Note: This is intended to capture a series of fights/arguments/disagreements between Brennan and Booth, one for each letter of the alphabet, set at different stages of their relationship. Let me know if you have suggestions for any of the letters (which would currently be everything after A, of course).

Also, I'd like to say that this was inspired by a comment by iamladyliberty on a completely different story.

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Relationship: Partners/Friends


Brennan had been traveling for 24 hours. She was exhausted, and couldn't wait to get home and take a shower. As she exited the customs area, she scanned the crowd looking for her best friend. She was disappointed when she didn't see Angela in the crowd. She sighed, hoping that she wouldn't have to wait long. As she started to pull out her cell phone so that she could call and find out how long Angela would be, her attention was caught by her partner, rushing into the airport through the revolving door.

She smiled, trying to ignore how her pulse raced at the sight of him after 2 weeks on a dig in the middle of nowhere. Gripping the handle of her suitcase a little tighter, she headed off to meet him, a smile spreading across her face.

An answering smile graced his face as he spotted her, and he rushed towards her, pulling her into a quick hug as he said, "Bones! Welcome home. Angela couldn't make it, so she sent me instead. Sorry I'm late, were you waiting long?" As he was talking, he put his arm around her shoulder, grabbed her suitcase, and headed for the door.

Feeling a little like she was being dragged, she answered, "No, I just got through customs."

He pulled her through the door and to his SUV parked at the curb with the emergency lights on. He opened the back and put her suitcase in. As she stood there, stunned, he opened the passenger door, saying "Chop, chop, Bones! I can't park here forever, you know".

She entered the vehicle and put on her seatbelt as he walked around to his seat. As he got in, she said, "Booth, you shouldn't have parked there at all! That was an emergency lane."

His indignant reply came instantly, "And I'm FBI, Bones! Emergency lanes are for fire, and police, and ambulance. I'm allowed to park in an emergency zone."

"Yes, Booth, but only when you're there officially, and only if it's an actual emergency. I don't think picking me up at the airport qualifies."

He sighed, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel. "Bones, I was running late, and I was just running in to get you! I'm allowed to park there, it's not a big deal."

Brennan turned and looked out her window, saying "All societies need rules, Booth. Since you enforce the rules of this society, I thought you would understand that. It is against the rules to block the emergency lane unless you are responding to an emergency. I don't think you should abuse your power just because you didn't leave enough time to get to the airport."

Silence filled the space inside the vehicle as it ate up the miles towards her apartment. As they drove, Booth glanced at her a couple of times. He had missed her while she was away, and he couldn't believe how badly this was going. He admitted to himself that he should have parked in the parking lot like everybody else, but it had taken him longer than he expected to talk Angela into letting him be the one to meet her at the airport.

As Brennan stared at the buildings rushing by, she wondered if she should apologize. True, he should have parked in the regular parking lot, but her fatigue had probably made her unnecessarily harsh with him. She had to admit that it had been nice to see a familiar face at the airport. It made her feel like she was finally home. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught Booth glancing at her. She was still searching for a way to break the silence when Booth spoke. "How was your trip? Did you get to examine a lot of ancient skeletons?"

Happy that he was willing to make an effort, Brennan replied, "Yes, it was very interesting. In fact, Dr. Anderson and I excavated some fascinating burial sites. He has asked me to consider coming down there again in a couple of months."

Taken aback at the thought that she was considering another trip before she had even reached her apartment, Booth asked "Are you going to go?"

Brennan wondered whether he wanted her to go. She had been hard on him – especially since he was doing her a favor. She took a deep breath and answered, "I told him I would have to get back to him. I am very much in demand here, you know."

Booth smiled ruefully. "I know, Bones, I'm often the one doing the demanding."

Brennan smiled, turning to look at him. "You are, Booth."

He pulled into the parking lot of her building and parked. He reached the back of the vehicle before she did, and pulled out her suitcase. As she reached for it, he said, "Lead the way, Bones."

Surprised that he was making an effort to be nice even after their argument, she said, "Booth, I am more than capable of carrying my suitcase myself, you know."

He sighed. "I know, Bones, but just this once, let me be a gentleman and make sure you make it into your apartment safely."

Knowing that insisting on carrying her own suitcase would just result in more harsh words, Brennan sighed and led the way to the building.

When they reached the door of her apartment, Booth handed her the suitcase. He grinned at her and said, "I missed you, Bones."

She couldn't resist grinning back, relieved that they would be OK. "Thanks for picking me up at the airport, Booth."

He reached out and gave her another quick hug. "I'll see you tomorrow, Bones. Get some rest, OK?"

As she closed the door behind him, she had to admit to herself that it was good to be home.