Flames roared across the town, as the residents of this backwater city someplace on the Grand Line fled from the onslaught of Marines that assaulted the town. One such Marine was wearing a pair of black goggles that were strapped over his short black hair, and a white lab coat with a large scorch mark on the back, which covered his light brown shirt. He also wore a pair of blue cargo shorts with a ridiculous amount of pockets on it. "Yee-haw! Come on, people; dance for me!" he said, as he held what appeared to be a bomb in his hand, which suddenly vanished without a trace, before a building behind him exploded, which made him laugh heartily. "Everything burns! That's just how I like it! Don't you think it's best when it's hot, too, Allenton?!"

The Marine he spoke to was wearing a white overcoat, blue jeans and black sandals, and his hair was short and blonde, contrasting the shorter Marine besides him. "Don't go overboard." he said in a reprimanding tone, as he was holding a featureless card in his hand, save for what appeared to be an arrow on it. "If we're going to get the secrets of this island, some people will have to be kept alive." Then, he pointed the image of the card at a fleeing citizen, just as the arrow flew out of the card, piercing the citizen's skull. "And yes, I'm aware of the hypocrisy. Spare me the jokes, Rand."

"Indeed; keep your jokes to yourself, boy." a gruffer voice said, as both Allenton and Rand suddenly froze, just as a taller Marine approached them from behind, and from the looks of it, he was their leader. He wore a long-sleeved black suit covered by a standard Marine Officer coat draped over his shoulders like some sort of cape, and his nearly crop-cut hair was a firm shade of black, matching his narrowed eyes. A shotgun was strapped to his waist, almost like a sword in its sheath. What was the most peculiar about this man was the fact that his mouth had two wounds that began at the corner of his lips all the way to the end of his cheeks, giving the impression that he was smiling, while he clearly wasn't; a Glasgow Grin. "Send the troops to find the temple. The keepers of the secret are sure to be hiding there."

Allenton turned to face the larger Marine, giving him a salute. "Sir! We've searched every inch of this island, but so far, we haven't found anything that could be considered a temple."

At that moment, Rand turned to face the larger Marine as well, but unlike Allenton, he didn't salute. "What's the point of all this, Captain? Won't it just be simpler to blow the shit out of the entire island until we find it?"

The captain frowned, which only made his scar seem much creepier than it normally would. "And risk destroying the temple? You should be thankful that I'm not decommissioning you for your foolish thoughts. Now find the temple!" Both of the Marines nodded nervously, before they ran off in a random direction. At that moment, the captain scoffed. "Just you wait, Hopkins… I'll teach you to make a fool out of Captain Westfall."

Meanwhile, a moderately sized force of Marine troops were scouring the nearby woods for any clues regarding this temple, but so far, none of them had found anything. "This is ridiculous!" one of them sighed, as he crossed his arms. "We've looked just about everywhere, and there ain't no signs of anything here! Why don't we just get back to the ship and finish the night with some card games? I'm sure Lieutenant Commander Allenton wouldn't mind us helping us deal!"

"First off, he's no gambler." a female Marine said with a groan, as she pinched the bridge of her nose in annoyance. "Second, what do you think Westfall would do with us if we shirked out on our duties?"

"Like he'll notice." a fatter Marine said, as he was scouting ahead with a pair of binoculars. "Both Allenton and Ensign Rand have told him for the past few days that no matter where we look on this island, there ain't no temple. We could use the same excuse as well."

The lazy Marine was about to say something, when they heard something moving in the woods around them. "What was that?" he said in a slightly intimidated tone, as he lifted his sword, looking uncertainly around him.

"Don't tell me that it's one of Westfall's scouts." the female one said, as she pulled out a gun, her eyes scouring the area.

The fat Marine didn't say anything, as he was for some reason trying and pick up some kind of scent, by whiffing at the air like it was some kind of dessert. "There's someone here. And they don't smell like the ship." he said, before he raised his fists, scouring the area with his eyes as well.

Suddenly, the Marine who held the sword felt a stinging pain in his arm, just as he was blown back by a gust of wind, dropping his sword in the process. As the female and fat Marines looked towards him, the female Marine suddenly noticed that her gun had gone missing. "What the flying-"

"Watch out!" the fat Marine yelled, as he threw the female Marine aside, before suddenly feeling something punch rapidly at his stomach, which began making the Marine feel nauseous after a few minutes of it. Then, his unknown assailant suddenly gave him a good kick, which sent him crashing right next to the lazy Marine, where he stayed down.

