Sequel to Another Summer Romance. Bella has just published her book, a true story about her romance with Edward. What happens when he finds out about their daughter? Will the couple reunite? AH. M rated for Lemons.



I stood, gazing across the horizon of people.

'Are there any questions?'

A sea of hands shot up. I pointed to the closest person.


'Is it really a true story? I mean, these characters Sally and Jared, and the baby.'

'Yes, yes it is. The baby is called Carlie and the man; I cannot tell you his name. It is an experience I wanted my fans to know of. For the younger generation or the older. I had an affair, but that doesn't make it right. You see, this was the hardest experience I've ever had to face. It was hard bringing Carlie up. She may only be two, but for the single mothers out there, it is hard. I love my daughter, but I wish she had her father. Any more questions?'

More hands rose. I nodded to another person.

'The note you wrote at the end of the book, does he read the books?'

'No, he doesn't.'

'Then, may I ask how he will find the note.'

'His sister, who I became very friendly with, does read my books, so hopefully she will show him.'

A long day of questions went by and soon I became very tired, so I decided that I would finish it.

On my way home, I thought and thought, about my life, Carlie, Jake, my books and him.

Edward, come back to me, please.