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Chapter 1

Jihan watched the girl fly down the staircase from the Flametower as if she were one of the dragons depicted everywhere in the castle. She laughed as she raced the wind down the stairs, long wavy black hair coming loose of its pins and flying like a pennant behind her. Long fingered hands, oddly pale and white for the Desert, held up her long dun colored skirts so that she didn't trip. "Andralia! If you tear your skirts again I'm going to take you over my knee, seventeen or not!"

Her daughter's only reaction was more of the loud, musical laughter that was her trademark with those she knew. With those she didn't know she could, and easily would be as cold and distant as the two people she'd never known but was Named for. But the party of Isulk'im she went to meet now were people she'd known all her life, and just as close as her immediate family.

Jihan sighed with exasperation as she watched her eldest daughter race out the gates and along the sand. "Tibaneia will have much work to do now that the Isulkies are around to get Andralia into mischief." She shook her head in sympathy for Tibalia's Namesake and successor.

She felt her husband's arm slide around her shoulders, and she leaned contentedly into Kierun's muscular form. "I see we have visitors. I'm guessing Kazonal is here, for Andralia to be excited enough not to drag her twin with her?"

She chuckled. Although Andralia and Ostveba were "identical" twins, they were only so as far as appearance. Ostveba was... mouse-ish. She would never run into the desert to greet anyone, even the Isulkies she'd known from birth. Even when Andralia was quiet, she was never anything close to mouse-ish. She was far too much like Andrade.

"He probably is, Those two have been so close since they were only five that the Isulk'im would never think of visiting with out bringing him." She looked up at her husband and asked, "Is it just me, or does he get more like his Grandsir every day?"

Now it was Kierun's turn to chuckle. "He's always looked like Kazander, but you're right now that I think of it. Lately he's beginning to talk like the madman too."

She smiled up at him, "I'm always right, haven't you learned that about me after twenty years? And probably everything else?"

He put his other arm around her, and said quietly, "I'll never learn everything about you," and then he kissed her, before she could argue.

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