"Hmm… guns." a female voice said, which sent shivers down the Marine's spine. "An uncivilized tool used for killing… like you've done to the citizens of the town." Soon, the Marine saw that a red aura was forming around her, and quite frankly, it scared her beyond compare. "Let's see how it feels like… to be gunned down, like you've gunned down others."

"STOP!" a different, female voice said, just as a gunshot was heard, which, while not piercing the Marine's flesh with a bullet, still managed to create a wound in her arm, forcing her to yell out in pain. "Thank goodness I stopped you… what do you think would happen if you had shot yourself in the head?"

The female Marine gulped, as she clutched the wound on her arm, looking frantically around, beads of sweat running down her body. "Who the hell is there?!" she yelled, as she looked in the direction of her fallen comrades, who were slowly regaining consciousness, when she saw three shadowed figures standing in tree branches above them.

"Tell your captain this…" the one in the middle said, as she held what seemed to be a shuriken between her fingers. "The secrets of Kiritsu Island shall never be revealed to anyone!" Then, flinging the shuriken at the feet of the Marine, all three of the figures vanished, leaving the Marines there to wonder what the hell had occurred.

"Hrm…" the female Marine sighed, as she picked up the shuriken, inspecting it. "I think we've got a bigger problem than Westfall punishing us for shirking on our duties this time."


Piracy: The New Generation


Clash between Pirates and Ninjas!

The Secrets of Kiritsu Island!


Following the day they had received a Log Pose from the skeletal musician of the Straw-Hat Pirates, 'Humming' Brook, the Cross Skull Pirates were now headed for the island which they were pointed towards. At the moment, the newest addition of this crew, the Fishwoman Maria, was sitting by the wolf-shaped figurehead of their ship, Howling Moon, gazing out towards the sea, her maid-uniform gently blowing in the wind. The memories of her tragic past were still haunting her somewhat, but with the people inhabiting this crew, they would not be of any inconvenience.

"Hiya, Maria!" she heard someone suddenly call, and in a bit of a fluster, she turned her head to see a regular human wearing a red T-shirt with torn-off sleeves, a pair of blue shorts and a pair of boots standing over her. "You've gotten yourself comfortable yet?" he said with a grin, as he leant against the railing of the ivory-colored ship. "Of course, seeing as you're a pirate now, that could take time."

Maria blinked, before she shook her head at the blond-haired pirate. "I-I have gotten used to staying h-here, actually, Nampu." she said, as she rubbed the back of her head bashfully. "Our captain is one of the n-nicer ones I've met, if I may sp-speak my mind."

"Yeah, but then again, most pirates aren't actually nice." Nampu said with a shrug, before he looked towards the horizon. "I wonder what the island we're headed to will be like."

Maria opened her mouth to speak, when she heard someone approach from behind them, and as both she and Nampu looked back, they saw a girl with emerald green eyes and light blue hair, who was wearing comfortable boys clothing and ankle boots standing before them. "Hey, Jin wanted you two to know that dinner's almost done." she said, as she pointed her thumb behind her, motioning towards the kitchen of the pirate ship.

"Wait, hang on a minute, Shin…" Nampu began, as he shuddered a bit. "Don't tell me that Zugai's the one who's cooking?" he asked, though the fearful tone in his voice instilled some shock in Maria.

"Nope, that isn't the case." Shin replied, as she looked behind her, just missing a sigh of relief from Nampu. "Actually, KC and Craigmirra are making the food, and Jin's there with them to observe them in action."

Maria blinked, as she scratched her chin in thought. "B-but… shouldn't you be watching as well?" she asked Shin, who merely tilted her head in response. "I-I mean, since y-you're the cook, and…"

Suddenly, Shin laughed. "I get where you're going with that, Maria, but I think that if anyone wants to cook, as long as they don't waste our resources, they should be able to do so without me hovering over them every two seconds! After all, what's the worst that could happen?"

Somehow, her question was answered when a massive explosion erupted from the kitchen, which startled Nampu and Maria, but Shin's expression remained the same, without her moving at all. Soon after that, three bodies flew out of the kitchen, as the explosion had propelled them out of there, letting all of them crash into the white wall right next to Shin. All of them were completely covered in soot, but it was easy to discern that one of them was a small girl, and the other two were guys.

