carlisle suggested

We all sat on the sofas in the living room. I put my arm around Alice and smiled at her

'Where did you go Alice? The whole town was out looking for you' Charlie asked

'I... needed to clear my head. I'm sorry if I worried you' She looked at all of the faces of our family

'Billy says he is glad your back' Charlie smiled 'And Jasper how was camp'

'Let's just put it this way, Iam never going back there' I grinned at Edward who was rolling his eyes

'That bad?' Charlie asked

'You have no idea' I laughed

The doorbell rang then and Esme went out to answer it. She came back a second with Billy and Jacob Black

'We heard Alice and Jasper were back' Billy said

'Yeah camp wasn't Jasper's thing' Bella laughed

Jacob and Edward were having a glaring contest with Bella stuck in the middle, clearly annoyed

'If you're going to have a glaring contest could you take It over there' Bella frowned then moved to sit next to Noah

'Hey Bella' Noah smiled

'Hi Noah' Bella smiled back

'Who's that?' Jacob gestured to Noah

'Not now Jake' Billy scolded Jacob

'She's a friend of the family. She lives in Alaska' I answered

'Edward stop being so idiotic' Rosalie rolled her eyes

Edward sighed then looked away from Jacob

'I have work to do, Ill see you later' Charlie headed for the door

'We were just leaving too, think you can give us a lift Charlie?' Billy followed Charlie

'Sure but how did you get here?' Charlie smirked at Billy

'The worst way possible' Billy glanced at Jacob

'Well you didn't want to get a taxi' Jacob smiled at Bella and left

The door shut and Charlie's cruiser went up the driveway

'Alright what happened?' Carlisle asked, looking at Bella, Noah, Alice and I

'Well Alice and Bella came to Texas, as you know, Maria came along and took them away' I started

'Was Bella lunch?' Emmett asked, grinning

'Emmett, I'm right here' Bella waved her hand at him

Edward growled at Emmett

I rolled my eyes at my brothers then continued 'This newborn called Samuel was using his power on Alice when I found them. Maria ordered me...to... kill Alice. A newborn from the group I had been training came and helped. Then Samuel turned on Maria as well. Once we got out to the car, I was informed they were joining the Volturi and Noah behind so Alice and I thought she could stay with the Denali coven. On the way back something happened to the car and Alice went out to investigate. I had no idea what was going on so when Alice told me to stay in the car with Noah and Bella I was even more confused'

'Alice what happened?' Edward stared at Alice then gasped

'I followed Maria's scent. I was just so fed up of her trying to ruin everything. When I got there she wasn't alone. Then she set her newborns on me and...' Alice trailed off, rolling up the arm of her sweater to show us the bite marks

Carlisle came over and examined them, after a few minutes he stood up from kneeling beside her

'They shouldn't be permanent as you didn't get bitten that hard but your strength won't be as good for a couple of days. How do you feel?' He asked

'Fine' Alice answered

After a few moments of everyone else talking Alice turned to me

'Are you angry at me?' She asked

'I just... wish you wouldn't go chasing danger' I sighed

'I wasn't chasing it' she replied

'I hate it when you get hurt' I looked down into her golden eyes

'I know. But this time was simply unavoidable' She smiled

'Not completely' I smiled back

The door rang again and Tanya and Kate came in

'Tanya, Kate what a surprise' Carlisle greeted them

'Well we got a call from a certain son of yours regarding a newborn and we couldn't wait' Tanya answered

'Well Alice is in no state to travel and Jasper wouldn't go if Alice couldn't so I thought Tanya and Kate could come down' Edward shrugged

'I can hear you, you know Edward' Alice rolled her eyes

'Oh I know' Edward grinned at her

'Is that her?' Kate squealed, looking at Noah

'Yes this is Noah, Noah this is Kate and Tanya' I smiled at Noah

Noah skipped over to them and hugged them both

'She is so cute' Kate giggled

Noah smiled at me 'Thank you Jasper. Without you I would still be stuck with Maria in that awful camp'

'It's not a problem Noah' I smiled back at her

After Noah, Kate and Tanya bid their goodbyes they left to go back to Denali.

Edward brought my guitar down and handed it to Alice

'She wrote a song for you' Edward explained

Alice rolled her eyes and started playing

'Alice that was beautiful' I smiled after she was finished

'I wrote it a couple of days after I found your letters' Alice smiled back

'I only left to protect you' I kissed her hand

'I know' She leaned against me again 'I'm glad you're happy again

'There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved' I told her, kissing the top of her head

They say home is where the heart is. My heart forever belongs to Alice, so wherever she is, that is where my home is.

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