Eternal Love

Chapter 1

In a forest a long way from Konaha, Naruto was looking for her Anbu team, "Sakura, Sai where are you?" She yelled, she was jumping over trees. "I guess I'll finish the mission, the mission it self is easy. Capture missing Nin Sora of Suna and bring him to Konaha to stand trail." She jumps out of a tree and lands on the ground. She looks around then she snaps her head up "Sora."

Not that far away Sasuke and his team were heading towards Naruto until Karin said something. "Sasuke there is a leaf village ninja a head of us and it seems to be fighting another ninja." Just then Sora came through the forest followed by Naruto "Anbu"

"Aw, you're down already and I was so much hoping for a fight." Sora glared at her then quickly brought both lags and slammed them into her stomach which sent her into tree and because the impact of the kick, her Anbu fox mask came off.

Sasuke stared wide eyed as Naruto slide down the tree. He watched as Sora stood up and walked towards her when suddenly proof, Naruto disappeared.

"What the." Sora looked around only to get punched in the face by Naruto.

"Missing Nin Sora you are under arrest." Naruto stood over him, and then she noticed Sasuke and his team. "Hey teme when did you get here."

"Hey listen Anbu, I don't know who you are but you can't call him that." yelled Karin.

"Oh oops you don't know my name but I know you. Team Hebi, Suigetsu, Karin, and Judo lead by Uchiha Sasuke." She pointed to each of the members, "Hey teme how does it feel to have your own team." She said smiling. "My name is Naruto and I used to be Sasuke's team mate." After she said she that she fell to her knees. "Good god that guy can kick hard." She brought her head up and saw Sasuke hand out, but she slapped it away. "I don't need your help, I never needed your help."

"Still the same old dobe." He stared at her. "For once in your life trust me."

"I did remember and you turned your around and tried to kill me." She glared at him and then she noticed her team heading her way. "Hey you guys don't you ever trust nor turn your back to him." She reached behind her and pulled out a kunai but Sasuke already had a tight grip on her.

Suddenly an ink wolf came out from the woods giving Naruto enough time to get away from Sasuke. "Ah it's been along time Sasuke." Sai appeared next to Naruto.

"Sai, we have top have Sora to Konaha," She stood next to him. "Sorry but we have to go, Sakura Now!" Sakura appeared and slammed them into the ground and in order to the attack Sasuke and his team jumped backwards and Naruto, Sakura and Sai took that as a chance and disappeared with Sora. "I am sory guys but aleast we got Sora." Naruto, Sakura, and Sai made their way back to Konaha.

Back with Sasuke and them, Suigetsu looked at the gaint hole left by Sakura and then at Sasuke. "Hey Sasuke when I asked you if you left anyone important back in your old village. You said you left a girl that you loved but she didn't know, was that her that Naruto girl."

"Yeah at first she was my best friend but after the masscure I ran to her house and after that I started to fall for her. You see even after turned cold and after I kept saying I was going to kill Itachi she stayed beside me, Suigetsu follow her I want to know everything got that." He turned and left followed by Judo.

"So it seems he really likes that Naruto sorry Karin." Karin glared at him then left after Sauske and Suigetsu want after Naruto.

"Ah it good to be back, I'll take him to the Hokage." Sakura grabed Sora and walked towards the Hokage tower.

"Well Neji is waiting for me." Naruto then saw the lonly look on Sai's face. "Hey I am sure Neji won't mind if you stay the night." She held her hand out and he took it. Several minutes they reached Neji's house. "Hey Neji I am back." She was immediately ingulfed in a hug.

"Welcome back." Neji looked over Naruto's shoulder and saw Sai. "Hey Sai, um may I sak what are you doing here."

"Oh Don't worry I brought him, is it ok if he stay's the night." She then smiled at Sai.

"Um can I talk to you alone." He took her into the kitchen. "I was hoping to spend the night by ourselves."

"Please Neji all he has as friends are Sakura, Kakashi and me, do you want him to go to a house that is lonly and I know just like that is and it's sad so please."

"I don't care, all I want is to spend the night with my future wife."

"I can't just belive that you just said that, now that was a bit mean even coming from you. I will take Sai and we will stay at my house for the night and hopefully you will be back to normal." She left the kitchen and grabed Sai and left Neji's house.

"Sorry Naruto I didn't mean for that to happen." all Naruto did was smile and place a han on his shoulder.

"It's fine besides I know what it's like to go to a house that has nobody waiting for you. So don't worry you head of yours, besides if I know Neji he will be at my house sometime tomorrow." After nine more minutes they finally reach Naruto's house. Naruto quickly made a bed for Sai and then said her good nights.

Suigetsu waited for Naruto and Sai were asleep before heading back to Sasuke. He made his way to the place they said they would meet at. "Well from just tonight I found out that she is going to get married to a guy named Neji."

Sasuke snapped his head towards Suigetsu in surprized. "Neji, she's going to marry him impassible. Come on, I didn't want to do this but we are goning to Konaha and we're going to kidnapp Naruto.