Suddenly, the girl bounced off the wall, clapping her hands giddily, as the soot flew off her, revealing the pink color of her Lolita-styled dress, and her curly, blonde locks that made up her hair. "That's got to be the coolest thing I've ever seen! Can we do it again, can we?" she said in an enthusiastic tone, as she looked at the two boys, who got up from the ground, both of them dazed.

"N-no thanks, Craigmirra. I think I've seen enough of explosions for some time." the younger of the two said, as he began dusting soot off his body. His navy-blue T-shirt was somehow not completely singed from the fiery explosion, and neither were his black jeans. However, a small ember of flame was on top of his dirty-blonde hair, which he failed to notice, as he was now inspecting a slightly-sooted falcata sword. "What about you, Jin?"

The boy he had addressed didn't reply at first, as he cracked his back with a grunt. "No thanks, KC; I'm cool." he said, before looking back at KC, just as water slowly poured out from the top of his head, washing the soot off his body. He wore a short-sleeved, orange jacket along with blue cargo shorts and sandals, and a black headband with some sort of Jolly Roger on it bound around his head, which was covered in dark-brown, spiky hair. "But if someone could tell me how we got half the kitchen to explode, that would be nice." he added, just as he pinched the flame in KC's hair, extinguishing it.

At that moment, three other people emerged from two different rooms; one girl and what seemed to be a guy from one, and another boy from another. The girl was wearing a red T-shirt, along with white jeans, and her head was covered in dark-brown hair. The 'boy' with her wore a dark jacket covering a loose T-shirt, along with equally loose jeans, and a loose black hat was worn on 'his' head. "Alright, what happened in the kitchen?" the girl said in a mildly annoyed tone, as she massaged her temples.

"Oh, hiya, Chris, Krystal!" Craigmirra said cheerfully to the pair, almost as if nothing had happened at all. "We were making a delicious stew, when the oven somehow blew up!" she said in the same tone, which made all the pirates present (except for Shin, who was still locked in the same position) look in her direction. "Nothing you girls can't fix, right?"

"Yeah, sure, tell the whole world, why don'tcha?" Chris uttered in annoyance, as she took a grip on her hat, which allowed a few strands of red hair fall down from underneath it. "But how could you make the oven explode just from making a stew?"

At that moment, KC laughed nervously, as he rubbed his head bashfully. "Well… I figured it took the oven too long to actually heat up, so I used my powers to channel heat through my sword, and, well…" he uttered, as most of the pirates (again, except for Shin) groan.

"Well, looks like dinner's going to be put on hold for a while." the guy who came out of a different doorway alone sighed, as he rubbed his temples, which was partially covered by shoulder-long, brown hair which also covered his left eye. His attire consisted of a tattered and torn grey hoodie-jacket, along with black jeans and sadals. "Also, KC, you're going to have to help me reassemble the wall and door; I'm not comfortable with our ship having a gaping hole in it like that."

As they continued discussing the issue of the hole, they didn't notice Shin still frozen in place, with the same, eerily cheerful expression on her face. "…ki… kitch…" she began, before slowly turning her head towards KC, Craigmirra and Jin, who only just noticed her talking to them. "Kitchen…" Then, she suddenly pulled out her dirk, as her eyes flared up, a quite murderous expression on her face. "YOU BLEW UP THE KITCHEN?!?!"

What followed was chaos in its most basic, hilarious form. KC, Craigmirra and Jin quickly realized that trying to negotiate with Shin at this point was folly, so they began running away from the enraged cook, who chased after them with impressive agility. Instead of trying to break up this chase scene, Zugai, Chris, Krystal and Nampu broke into laughter, and even as they were being chased, KC, Craigmirra and Jin joined in on the laughter. The only ones who didn't laugh out loud were Shin and Maria, the former for obvious reasons, and the latter for not seeing the humor in this ridiculous situation.

Then again, maybe the hilarity in this was the ridiculousness of it, and so, Maria couldn't help but let out a small giggle. This crew may be crazy… but it's the crew I'm a part of. she thought with a smile.


When Shin was finally talked out of mutilating KC, Craigmirra and Jin (not as much 'talked out of' as 'being forcefully pulled away by Zugai), the main issue of this situation became clear; while the interior of the kitchen was for the most part intact, most of the food had been roasted to the point that it could only be called ashes with a hint of seasoning, rather than food. So in a nutshell, they were out of food.

