Romantic Love

A/N: Okay, so, this is my first romantic fanfic! Gee, I sure hope I can pull this off! Okay, so, this is dedicated to Stephenie Meyer (my absolute all-time heroine- go, Steph, go, WOOT!) and to Mysticspiritus, who wanted me to write it and who is my bestest bud evah. =D I want millions of reviews, but I should probably tell you now that I completely ignore all concrit and helpful advice. Okay, so, let's roll!

Aeris snuggled up closer to Sephiroth in the firelight of the Cosmo Canyon bonfire. His long, silver hair tickled her cheek.

"I love you, Seph," she murmured.

"I love you too, Aer," he murmured back, stroking her neck.

At first Aeris hadn't wanted to trust Sephiroth, especially after he rammed a masamune through her stomach and left her for dead. But these days, things were different. Sephiroth had suddenly realised the error of his ways, and had returned to apologise to Aeris a week later. He still felt crushing guilt over the fact that he had nearly killed his darling, but she was helping him through it.

Sephiroth put a hand in his pocket. He was wearing a soft pink fleece (Aeris had said it suited him) and a pair of ripped jeans. He took out a packet of marshmallows and handed Aeris a long fork, eyes sparkling with love and joy.

"We can toast these," he whispered. Aeris giggled with delight.

"Yay! I love toasted marshmallows, Seph!"

"I know you do, Aer."

They toasted the marshmallows together, hugging close and delighting in each other's warmth. The marshmallows tasted wonderful. Stars sparkled bright over the canyon, blazing spheres of brilliance. Sephiroth sighed.

"I never thought I could be accepted… I never thought I'd meet anyone like you, Aer… I really do love you…"

"I know, silly." Aeris smiled and kissed his nose softly. "You're my dream, too."

At that moment, an angry-looking cannon-shaped monster rolled towards them, growling. Sephiroth had but a moment to react, and took it, plunging his masamune deep into the beast. The cannon exploded into a million pieces. He turned to Aeris, expecting a delighted cheer, but to his surprise, she wore a look of horror.

"Seph! You're so brutal! How did you know it was going to hurt us? Maybe it just wanted to be friends!"

"But Aeris I-"

"I don't want to hear it!" Tears started to cascade down Aeris' beautiful face. "Seph, I think… I think… Maybe we need some time to… Have some space. Yes, I need some space."

Sephiroth tried not to let the heart-slicing hurt show on his nice face. "If that's what you want, okay then."

He strolled off into the sunset, and Aeris felt her heart break.

A few days later, Aeris was reading a newspaper article which mentioned the danger that cannons posed to unlikely couples. Joyous, she rang Sephiroth's mobile.

"Seph! It's okay! That cannon really would have killed us, and all others like us! You did the right thing! You can come back!"

Sephiroth laughed weakly on the other end, relieved. He'd cried solidly for the past three days.

"Oh, I'm so glad…" he said. "So, so glad… Although…"

"…Although?" Aeris prompted, curious.

"Although I was kinda getting used to not having to listen to you sing in your sleep," Sephiroth teased. They both laughed, and lived happily ever after.

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