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This is a Naruto fanfiction featuring the couple Neji/Hinata along with random other side couples. While I know in modern day this is considered incest, it was quite common throughout history for relatives to marry. Since Naruto-world is sort of an odd mix of modern and old, and the Hyuuga clan is an old clan with old traditions, I can see it being perfectly plausible for cousins to have a relationship within the clan, especially since they would want to keep the Byakuugan as pure as possible. Furthermore, most of the negative traits that are associated with incest (your baby's going to be retarded, etc.) aren't really scientifically based. The problem with incest is that if you have some nasty recessive genes that run in the family, they'll come out full force because both parents carry them. If you know for a fact that you don't have any recessive genes like this and you actually do have some good dominant ones that both parents share (like a kekkei genkai in Naruto-world), incest would actually be helpful. I know I didn't explain it very well, but there you have it.

The reason for this rant is that I'd seriously prefer that no one leaves me comments complaining of incest. Flames or just general complaints about the story for other reasons are more than welcome. I take criticism well and want your honest opinion (though pointless flames do tend to make me laugh). However, you've been informed about the pairing ahead of time, and I've asked nicely, so anyone who leaves me an incest comment will go on my Wall of Shame! You have been warned!

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Secrets I kept inside me
No one can understand
Secrets I had to hide
'Cause no one would hold my hand when
Secrets for me to know
And never for you to see
Secrets for only me

-Anastacia, Secrets


Hinata decided she hated hospitals. It was an odd conclusion to come to, staring up at that stark white ceiling, because she worked at the hospital. She had been spending more and more time training alongside Ino, under Sakura, so that she could become a better medic and asset to her team. It only made sense, after all. Her fighting was average at best, even if it had been improving, and she could never quite keep up with the two boys who were her teammates.

So she had decided to utilize her greatest skill, her chakra control, and asked Sakura to teach her some basic healing jutsus. Well, Sakura had been quite impressed with how quickly she caught on, and the Hyuuga heiress had somehow found herself working part-time at the hospital to polish her medical skills. She was there almost any time that she wasn't on a mission or training. She had come to think of it as almost a second home.

But it was entirely different when you were the one lying in the hospital bed, waiting with bated breath for your test results to come back. Even when you didn't think it was something serious (surely it couldn't be anything serious?), it was still entirely nerve-wracking. Hinata had never been more glad that she'd always treated her patients with the utmost kindness and care. Because the whole experience was frightening enough without having a grumpy doctor taking care of you.

And grumpy was the only word to describe the irritable, balding man who gave her a quick examination, drew some blood, and sent it down to the lab while tersely telling her he'd have the results back in about an hour. That he doubted it was anything serious, probably just hormones. His explanation would have been comforting had he not looked the whole time like he'd just smelled something decidedly unpleasant.

But that was the same thing Hinata had thought anyway. Hormones. Because what else would cause these symptoms? She had noticed two months ago that she'd missed her period and decided to ignore it. It wasn't uncommon for kunoichi to occasionally miss due to stress and/or trauma from their job. Since both had affected her greatly as of late, she'd continued on like nothing was wrong. Then the next month came and she missed again. Again she ignored it. She'd never had a particularly regular cycle anyway. She'd missed a few times before over the years, and when she was younger she used to have prolonged periods, that would sometimes last for two or three weeks. When she'd gone to the doctor then, she'd been given a simple one-word explanation. Hormones. And she'd been put on medication to help regulate her as much as possible. Since that was undoubtedly the problem again this time, she went about her daily life and everything was fine.

The second symptom was nausea, normally in the morning just after she'd woken up. The past two weeks or so it had seemed to hit her every few days, and she found herself having to skip breakfast for fear of losing it. Then finally just three days ago, she had vomited the remains of her dinner from the previous night. Again, she figured it was just a side-effect of the stress she'd been under lately.

Then earlier that day she'd been training in the Hyuuga compound with Neji when something more alarming than a missed period and vomiting happened. Her chakra had suddenly sputtered wildly, making it nearly impossible to control, and then gone out completely. The whole ordeal lasted maybe a total of ten seconds, but it was enough for Neji to land her with a round-house kick that would make Lee proud but that she should easily have blocked and send her flying across the training grounds. After being stunned momentarily, she pulled herself to her feet and found her chakra had returned and was acting normally again.

She was relieved, undoubtedly, but concerned it had ever happened at all. An uninjured ninja's chakra was not supposed to falter like that. So after smiling sweetly at her ever-stoic cousin as he told her that she needed to pay more attention in a fight, she had rushed to the hospital, intent on getting whatever was wrong exactly fixed. Again, it was probably all due to her hormones and small bodily changes and whatnot, but if it messed with her chakra on a mission, it could be a serious hazard. She had to see a doctor.

This was what led her to where she was now, laying on her back in a hospital bed, wondering just how much longer her tests would take. She had already ended her training with Neji early, and though he didn't say anything about it, she could tell he was greatly annoyed. After all, he had given up an opportunity to train with his old genin team to train with her instead. Then she had promised to meet Kiba and Shino for dinner at six-thirty, a time which was rapidly approaching. She didn't need to upset more than one friend that day, so she hoped the doctor would hurry up, get the results, and then either give her a shot or throw some pills at her to regulate whatever crap her body was messing up.

She heard footsteps in the hall approaching, followed by the turning of the doorknob and couldn't help but smile a bit. Maybe she wouldn't be late for dinner after all. She sat up, making sure she was fully alert so she could get through this quickly, but found herself frozen in shock when the Hokage walked in instead of the angry little man who had examined her earlier. "Tsu... Tsunade-sama."

The blond woman stared at her for a moment before approaching the bed slowly, giving her the oddest look. Hinata stared right back, trying to figure out what was going on. And what was that expression? Why was the head of the hospital here at all? Unless... unless something was wrong. Something that went beyond just hormones.

"Hinata," the woman said finally, softly. Very soft. Motherly. Oh Kami, was she dying? "I have the results of your tests back. I'm... not sure how you'll take the news."

Hinata felt her eyes widen the more the woman spoke. Not sure? Wasn't this kind of news normally good or bad? There was an in-between?

"Hinata, you're pregnant."

Oh, well yes that could be considered an in-between. After all, whether the news was good or bad depended completely on the person and their situation and whether or not it was expected and what the hell?! "P-p-p-p-p-p-" She couldn't even get the word out. A mistake. That's it, it had to be a mistake. Or a joke. A very, very bad joke. "That- that's imp-possible."

Tsunade frowned, studying the girl with what was now obvious worry. "Impossible? You're a virgin?"

"Yes!" The girl paused, realization slowly dawning on her face. "S-sort of... No... But- but that doesn't count... But f-for this it d-does... Oh." She slowly lifted her head to look at her Hokage again, pale orbs wide with pure terror. "Pregnant?"

Tsunade could do nothing but sigh and nod, wishing she could tell the girl otherwise. It was all too apparent that this was not only unexpected but definitely unwanted. Not a surprise. Hiashi would have a fit when he found out his seventeen year old, unmarried, heiress of the clan daughter was expecting. And not only that, but the automatic answer to the question of her virginity... Tsunade could only imagine this had been a one-time only type of thing, probably something the girl regretted afterwards. It really was a shame that one little mistake could lead to such an outcome. Regardless, she now had to take responsibility and start making some decisions.

Just as she was getting ready to voice her pep-talk out loud, she realized no one would be listening to her. Hinata had passed out cold.

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