"We've only got our emergency supplies left…" Shin sighed, as she, Chris, Krystal and Jin were standing by the mast, trying to figure out how to deal with this situation. Zugai and KC were busy trying to fix the hole in the wall that the explosion had ripped asunder, whilst Maria was keeping lookout for the nearest island from the crow's nest, and Craigmirra and Nampu were busy fishing for more food. "They can last us for a day, max. After that, we're on our own."

"From what I've seen, the island that the Log is locked on to is a fair distance away from Reverse Mountain." Jin said, as he looked at the Log Pose strapped to his wrist. "If I'm to make a guess, I'd say that we won't get to the island before we run out of food, and since we don't know if the island's even populated…" With this information in mind, the quartet sighed.

Meanwhile, as noted, Maria was looking out towards the horizon, to see if anything was getting closer to them, when she noticed something in the distance approaching them. "H-hey, guys! I think I can see a ship over there, or something along that line!" she shouted, as everyone looked up at her, as she pointed.

"Huh… wonder what it could be?" Zugai wondered, as he wiped some sweat off his brow, holding a piece of the wall up against the hole, whilst KC, holding a falcata which glowed red, was melding it together with the wall, due to heat emitting from the sword. "KC, you mind finishing this?" he said, as he let go of the wall, which put KC off somewhat, but still, he kept on melding the wall together.

The crew quickly scurried to the front of the ship, where they could clearly see what Maria had noticed; a small dinghy, floating aimlessly about in the water, containing only one person. "D'ya think he's dead?" Craigmirra asked, which earned him a few looks from the crew, before they settled on not asking about it.

"Huh... I'll go help him." Chris sighed, as she got ready to jump off the railing once the dinghy got closer to them. "You guys just stay put, alright?" she added, just as the dinghy floated right past the ship, which was Chris' cue to jump, landing safely in the dinghy, earning her some claps from KC, Jin and Nampu. Ignoring it, Chris helped the man in the dinghy get on his feet. "You can walk, right?" she said.

The man, who was around Nampu's age, was wearing goggles that were strapped to his head, right above his eyes. He wore a light-brown T-shirt and blue cargo shorts. "Uh… yeah." he uttered, just as the water around the boat slowly began elevating, giving Chris some leverage to jump back on the ship with the man in tow, courtesy of Jin. "But… where am I?" he asked, looking at the ship around him.

"You're on a pirate ship." Zugai said, as the man looked over at him. "To be specific, the Cross Skull Pirates ship, the Howling Moon." Once he had said that, the man struck his palm with his hand like a hammer, in a 'Oh, that's right' manner.

"Ah, I see… man, my captain's really gonna flip his lid when he hears of this… to think that I slept in that dinghy, and… must've been those damn ninjas again." he uttered, as the pirates looked at him with puzzled looks, just as he noticed Chris beside him. "Wait a minute… black hat, jacket, yellow eyes…" he muttered, as he inspected Chris from head to toe. "Chris Hopkins?" he said, as Chris blinked.

"Uh… yeah?" she replied, as she scratched the back of her head. "But how did you…" she added; after all, as she wasn't wanted, unlike others on her crew, her being recognized by anyone seemed unlikely.

"Just wait a sec." the man said, before he suddenly vanished into thin air. Of course, this startled the pirates gathered there, but not as much as when he suddenly popped back into view about two minutes later. "Okay, I've talked to my captain about it, and you're coming with me." he said in a common tone, before suddenly grabbing hold of Chris' wrist.

However, despite him doing that, it didn't stop Chris from punching the man in the face so he let go of her. "What the hell?!" she said in a mad tone. "What are you trying to pull?"

"Huh… grabbing her is out of the question." the man said, as he looked at the rest of the crew, who had suddenly gotten ready to fight; Zugai was holding a large, ivory labrys, Nampu held an iron pipe tightly, KC held the falcata at the ready, Krystal aimed an arrow at the man with her bow, Jin's hand became enveloped in water, Shin drew her dirk, Craigmirra cracked her knuckles, and Maria got in a judo-like stance. "Well, guess I'll just have to…"

Then, before anyone could react, he pulled a bomb out from one of his pockets, before lighting it, just as it vanished in thin air, baffling the crew again. "The bomb is somewhere on this ship. You might want to find it before it blows up. But then again, if you don't, I get to enjoy the fireworks!" Then, he suddenly stretched both his hands out towards Chris, but before he could fully reach her, Maria intercepted him, but despite that, both the man, Chris and Maria vanished into thin air.

