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Cyborg 009: Generation X

Chapter 5: Change isn't easy

The next morning, David was the first one of the kids to wake up. He got up from the bed and saw his clothes on the feet of the bed. They had been washed and ironed, probably by 003. He reminded himself to thank her later. He dressed up and went to downstairs.

When he came downstairs, he heard voices from the kitchen. He went there and saw all the older cyborgs were already there.

"Good morning." he said and everyone greeted him back.

"I hope you're hungry, because I made some pancakes and I'd hate to see them wasted!" 006 said happily as he put a plate full of pancakes with syrup in front of David.

"Thanks." David said before he started to eat.

Soon Mitsuki joined them and was also given plate of pancakes. They both ate in silence, while the others gave them short glances from time to time. Then they heard groaning, and saw Rose standing at the door. Her hair wasn't properly combed and she had a groggy look on her face. She looked like a mess.

"Well, good morning Sleeping Beauty." David greeted her sarcastically while sipping his tea.

"Shut it.", Rose hissed, "Please tell me you have coffee." she said, sounding tired.

She was given her coffee and pancakes, and soon everyone had finished their breakfast. Then, 009 cleared his throat.

"Now that you've decided to join our team, we should find more about your powers. We should all know what you can really do. I suggest we stat training."

During couple of days, the kids learned more about their powers. David learned that he could control fire, and even turn his whole body into fire. Flames couldn't afflict any pain to him. Rose was able to shoot energy-blast from her hands. She was also faster and more agile than before. Mitsuki, who was rather reluctant about using her powers, was a psychic like 001, but she couldn't control her powers properly. But with the help of the other cyborgs, the kids were getting better at controlling their powers.

One afternoon they were all gathered outside, for the kids were about to experience their first lesson with guns. At first 003 hadn't been too happy with the idea of teaching Mitsuki how to use a gun, but she knew it was necessary, for one day (though everyone wished that day wouldn't come) she might have to know how to shoot.

The backyard now resembled a target practice area, like the ones they have in police - and military academies. The kids stood in line as 002 taught them how to use their guns.

"As you can see; there are three buttons. This one here is used to stun your opponent without much damage. The one in the middle shoots laser rays, and the closest one to the trigger shoots energy beams. But it still works like a regular gun. You choose the setting; aim and pull the trigger; simple as that."

"Now, let's see your aim. 0016, you begin!" 009 instructed.

David took a proper position to shoot, and looked at his target. He aimed his gun, and shot an energy beam. The shot hit the target close to middle, not quite the bull's eye.

"Aww, nuts!" he muttered loudly.

"Don't worry, that was pretty good for a first-timer. You'll get it soon." 009 encouraged him. "Now, 0014; it's your turn."

Mitsuki copied David's moves nervously and shot. But the impact of the shot was too much for her small body, and she fell backwards on her bottom with a slight yelp of surprise. The shot barely hit the target, but that was rather expected from a 5-year old first-time shooter. The others chuckled slightly at this, it had looked kinda adorable. 004 came to her and helped her up.

"Here, let's check if we can make your gun's settings easier for you, okay?" he said kindly.

"Alright, 0015, you're next!" 009 called for Rose.

Rose calmly stretched her shoulders, head and fingers like she preparing for a performance. Then she took a relaxing position, with her other hand on her hip, and the other one holding the gun. With one hand, she aimed and shot several times. And every time she hit the bull's eye. When she was finished, she blew off the smoke from the gun.

Everyone stared at her in awe. They had NOT expected that a teenager girl could handle a gun so well.

"How…how did you do that?" David stammered in awe.

Rose smirked slyly at him. "I've had my fair share of shooting games in the arcades of New York. And some of those games were REALLY realistic." she explained, still smirking.

"A girl who can actually use a gun; now that's something you don't see everyday! Kinda hot if you ask me!" 002 smirked cheekily at her.

Rose turned to give a cold glare at 002. 009 elbowed him in the ribs. "What 002 meant to say is that at least you're not gonna need anymore lessons with shooting." he said sheepishly and gave a slight sweatdrop. He was hoping 0015 wouldn't utterly destroy 002, for he had seen what kind of destruction she could inflict with her powers. Rose merely growled a little and stuck her nose in the air.

Dr. Gilmore decided to break the awkward atmosphere and clapped his hands. "Alright, everyone! I think that's enough training for today. Good work, you three!" he tried to lift their moods.

But the kids were all silent and solems as they went inside with the others.

Few weeks went by, and adjusting to their new situation was hard for the kids. They all preferred to be alone when not training. The older cyborgs were getting worried about their new team-mates for the situation could be harmful for their mental states.

David liked to go for long walks alone nearby the house, but he was still the most social of the three kids. He didn't completely shut himself out, and he had actually laughed twice which the others considered a good sign. But he still acted pretty melancholy, and it was clear that he was hurting inside.

Rose had "gone emo" as David and Jet so politely put it. When not training, she shut herself in her room and only came out to eat or go to the bathroom. Sometimes she even refused to come to eat with the others, saying that she wasn't hungry. The others were worried about her, and asked 003 to use her cybergenetic-sight to check up every now and then that she hadn't hurt herself or anything.

While David and Rose were rather problematic cases, it was Mitsuki who worried everyone the most. She didn't act at all like a child her age should; playing, laughing and being care-free. Instead, she simply sat in some corner and stared into nothing with a blank expression. There wasn't any sense of happiness in her. The others though that her experiences in the Black Ghost's laboratory had been very traumatizing for her which would cause her to act like this.

Not only that, but Mitsuki also had troubles with sleeping. Almost every night she woke up screaming and cried for her parents in either Japanese or sometimes in Germany. The others tried to comfort her the best they could, but the little girl would stay upset until the morning. Dr Gilmore concluded that Mitsuki was suffering from "night terror" which was most likely caused by the latter trauma. The whole team felt really bad for not being able to help her with it.

In fact, the original cyborgs had started to wonder if the kids could ever adjust into their new lives. They feared that the traumas they had experienced would inflict on their mental health beyond recovering.

...To Be Continued...

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