"Chris! Maria!" Krystal yelled once they vanished, before looking frantically around her. "Where did they go?!"

"We've got other things to worry about!" Zugai shouted, as he looked back towards the main deck of the ship. "If that bomb goes off, we'll be left without any means to find either of them!" Then, in a hurry, all of the crewmates scattered about, trying to find the bomb.

After thirty seconds of searching, Nampu heard something hissing, coming from the burnt kitchen. Gritting his teeth, he rushed towards the entrance of the kitchen, and when he opened the door, he could see the bomb lying in a corner, the fuse slowly getting closer to detonation. "Guys, I found it!" he yelled, just as he did the only thing that came to mind; grabbing the fuse of the bomb before it could get any further, burning his hands somewhat, but stopping the bomb…

…or so he thought. Somehow, the fuse was still alive, despite him pressing it as hard as he could. "Damnit! Why isn't this working?!"

At that moment, Jin ran into the room, and seeing Nampu hovering over the bomb, he realized what he was trying to do. "Let me do it! Mizu Mizu no Fountain!" All of a sudden, a torrent of water gushed out of the top of his head, hitting both Nampu and the bomb head-on, drenching Nampu in water, but defusing the bomb properly.

"Phew… thanks." Nampu coughed, as he picked up the bomb, just as the two went outside of the kitchen. "Who was that guy, anyway? And what did he want with Chris?"

"We have no idea." Krystal sighed, just as the crew gathered up again by the main deck, all of them looking at the bomb Nampu was holding. "But that ability he had… definitely a Devil Fruit."

"Still, it doesn't explain what he wanted with Chris, though…" Shin muttered, as she scratched her cheek. "And to top it off, he got Maria as well."

As they wondered who this mysterious assailant was, Craigmirra was looking at the bomb with some fascination, before she took it out of Nampu's hands, as she started to shake it. "It sounds hollow!" she said, as indeed, when she shook it, something banging on the inside of the bomb made it clear that it wasn't just gunpowder in the bomb.

"Let me open it." Zugai said, as he took the bomb from Craigmirra, before suddenly prying it open with his hands. As it turned out, the only thing inside the bomb was an hourglass, with a name engraved on a plaque under the glass, with a needle pointing right ahead of them. "Kiritsu Island?"

"Hey, that's an Eternal Pose!" Jin said, as he looked at the hourglass with interest. "But… why throw a bomb here if it only contained something like that?"

"An invitation, perhaps?" Zugai uttered, as he looked in the direction the needle was pointing; somehow, it was pointing in the direction they were sailing in. "Well, if it is something like that, then we're bound to follow it. We've got some crewmates to save, so let's go!"


In a hollow, burnt-out building, a lone, large man was sitting on a chair, looking out a window with mild disinterest. "Hmph… two whole weeks, and I haven't found anything. These warriors are quite good at hiding the temple…" Suddenly, someone appeared in front of him, and once he looked up, he actually smiled, though the Glasgow Grin he had made it seem much more sinister than expected. "You found him?"

"Yep, captain! Here you go!" the man said, just as he threw two figures before the larger man, the figures being Chris and Maria.

"Ow… why the hell did you do that, anyway?" Chris began, when she suddenly noticed who sat in front of her, and upon seeing him, she got a visible, annoyed grin on her face. "Shit… you again?"

"It's been a while, Hopkins." the larger man said, just as he rose from his seat, looking down at Chris and Maria with a victorious smirk on his face. "Now, what's with that look, boy?"

"Oh, nothing… Westfall." Chris spat, uttering the man's name in disgust. "I just really hate seeing pricks like you still hanging around."


A/N: So begins the first Piracy movie! Well, if you can consider a written story as a movie, in the first place… Well, remember that surprise thing I mentioned way back some time ago? This is it.

Now, credits. Plot idea, Rand and Allenton belong to Kisdota-the Freak Gamer, Westfall belongs to SeeNoEvil121 (hope ya can forgive me for using him~) and mystery ninjas… well, that's for another time. Tata for now!